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‘If she’d waited less than two weeks she’d be June who died in June But I guess my sister didn’t consider that’Harper Scott’s older sister has always been the perfect one so when June takes her own life a week before her high school graduation sixteen year old Harper is devastated Everyone’s sorry but no one can explain whyWhen her divorcing parents decid It’s hard to put my finger on exactly why I failed to connect with this book Is it because I’m the oldest sibling and I don’t know what it’s like to be the rebellious younger sister Is it because I’m just too damn old Is it because even when I was young I thought that mosh pits were stupid Maybe it’s because the thought of Jake singing softly in my ear in a van makes me want to elbow him in the solar plexusand unlike Harper I DO know where that is I think that this is one of those YA books that is very authentically young I mean kids need fluff reads too But it just doesn’t have enough depth for meHarper is sixteen years old and she’s just lost her older perfect over achieving sister June Except that June may not have been so perfect after all she had a hidden sadness that no one really understood When Harper finds a mysterious mix CD in June’s room it leads her to Jake and eighteen year old “douche baggy hipster music snob with the tastes of a forty year old white guy” That’s a uote from Laney my favorite character As Harper begins to understand her sister she hatches a wild plan to fulfill June’s last dream I never had a clear picture of Harper she’s a girl who rebels in a knee jerk reaction to her sister’s perfection She doesn’t have any deeply held beliefs or even her own taste in music She’s like a sponge with no identity of her own All of this to me speaks to a deep insecurity and low self worth on her part Which would be completely fine honestly I wish that she had chosen to explore that side of Harper a bit And yet we are constantly informed by the author that Harper is so strong so stubborn so much healthier than her sister I guess I just wasn’t buying it Nothing feels true Harper runs on the beach then collapses in tears She runs across a grassy area then collapses in tears She runs to a boulder in the desert and collapses in tears If she didn’t run and then collapse in tears how would we know that she’s SAD And if she didn’t drink and smoke and mosh and punch guys in the face how would we know that she’s FULL OF ANGST I kept waiting to feel some real honest emotion but it never happened I recently read one of the most profound honest portrayals of grief and it was written from the point of view of a thirteen year old Just because your audience is young doesn’t mean that the story needs to be oversimplifiedSo many opportunities for emotional catharsis are suandered We never get to see what happens with Harper’s aunt or her father or her mother Laney’s crisis Magically solved And after waiting for Harper to finally open up to someone about June we are given a one sentence allusion to a conversation that she has with Jake I needed to see that conversation not hear about it after the fact You can’t have a first person narrator and cheat the reader like that What could have been an emotional scene is wasted And so many of the references just made me feel OLD There’s this whole air of mystery and affectedness surrounding Jake and his musical taste like “ What The Rolling Stones Bruce Springsteen Janis Joplin HOW DOES HE COME UP WITH THESE BANDS” It’s called Top 40 Just because it’s the popular music of another decade doesn’t make it mysterious There’s also a scene where kids jump rope to the chant “ Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in nineteen hundred and forty two” Is that an error or a cutting commentary about the state of our educational system Or possibly it’s bothStill I didn't hate this book I laughed in a few places and while I may have skimmed through the end I didn't have too much trouble getting through itPerfect Musical PairingABBA – I Have a DreamNo one should ever be ashamed to love ABBA This is one of my favorites of theirs Now excuse me while I go watch Muriel’s Wedding for the bagillionth timeAlso seen on The Readventurer

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Saving JuneWith June and when he insists on joining them Harper’s just desperate enough to let him With his alternately charming and infuriating demeanour and his belief that music can see you through anything he might be exactly what she needsExcept June wasn’t the only one hiding something Jake’s keeping a secret that has the power to turn Harper’s life upside down aga Some people think that a place can save them I say Like if they could just be somewhere else their lives would be totally different They could finally be the people they always wanted to be But to me a place is just a place If you really want things to change you can make them change no matter where you are Hannah Harrington's debut Saving June begins with Harper Scott stacking casseroles and meringue pies into her refrigerator Her older sister June has just died from a self inflicted drug overdose And as with all deaths people think that food offerings will make it better But Harper knows that nothing can take away the pain of losing someone you hold so dear especially someone whose life ended way too soon and for reasons unknown Harper believes that nothing can make June's death any less painful — until she finds a postcard that reads California I'm coming home in June's handwriting She's left with nothing to think but that California is the place where June truly longed to beAnd so after reluctantly teaming up with Jake Tolan a boy who not only was close to June but who insists on coming along for the trip with Harper and her BFF Laney Harper packs up her things along with the urn containing June's remains and heads for CaliforniaHarper's grief is truly gut wrenching She's in so much pain from this unforeseeable loss but she's strong willed and highly motivated nonetheless Each time she gets close to cracking from the unbearable sadness that threatens to overwhelm her she reigns it in and instead chooses to focus on the journey ahead And what a journey it is An antiwar protest in Chicago that leads to a girl on girl liplock a rock concert for a band called Robot Suicide Suad and a black van named Joplin are just some of the crazyfun aspects of their road trip Even though the reason behind the trip is sad Harrington does a wonderful job of making the trip fun and exciting for both the characters and readers alike With his trademark black pants his messy yet oh so sexy hair and his inherent love for all things musical Jake Tolan makes for an interesting and authentic character who is the perfect yang to Harper's yin Although only eighteen Jake's life hasn't been easy and in snippets we find out just how rough it's been But Jake isn't about to let his bad upbringing define himHarper and Jake's slow building romance is perfectly written; like a seven tier wedding cake it is carefully handled and delicately crafted Their natural chemistry and casual banter make for some of the best scenes in the book Wow I say You are truly obsessedYeah I kinda am he agrees grinning Without music life would be a mistakeDid you coin that one yourselfNietzsche did actually But it's a common mix upThey share secrets dreams cigarettes and the pain of losing June The sexual tension between them is palpable in some scenes but it doesn't overshadow the main focal point of the story In fact I'd say the romance takes a backseat no pun intended to the adventurous and cathartic road trip Harper Jake and Laney takeMusic vibrates through every page of Saving June It is its own life force as you read through these pages and I found myself using YouTube to keep up with Jake's playlistUltimately Saving June is about learning to find peace after facing a tragedy and the maelstrom of conflicting emotions that bombard one's mind after the death of a beloved And it sends a wonderful message that you can find love joy and happiness — even after devastationI look forward to reading works from Harrington in future

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EBOOK ☆ EPUB Saving June ë 9781921794094 Æ GYMAPPAREL ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Saving June Author Hannah Harrington – Gym-apparel.co.uk ‘If she’d waited less than two weeks she’d be June who died in June But I guess my sister didn’t consider that’Harper Scott’s older sister has always bE to split her sister’s ashes into his and her urns Harper takes matters into her own hands She’ll steal the ashes and drive cross country with her best friend Laney to the one place June always dreamed of going CaliforniaEnter Jake Tolan He’s a boy with a bad attitude a classic rock obsession and nothing in common with Harper’s sister But Jake had a connection In the past year at least for me all the rage in YA contemporary fiction can be condensed in one word Australia Marchetta Buzo Cath Crawley Eagar were definitely my favorite reads this year Hannah Harrington is the exception that proves the rule This lady is American and what is Saving June is her debut novel Harper's life is in pieces Her sister June unexplainably committed suicide a few weeks before graduating and her family is uite understandably a wreck There's no rhyme nor reason to what June did and while Harper's mother is having a breakdown and her father blissfully ignores them too busy with his own new life Harper is the one left to pick up the pieces and try to cope with her terrible profound grief The only person that supports her 100% is her best friend Laney When a mysterious and unbearably annoying guy appears at June's funeral wake things start to unravel in an unexpected way with Jake's help the two girls embark on a road trip through America on a symbolical mission to June's final salvation which eventually will turn into an experience that will change each and every one of them to their very coreAs for everyone else some books strike me than others Sometimes it's even without a concrete or logical reason I just get involved in the plot And then sometimes rarely there are books that fit me like a glove I become so engrossed in the story and identify so much with the characters that I realize that I would have uttered the same words in the same situationsIt happened with me and Harper Harper is not what you would call a really likable character Aside from being unable to cope with her grief she is bad tempered complex full of anger shuts out others hides her insecurities behind a mask of snark and backtalk constantly controls her emotions by denying herself the luxury to feelYet I loved her honest voice her no nonsense attitude which I really much share to the point of sounding cynical and callous her complete loyalty to her friend and how she relates to her sexuality She is a tough one not invincible but a survivor This is how I like my contemporary fiction a adult type of YA literature where there's no excessive taboo about underage sex drinking or smoking because that's what teens do don't they where painful and complex themes are touched but coated with a bit of humor where fragile family dynamics are analyzed but with a lot of great dialogue and banter Add to this a truly memorable soundtrack of songs which I grew up with no unknown pseudo intellectual indie niche music just plain good old rock and an incredible adventure how cool would it be to cross the US with a van and you got yourself a winning combinationOh did I mention the totally hot guy 10 pointsAnd did I mention there is no instalove ∞ pointsAn emotional roller coaster which will make you laugh out loud but most probably shed a few tears too People who have dealt with the death of loved ones will certainly relate to Harper and the Saving June amazing castTo Harrington I'd like to say keep up the good work Truly amazing An advanced copy of this book was kindly provided by the publisher