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Prisons poisons and passions combine in a gorgeously written fantasy noirAs a pickpocket Digger expects to spend a night in jail every now and then But she doesn't expect to find Lord Durrel Decath there as well or to hear he's soon to b Yes Yes indeed Mr SpockFirst things first I cannot believe the ending of this book The GALL Oh the gall I'll give Ms Bunce credit she has balls to pull that off and I can't really be infuriated with her because she did it so damn well But still I was counting on her not to end it with a cliffhanger and she did so that was a disappointmentTherefore the five star rating is actually six stars with one deducted Got it GoodNow how to review this book without spoiling the firstLet's make an analogy out of itRemember this scene from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost ArkThe Majority Of YA Today is that horribly stereotypical pseudo Arab bad guy with the sword and the fancy moves not really giving you anything new not packing a punch just throwing lots of sparkles and flashy stuff at you and hoping you're impressedElizabeth C Bunce is Indy She knows what she's doing She doesn't have time for your flashy fluffy substanceless crap She's going to take you down and then she's going to go on to kick even assAnd if that was too circuitous Bunce PWNSWhy you ask How about a list Digger is a strong female character and she doesn't have to conform to masculine stereotypes to do it A lot of people complain about this when it comes to Katsa of Graceling that she's only 'strong' because she does it The Male Way Well if that was your problem look no further because here's a thief who'll solve mysteries and fight wars in a skirt Digger is practical Does it make sense to dress as a man or a woman today And whichever it is so she goes She doesn't feel out of place in dresses except maybe the really fancy ones and even in those cases she doesn't show it Too often heroines who have no trouble fighting in trousers get sheepish in a gown yes even Alanna and it's then used as an opportunity for her love interest to compliment her and build up her self confidence with the added bonus that it establishes that he really loves her Not Digger There are no such devices here And while there is a love interest I won't say who it is but I'm pretty sure you can guess from the synopsis he doesn't make a big deal about her 'dressing like a girl' because it's not so out of the way for her The worldbuilding as always is fantastic So many fantasy novelists want to have a Thieves' Guild but it doesn't really ever make sense until now Bunce's solution is simple elegant and perfectly fitted to her world the 'Guild' is actually of a religion since pretty much all thieves are followers of Tiboran They have a priestessleader Eske is awesomesauce by the way who kind of bosses them around but mostly they're as free willed as you would expect The structure is still present though and fairly believableAlso can I just mention how much I flipped out when I realized that I hadn't been reading the word 'moonlight' but 'moonslight' Worldbuilding in every part of the novel is fantastic Props to Ms Bunce The mystery is full of red herrings and twists and turns As anyone who read StarCrossed can rightly expect there are many many many elements involved than readers originally thought They're all tied up in the social religious and economic conflicts of a country at war yet points in the worldbuilding department and they raise the stakes enough over the course of the novel that it's never boring Also it felt sufficiently different from StarCrossed to be natural not that disjointed 'murder of the week' form that some series or TV shows take While that may be entertaining this is far better storytelling The relationships There were at least four known gay characters and one very telling hint that suggested many While they weren't open about their relationships it seemed to be a lot for sociopolitical reasons and the need to stay in certain positions to do what they had to do than from any genuine fear though there may have been some prejudice Digger never batted an eye which was what made me happy she just acted as if this was not the least out of the ordinary This is how it should be Further props to Ms BunceThis is the book in which we find out that Digger and Tegen were definitely lovers in the full sense of the word and it's handled extremely maturely No really Digger says something to the effect of We knew we might not have much time which I thought a suitably practical attitude for her but she also displayed the type of emotional attachment that goes with such an intimate act This comes up in conversation with Durrel I don't think that's a spoiler and while he's surprised it doesn't take long for him to realize that of course people not as privileged as he would have different prioritiesAlso Digger shows herself to be very confident in the relationship area which was wonderful I'd say but spoilersRomance does appear in this book after its very logical absence in StarCrossed And while Digger's love interest isn't my favorite male character of the series they have great chemistry and I loved them together There's also a good set up for conflict in their relationship inherent in a contrast of social and economic status The way Bunce wrote their actual romance when it came to that was very appropriate and almost but not uite spare There are no page long descriptions of extended kissing and melting in your love interest's arms and how good it felt and blah blah blah blah blah But it's not we kissed and it was nice either It's a little sensual but not too much Very fitting for the couple and that's all I'll say I'm still loving the religions and the way they're woven into everythingI think that's it well all that I can say without spoiling There is absolutely no appearance of the 'carver' from the last book which is saddening but the way Liar's Moon ended tells me he'll be around in the seuelThe ending is going to drive me batshit insane I almost regret getting an ARC because now I have to wait SEVEN EXTRA MONTHS to find out what happens next OH THE AGONYThis copy was provided by the publisher via my local library for review I love my library

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Liar's MoonLegal business on the wrong side of the civil war raging just outside the city gates Digger keeps finding forbidden magic in places it has no reason to be And for a thief in a town full of liars sometimes it doesn't pay to know the truth Star Crossed was amazing gorgeous writing and beautifully developed characters The same is true of Liar's Moon Fantastic

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FREE DOC ó READER Liar's Moon ✓ ☆ GYMAPPAREL ó ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Liar's Moon ✩ Author Elizabeth C. Bunce – Prisons poisons and passions combine in a gorgeously written fantasy noirAs a pickpocket Digger expects to spend a night in jail every now and then But sE executed for killing his wife Durrel once saved Digger's life and when she goes free she decides to use her skills as a thief forger and spy to return the favor But each new clue only opens up new mysteries Durrel's late wife had an il SPOILER ALERT Okay Seriously NOT COOL Ending the book with Tegen's one sentence appearance and thus successfully making us all lust for the next book is not cool At all Oh I just bet your having a great laugh right now MsBunce Haha So anyway I didn't nearly enjoy Liar's Moon as much as I did Starcrossed I thought that the mystery setting and characters were interesting in the first book My only problem with Starcrossed was that it had no romance Which didn't make it lacking in any way as the overall awesomeness totally made up for the lack of romance but still While this book had romance only near the end I thought Durrell was boring Sorry Durrell but I'm probably gonna be Team Tegen cuz you bore me Something I love about MsBunce is that her writing flows seamlessly smoothly I saw no mistakes and not once did I think something was confusingdidn't make sense So props to that And another thing the books in this series are surprisingly long Either it's just me or the font is really tiny and the pages really big However not once did I wish this book to be shorter WARNING RAGE ALERTahemJHBWNDKBEBAIHABEHGWJBANSKKDNDJWHAAAAAAAAAAAATTHE THIRD BOOK'S NOT GOING TO BE PUBLISHED Dear Publisher Fuck you Love Summer ^ ^