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The Undrowned ChildIt's the beginning of the th century the age of scientific progress But for Venice the future looks bleak A conference of scientists assembles to address the problems among whose delegates are the parents of twelve year old Teodor. Take one adopted child call Teodora add a cursed city under siege from vindictive ghosts seeking revenge a huge monster slowly coming awake under the Venice lagoon cannibal seagulls anti establishment mermaids a vain friend and one handsome Venetian boy and you have all the ingredients for a spectacular adventure in real life Venice of 1899 Teo is an unusual child in many ways She has never believed she belonged in Naples and when she finally persuades her scientist family to take her Venice she feels she is coming home She is uniue in many ways She never eats fish she can see what people are saying as handwriting appears above their heads and she can tell if someone is pure of heart by just touching their chest She finally wins the argument but sadly she is to be accompanied by a vain girl her own age the daughter of her adoptive parents best friends Teo and Maria who loath each other are left to their own devices in Venice as their families prepare to give lectures on how Venice could be saved from drowningTeo delights In a wonderful old bookshop she loves to read a heavy book falls on her head and she is hurt The bookshop owner gives her the book to keep her sweet and her worried parents take her back to the hotel The book is called ‘The Key to the City’ and the pages come alive There is a girl on the cover who looks just like Teo and winks at her when she holds it It has an inscription dedicated to her Welcome to Venice Teodora of sad memory we have been waiting for you for a very long time Very oddHer parents call in a Doctor as Teo keeps seeing things and has a headache He insists upon talking her to the hospital and that’s where everything begins to go terribly wrong First a wooden statue moves and bleeds terrifying everyone and then Teo goes missingThere are posters all over Venice alerting people to the Lost Girl But Teo is not lost or missing she has become invisible to adults fallen between the lines The book begins to talk to her guide her around Venice begins to teach her the real city and the great threat to it Everywhere there are posters statingGone Missing Teodora Stampara 11 years old from Naples curling dark hair green eyes slight build a large bruise on her foreheadBut Teo spots Maria with a young man with a suspicious mole on his head and a gleaming bewitching emerald She suspects the young man of being evil but has no proof Maris is in danger than she knows but is captivated by the jewels and trinkets the young man gives herTeo has to learn to survive by stealing food and eventually she meets the boy Renzo who condescends to speak to her despite her being from Naples and eventually she shares The Key to the City with himRenzo is the son of a Gondolier and is very proud of Venice and fearful of it drowning Everywhere there are leaflets warning of trouble and that no one must trust the Mayor No one knows who is printing them The Mayor says Venice is safe but Renzo tells her children everywhere are dying of plague and being buried at night so the tourists don’t see the families grievingTogether with the aide of the book they meet the mermaids below the House of Spirits and discover their purpose Lussa the beautiful ueen of Mermaids and her kin have been waiting for the Undrowned Child and the Studious Son for a long time They enlist their help to defeat the awakening monster below and the evil Bajamonte Tiepolo who once tried to destroy Venice in 1310 and has awoken and wants to try again TAlong the way they also discover that Maria is a traitor and she is being turned into a dwarfThe Undrowned Child is a fantastic tale rich in detail complex scary and Teo and Renzo make a fine couple battling all risking life and limb for a city they love Along the way the history of Venice unfolds and we meet astonishing creatures flying Syrian cats and the massed forces of evil gathering to murder every living soul in VeniceThe Undrowned Child is a truly astonishing novel by Michelle Lovric that any child who loves words and ghosts will treasure for a very long time© Sam North September 22nd 2009Editor of Hackwriters and author of Mean TideMore Young Ficiton reviews

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A Within days of her arrival she is subsumed into the secret life of Venice a world in which salty tongued mermaids run subversive The Undrowned PDF printing presses ghosts good and bad patrol the streets and librarians turn fluid. MontanaLibrary2GoIt just wasn't very good Lots of good ideas not executed well Far too much crammed in Take Teo for example She's the Undrowned Child the Lost Daughter she can see people's words written above their heads read upside down and backward has a photographic memory can read people's hearts by touching their chests is able to learn new dialects and use unfamiliar languages near instantaneously et cetera et cetera It's too much It's also too long I was completely sick of the book by 45% of the way through More just kept getting piled on with no benefit to the story There was no reason for the book to be set when it was and the author has placed the book in a specific year 1899 but she has not SET the book in that year There are too many things in the first few chapters that are modern habits ideas practices thoughts which would not be the case in the time she has given for the events of the book At that time period it was not normal for a child to be raised with the knowledge that she was adopted if she was adopted as an infant and it's not something Teo's society would encourage her to talk about especially with random people While the reason she's a vegetarian was explained in the book the idea of vegetarianism due to the concept that it's cruel to kill animals would have been considered than eccentric and even if Teo's parents had been uirky and accepted it society in general did not shy away from expressing an opinion on a child being allowed to be that headstrong It wouldn't have gone over Both of Teo's parents are scientists dad but also MOM and both are invited as being some of the world's greatest scientists in other words mom is valued just as much as dad by the scientific and political communities of the country which would not have been the case Even if Teo's mom was such an outstanding scientist as to be able to escape the bias against her sex the other parents were in the same position both mom and dad world famous scientists invited to solve a major problem with the women just as valued as the men It wouldn't have happened in that time and place The moms would have been relegated to the hotel rooms or to taking notes for their husbands regardless of how intelligent and accomplished they were These are just random bits to give examples the point is that Teo and everyone around her behave as if they are present in modern day Italy and there was no need to place the book firmly and repeatedly in 1899 if the characters were not going to act appropriately for the time period Basically I think this would have been a fantastic book if someone else had written it The writing uality was poor while the ideas were great

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Free download The Undrowned Child æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ô [Ebook] ➩ The Undrowned Child ➯ Michelle Lovric – It's the beginning of the 20th century; the age of scientific progress But for Venice the future looks bleak A conference of scientists assembles to address thLy into cats A battle against forces determined to destroy the city once and for all uickly ensues Only Teo the undrowned child who survived a tragic accident as a baby can go 'between the linings' to subvert evil and restore orde. Overall Review What a lovely exciting and thorough story By the time I finished this book I felt like it could be possible for me to walk through Venice and name every building I saw I loved the history; I loved the descriptions; I loved the fast pace and the excitement and the mystery I even loved the fact that after the story was finished there was an entire section on what was true in the story people and events and a section about the buildings and places mentioned Some wonderful and very eye opening facts on VeniceThe characters are so much fun Teo is a wonderfully flawed little girl—she’s normal yet just a little bit different than everyone else She can see everyone’s words above their heads and feel their hearts Renzo is a snot He’s snobby and looks down on everyone unless you’re a Venetian He does improve though and you can’t help but like the guy I LOVED the mermaids They were so funny and full of life They are referred to as ‘salty’ and salty they are They’re not afraid to tell you what’s on their minds and they’ll do it in way that makes you laugheven though you know they’re probably insulting you There’s also the other side to the war over Venice the villains And they are scary Bajamonte Tiepolo is the infamous traitor true story whose spirit has come back to life not true and he is pure evil as he strives to gather his army find his bones resurrect his body and take all of Venice for his own The Butcher Biasio is as evil as they come—slaughtering children and serving them in stew true story—and he’s back as well not true—thank goodness as Tiepolo’s vile head henchman The Undrowned Child is an intense tale of good versus evil with many elements of Inkheart Neverending Story and even Harry Potter throughout The writing is lovely lyrical and perhaps one could go so far as to say epic It is a very satisfying novel with just enough left undone to hint at a seuel And if there is a seuel in the future I for one can’t wait to read it Overall rating is 45 out of 5 starsContent ReviewPROFANITY A few Mild and a few Moderate instancesVIOLENCE Moderate throughoutSEXUAL CONTENT NoneMATURE THEMES ModerateRECOMMENDED AGE GROUP 16There are two mild instances and 5 Moderate instances of profanity The Mermaids learned to speak by listening to sailors—and while they don’t curse or swear they do enjoy flinging insults at people they don’t like and calling people namesThere is a great deal of violence The entire premise of the book is saving Venice from an evil ghost The bad ghosts are sometimes very frightening There are giant killer seagulls that don’t hesitate to attack kill and eat people and animals; statues that come to life sometimes with blood dripping from their mouths which are really leeches; Vampire Eels with descriptions of them killing creatures and sucking their blood; the eels battle with mermaids where many are killed on both sides—a very bloody battle; sharks that attack viciously; a huge unknown creature whose tentacles are mistaken for poles to tie up gondolas—they try to strangle some characters and the tentacles are found full of skin burning acid carrying the bubonic plague; millipedecockroach insects that attack en masse and bite; a huge evil bat creature that carries people off; a butcher ghost that is completely decapitated and likes to kill and eat children the encounters with him are many and very scary; many ghosts are in pieces and have remnants of their last punishments burning eyes slicing their hands with knives etc; an evil skeleton tries to come to life There is one character in particular who is very violent and full of hate His death is described in detail and as he comes slowly back to life his visual descriptions are disturbing think ‘Voldemort’ from Harry Potter He has no problem killing casting violent spells torturing and horribly using anyone willing to follow him There is a great deal of description of all violent deeds with a lot of blood and feeling involved Many characters die during a war that is very intense Instruments of torture end up on display in the town They are described in detail and at one point are almost put to use There are many scary images descriptions and encountersThe Mature Themes are mostly all Moderate They include ghosts and the supernatural Magic casting spells and evil curses overwhelming hate and desire for revenge fear prejudice and war Some other mild themes include discovering who you are within a familyfriendship and mysteryThe Undrowned Child is recommended for ages 16This review was written by EmilyA Sueaky Clean Reads Book ReviewerThis book was sent to Sueaky Clean Reads by Random House Children's Books for a reviewTo see fantastic books reviewed with content in mind visit us at Sueaky Clean Reads