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SUMMARY ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Kathleen George Them What happens next will plunge her into a mystery that is both heartbreaking and chilling Within hours of the abduction the city is galvanized by the story a child the son of a pitcher for the Pirates is missing And soon a community begins to unravelDetective Richard Christie struggles with his own demons as h. I probably shouldn't have read this while under stay at home orders during a pandemic as a main character did a lot of complaining after she told to stay home for her safety and I felt no sympathy That aside the story was compelling but had some major issues with pacing The beginning and end — where most of the action took place — moved uickly while the middle dragged Many chapters mostly those in the middle of the novel were just check ins on various characters Nothing changed from the beginning to the end of these scenes Sometimes there was character development but often not Either way is unacceptable for a thriller If the middle was tightened and scenes ended in different places than where the began it would have been a superior novel It was still an enjoyable read particularly for those of us in Pittsburgh

SUMMARY Taken By Kathleen George

READ & DOWNLOAD Taken By Kathleen George î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB í ❮Download❯ ➽ Taken ➽ Author Kathleen George – The child was taken in broad daylight on a warm June morning in a crowded shopping area in downtown PittsburghMarina Benedict first saw the baby E tries to solve a baffling mystery And Marina Benedict pulled from the safety of her ordinary life by a brutal crime is at the center of the story Because once Marina tried to save a life and it changed her forever Now she will risk her life again for a child who is still out there somewhere still in need of savi. This was a good mystery The setting is Pittsburgh with actual streets restaurants landmarks so fascinating to a Pittsburgher At least 90% of the book is a real page turner then unfortunately lapses into sometimes predictable and sometimes stretching of the imagination sidelines But all in all a good read and I intend to read a few of George’s novels

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Taken By Kathleen GeorThe child was taken in broad daylight on a warm June morning in a crowded shopping area in downtown PittsburghMarina Benedict first saw the baby with his mother Then just minutes later she saw him again in the arms of a man she was certain was not the child’s father In a single life altering act Marina followed. So I've been trying to shy away from hiding my reviews for spoilers basically because I'm trying not to be lazy and because I used to regard the most basic of plot points as spoilers that's just silly The event in this book that I'd not want to ruin for anyone or have wanted to have ruined for me before I read this comes up in almost every review that I've read of this book on this site and is in my opinion grossly understated in every case I'm kind of torn as a result I don't want to hide my review since no one else seems to think that this event is such a big deal but good grief saying that a certain character gets shot does not do justice to what actually happens at all I guess I'll just say be aware I'm going to mention a major plot point about halfway through this You'll find this same plot point mentioned in every other review you'd read here I just see what happened a little differently from everyone else My ass covered now rightAfter leaving a couple's counseling session wherein she has announced that she wants to separate from her husband plucky heroine Marina Benedict spies a baby in a stroller The baby smiles seems captivated by her; turns out all babies act this way when she's around A short time later she gets on a bus sees this same baby in the arms of a strange man but fear not courageous Marina follows the man to an abandoned building where she is captured by three bad guys who have bungled their usual nefarious scheme and have resorted to dabbling in other criminal business The term 'Mary Sue' may not have been coined when this was written in 2001 but rest assured that Marina Benedict certainly fits the criteria Here's where everyone references the fact that Marina is shot and survives which does a disservice to what George actually wrote even as she in turn does a disservice to her reader The sound is not so loud There is fire in her side at the end of her life lightning in her head and then blackness If you write such a thing about your character who is tied to a chair shot in the head chest should your reader not take that to mean that you've killed that character Nothing like such a turn of events to make one think 'damn mortality so forth' before reading on and at first I admired George for her gutsy willingness to create a character then murder her a scant 40 or so pages into the book But it turns out that there was very little to admire after all since Marian somehow lives through her execution with her remarkable beauty unsullied despite you know having a wound in her skull and goes on to solve the crime uickly than the actual detectives FBI agents assigned to the case all while catching the eye of the married commanding detective who just can’t believe how graceful and hot and awesome and all around wonderful she is How terribly utterly disappointing This book annoyed me to no end I was certainly enraged by the fact that Marian was apparently shot with amazing take back bullets that leave her almost entirely uninjured for the rest of the book – and with her perfect photographic memory of what happened completely intact – because lord knows that the ridiculous premise of almost death has been coming up in so many of the books I’ve read lately Nick Cooper I am still mad at you for being alive and it's really starting to piss me off But that combined with the tired device of a married detective who simply must be attracted to eventually have sex with the victimized woman who is part of his investigation and how the detective and Marian’s sister and her estranged husband and the woman whose baby was kidnapped are constantly reflecting again and again on how beautiful she is and what a wonderful person she is and the fact that Marian eventually confronts one of the bad guys again she doesn’t get shot again because he’s stymied on her incredible gorgeousness that elevate this to true throw the book across the room status Thanks but no thanks Kathleen George