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The extraordinary novel that introduces the unforgettable Coleman family and the brilliant heroine who began a powerful American dynasty Young Billie Ames naively fell for the exciting pilot Moss Coleman at the Philadelphia Navy Yard during World War II Within a few months she was pregnant married and traveling across the country to Texas Rich MOBI #204 Austin to the acre spread known. So when I was like twelve I thumbed through this on my grandmother's bookcase and she said it wasn't appropriate for me So I read it while she napped I'm sorry Granny The other night I couldn't sleep and I was thinking about it I didn't remember the title but I remembered the main characters' names so I googled it and it's called Texas Rich and it's by Fern Michaels Because of course it isThis book is ridiculous It spans 1942 to roughly 1983; everyone in it is an asshole; one character reassures another that no people in Texas don't ride horses everywhere they fly; and people literally go decades without saying anything of importance to their loved ones Honestly it's hard to root for anyone Maybe Thad And maybe Riley both of themIt turns out there's four in this series so yeah this is probably a thing I'm doing

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Texas Rich Texas #1As Sunbridge and into the tantalizing world of the Texas rich In a vast land dominated by the industrious Colemans Billie fights to maintain control of her life and her marriageThis is the captivating story of four generations There's Moss living in the shadow of a father whose obsession with power overshadows the needs of his only son Jessica the doomed mother who gave up everything. I hated almost everything that happened in this bookbut I couldn't put it down or stop reading it I don't know if I will move on to the other books in this series or not It was too stressful and everyone was too manipulative and mean Billie didn't deserve half of what happened to her and Moss was just a jerkno other words for it The best part of this book was Moss on his deathbed He tells Billie he loves her finally and she replies I know you do Good for her

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Texas Rich Texas #1 Free read è 6 º ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Texas Rich Texas #1 Author Fern Michaels – Gym-apparel.co.uk The extraordinary novel that introduces the unforgettable Coleman family and the brilliant heroine who began a powerful American dynasty Young Billie Ames naively fell for the exciting pilot Moss Cole The extraoTo become the perfect Coleman wife Moss and Billie's children desperately trying to live up to insurmountable expectations and the grandchildren heirs to a tarnished empire who just might fulfill their dreams Most of all this is the triumphant story of Billie Ames Coleman a woman of courage and strength who holds them all together in a tale as magnificent as the land that inspired it. Had mixed feelings on this book about the Coleman's of Texas It was a good story line Moss Coleman and Billie Ames Coleman were the main characters of this novel; the first of a series of four This book began in the early 1940's and continued into the 1980's It showed the good and the bad of the family It also showed the characters that picked up the traits of the old family the stern Seth and the mellow Jessica How the men in the family loved the sons and barely tolerated the daughters It showed how the loved and hate of this family caused strengths and weaknesses in each family member Did Seth ever learn what he did to is family Did Moss ever learn Were the ones that loved them so much and stood by them because it was what they were expected to do actually the strong people This book takes you through so many turns in this family It showed how common bonds can bring people together and sometimes tear them apart The next book Texas Heat will begin with a new generation taking over the family home Knowing who that person is I will begin reading it with apprehension This person has some of the same ruthless characteristics of the tyrant Seth Maybe that is what is takes to bring the home back to it's glory days Unfortunately I am not a fan of ruthlessness