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Dark Inside Book Ù 368 pages à Gymapparel Á ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Dark Inside Author Jeyn Roberts – Gym-apparel.co.uk Moments after several huge earthuakes shake every continent on Earth something strange starts happening to some people An inner rage has been released and some people cannot fight it For thoseMoments after several huge earthuakes shake every continent on Earth something stran For me what rescued Dark Inside from getting an extremely negative review was the fast paced action and adventure weird creepiness and what Tatiana likes to call compulsive readability The book had many faults which I will go into and it was on the whole not a great work of dystopian fictionBasically there's this earthuake one day and suddenly people everywhere start acting weird becoming possessed by a violent rage turning on their families and friends searching the streets for new victims to torture and kill and amongst all this are a few individuals inc Mason Aries Michael and Clementine who remain unaffected by this er infection or whatever it is At the beginning our four protagonists have never met one another but as fate will have it they eventually come together and their stories begin to entwineEvery so often the book would stop in it's fast paced tracks and another mysterious perspective would be heard that is simply called 'Nothing' and reminded me a great deal of the voice of the darkness in the Gone series by Michael Grant It is much to my annoyance still unclear at the book's close what this 'Nothing' isYou know it's all okay But it has that sense of oh my god uick run from the monsters and then they get away and they're all nice and safe and they walk around a corner and oh my god monsters RUN And again as in Divergent the dystopia is mediocre I used the following description to try and sum up what I expect a good dystopian novel to be Basically it's where the author imagines a hypothetical world that's usually set in the future and takes a relevent political or social issue or issues and creates a fictional society that could possibly be what might happen if humanity was to follow a certain idea or movement or perhaps even carry on behaving the way they are For example failing to improve the world's environmental problems So far that's not what's happening I will be reading the seuel that I'm sure is coming so perhaps I will be wowed there and realise I was wrong to doubt Jeyn Roberts ability to create a successful dystopia So far it all doesn't make sense as to why these people's minds have been hijacked they're not zombies if the author had gone down that route she could have used the whole 'cure for cancer gone wrong' thing that's popular today But an earthuake that makes people get super angry I'm not seeing the politicalsocial relevance So here's the five main things that turned me off in this book1 4 POVsThis does not work I have never known it to work and I have never enjoyed a book with than two main perspectives In fact to be honest I'm not a big fan of multiple perspectives at all Further these characters did not have distinct enough voices to allow four different POVs to work I could only tell them apart by the stuff that happened to them like so this is the one who's mum died and this is the one who's trying to find her brother but personality wise I was clueless 2 Throwaway CharactersIn a way that is exactly opposite to authors like Melina Marchetta the author brings many characters into the story who are all unimportant and uickly disregarded What's the point There was a bit where Michael teamed up with a group of people he'd met and he spoke effectionately of two of these characters who he referred to as 'the mother' and 'the child' There's a scene that should have been dramatic and emotional except it wasn't because I couldn't relate to Michael's feelings towards people who I knew only as 'the mother' and 'the child' There were so many one dimensional characters in this book3 uickly Pulled Together EndI thought the ending seemed rushed and lacked smoothness for it All the four protagonists spent the novel doing their own individual things and telling their own stories and then like lightning they all just happen to well run into one another It felt to me like the author had not given much thought to their meeting and wanted simply to get it over with it was weird the way it happened so fast and read a little ridiculously As with the turning a corner and oh my god monsters thing I mentioned above it was like Aries would be running and she'd knock into a guy who says hi I'm Masonblah de blah and then they'd both turn a corner and there'd be another boy and girl who'd say oh we're Michael and Clementine see what I mean4 We've Still No Idea What's Going OnI appreciate that this is probably the start of at least a trilogy if not an even longer series and that it would be a stupid idea to tell the readers everything in the first book But I felt that there was so little given away in this novel that I came away at the end with nothing We travel through the books with these characters we witness earthuakes murders heartache and in the end we remain entirely clueless as to what it's all about You could have given us something5 Casual MisogynyI had to mention this because I thought that it was the most in my face annoying fact about the novel I was sick of hearing the female protagonists apologise by saying sorry I'm such a girl All the time One of them gets a bit teary and they're apologising for being a girl And this novel was written by a woman Come on ladies KICK ASS And if you want to cry don't effin' apologise for it Anyway it could have been a lot better that's for sure But there is still potential here and I will wait and see what the seuel brings Many thanks to Macmillan Children's Books for kindly providing a copy of this for review

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Annot fight it For those who can life becomes an ongoing battle to survive at any co 35 starsHere’s the thing about me and horror it’s not so much the content as the source that bothers me Which is not to say I’m not terrified by scary things because I am Absurdly so But always in the back of my mind is the uestion where did this come from It has always been much disturbing for me to know that someone somewhere came up with whatever horrific scene is playing out on screen or on the page That even the most unrealistic scenrios were born in very real places and the most horrible things we can imagine were spawned in the human mind So if you ask me what I find truly terrifying I guess I would say human capacity for evil I find that idea infinitely disturbing than say a zombie apolocalypse And this is why Dark Inside worked for me as a genuinely scary story because it’s about humanity unleashing their own evil upon the world While this is immediately apparent in an obvious sense as a suddenly released evil takes over much of mankind and causes them to become killing machines there is also a subtle form As those not overtaken and turned into “monsters” are forced to fight for their survival they are also faced with situations in which their moral compasses are no longer effective Previously unthinkable actions become necessity And fear causes even the most well intentioned do abhorrent things Dark Inside is told through five perspectives which sounds unwieldy but actually works fairly effectively for the story Mason Aries Clementine and Michael are four teenagers battling to stay alive after the murderous rage apparently instigated by a series of massive earthuakes appears to have taken over most of the population Their dawning cognizance of what is happening around them and their reactions to it essentially forms the bulk of the story; each of them trying to survive and navigate their way to relative safety The fifth perspective “Nothing” gives a voice and context to the darkness enveloping the majority of humanity while remaining eerily evasive and difficult to get a handle on This is a grim violent book that doesn’t pull punches particularly when it comes to individual characters’ actions But it’s not just the brutality that’s depicted occasionally the most shocking thing about this story is the choices the characters’ make and then the conseuences of those decisions It’s not a predictable book in that Roberts doesn’t shelter her characters and she compels the reader to uestion them They do unsympathetic things They may or may not be or remain “good” people There’s an intensely unsettling atmosphere about the novel on the basis of this uncertainy around some of the characters and it makes for fast reading While at a surface level this reads like an action based novel which it is I was surprised by how much Roberts was able to develop the characters in a limited amount of page time Given the number of narrators and the rapid progression of the plot a considerable amount of insight into each of the teenagers is provided particularly through the choices they make to survive Granted it does at times feel very much as if this novel is laying the foundation establishing the characters to be further developed as the series continues but the charactersation is done well The novel is written in the third person with the exception of “Nothing”’s voice yet Roberts manages to keep the characters distinct It would have been easy for the viewpoints to blur in a novel of this pacing but their storylines are substantial and fleshed out so that they remain unambiguous Dark Inside sets itself from much of the apocalyptic YA fiction of late because it doesn’t adhere to the tropes and developments common to those novels This book feels unpredictable and almost unapologetic in its confronting content There are no guarantees made no assurances that things are going to turn out as expected By expected I mean as dictated by a lot of current apocdystopian YA – goodness prevails love interests survive blah blah blah I’m curious to see where Roberts is taking this story and while there’s a measure of closure at the end of Dark Inside there are than enough uestions left unresolved to make me pick up the seuel

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Dark InsideGe starts happening to some people An inner rage has been released and some people c I was soooo disappointed in this book I love good graphic novels where the blood is bloody the bones are crunching and the terror is terrifying The book started off with a natural disaster earthuake some weird spooky supernatural stuff and 4 protagonists that starred in our show I mean book The 4 characters see some seriously creepy stuff and basically they don’t know whom to trust were to go and what the hell is going on Great setup right Yup It was soooooooo good And then wellWash rinse and repeatThat’s it It was one graphic scene after another with no plot It was just our 4 characters going through the motions of surviving without us the reader understanding let alone the characters of what the hell was going on or why any of this was happening The book was just a poorly made horror movie where the reel gets stuck and you play the killingdying scenes over and over againWhy did we need 4 POVWe didn’t It seemed like such a cop out The reader never feels emotionally attached to any character because of the 4 POV’sYou thought Divergent was screwySometimes I become a bit picky about the world the book is set in If I don’t understand something my entire review can be hyper focused on my confusion I’ve been known to write an entire review full of uestions See Divergent I’m not going to do that here since well it’s been a while since I read the book and frankly a lot of the specifics have left me However I have placed my thoughts regarding some of the uotes from the book below “He didn’t go home Instead he drove around until his gas tank was nothing but fumes Stopping to refill he grabbed a bag of chips that he ate but didn’t taste Glancing at the clock he decided he’d spent enough time away as the doctor ordered He headed back to the hospital because there was nothing else he could do” If you have no clue who “he” is neither do I “The old man twisted around on his crutches and scanned the road “ So these bad evil dudes are beating the shit out of people left and right Here comes an OLD man on CRUTCHES and offers to take you in well not you but the kid in the story Either the old man is a bad dude in disguise OR is one of the luckiest old men around Because if my understanding of “old” is correct usually you cannot run from bad evil dudes and if you are on crutches AND old you are in serious trouble and should not be alive at this point of the story However that doesn’t prevent our character at this point I cannot even remember who was the stupid jackass POV at this point of the story from fully trusting old man in crutches even though he’s seen some pretty graphic evil dude bone crunching deaths This totally reminded me of the bimbo blonds that trip and fall when running from the slasher serial killer in the movie Totally predictable and dumb “The clouds were fat and gray the land pregnant with swollen tears” All righty then “Glancing down onto the street below he could see some people trashing a car with what might have been a baseball bat or a crowbar A few blocks over to the right a group of people had cornered someone They were closing in on the kill Even farther away a group of people were stacking bodies into what looked like a gigantic bonfire” No the kid doesn’t have super human eyesight It’s fricken dark and he can see blocks and blocks and even farther down Wow “She wasn’t overly familiar with the area and it was even harder at night with the shadows mixing up her sense of direction” Ok so um exactly what is causing the shadows Since one of the big issues here is it is REALLY dark Like no electricity “The last thing in the world she needed was a broken ankle” No really according to the author “the last thing” many of the characters need is to come up with some other wording besides “the last thing” Maybe I was hyper focused on these words but I swear the author loved the combo of “the last thing”OverallI’m still whining such great potential