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How bad will the current recession get Catastrophe Economy Kindle #213 According to Eric Janszen we could be facing an unemployment rate of over percent half of all retail stores boarded up skeletons of unfinished buildings in our cities and tax revenues down by percent leading to big cuts in government services Meanwhile inflation will keep rising as the Fed is forced to devalue the dollar because foreign cou. We really got ourselves into a mess We need to get out of it if we want to be the world's global super power Although the book is a great read in American macroeconomics it is somewhat technically difficult to read for a novice like meAs a result of increase in global competition and the 70's stagflation and increase in oil prices Although this is a great some of the concepts are way above a lay reader like meAmerica created the FIRE economy as the answer in which the issuance of credit fueled by foreign creditors became our economic engine over production and savings As a result of Reaganomics government is now beholden to the forces of the FIRE economy influencing the government to keep the status uo by its lobbyists and campaign funds from its trade organizationsHow did we get hereDollar was taken off the gold standard and became the international currency of choice so the international demand for the dollar created an inflation of its value divorced from GDP Because the international markets want the dollar so much there remains to this day infusion of cheap cash that allows interest rates to be depressed thus allowing easy credit to the American public The American public bought into this economy by advertisers who appeal to the american emotion in order to sell credit For their part the FIRE economy democratized credit so people who pay back their debt but are at a high risk of not being to pay their debt have to pay high interest rates FIRE economy also pushed for financial deregulation that gives them funds by encouraging American take out loans so they can have interest for those loans And of course decreasing taxes so Americans can pay interest on their loans instead of save More and companies went into the credit card business since the interest that they had to pay in borrowed funds was lower than the consumers In fact this is probably how GM and Chrysler lost its money because they went into the financing deal a lot faster In the end credit risk pollution in which high risk debt was spread throughout the financial system to decrease the risk of the debt that was aloud bc of financial deregulation made the system insolvent when high risk debt could no longer be repaid which currently caused this current Great Recession He warns that we are now in the process of stagflation in our uest for a productive economy and no one can do anything about it especially not the government The features of this new reality are a shift from private debt to government debt in an effort to get the economy going As a result he foresees a weakening dollar and a stagnant economy due to govt borrowing crowds out private borrowing Since the private sector shrinks in comparison to the public sector there will be persistent unemployment flat or falling wages due to increase competition for jobs and rising commodity and energy pricesJanszen's solution to the problem although I think the change will be gradual is an increase in knowledge industry and innovative entrepreneurs with wide ranging policy prescription such as the creation of the public private infrastructure bank KerryHutchinson bill gear the educational system into creating innovative entrepreneurs allowing high skilled immigrants who study here

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The Post Catastrophe Economy Rebuilding After the Great Collapse of 2008Ntries won't lend to us any Sounds grim but the good The Post eBook #204 news is that this crisis will open the door to a saner economic future if we recognize the opportunity to correct decades of bad policy America can wean itself from the debt financed growth of the past thirty years and restructure to grow based on old fashioned savings and investment Janszen shows that the key is not big government but de. Great book I recommend reading it with Bailout Nation by Barry Ritholz as they almost work together Barry's book goes technical about what happened while this one touches on it but hits on some very intriguing ideas like what has happened to the media healthcare universities and politics itself as as slowly taken over Keep in mind this guy was a venture capitalist who made his fame very accurately predicting markets so this is no lefty stuff or calls to socialism just an honest realistic look at what has happened and how we can save and strengthen our economy A good simple informative read with a pretty positive tone and is solution oriented Something I think we need badly going ahead

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The Post Catastrophe Economy Rebuilding After the Great Collapse of 2008 free read ó 9 Ý [PDF] ✓ The Post Catastrophe Economy Rebuilding After the Great Collapse of 2008 ✫ Eric Janszen – How bad will the current recession get According to Eric Janszen we couPloying our uniue capacity for innovation through private public partnerships He calls for a modern New Deal that Post Catastrophe Economy eBook #10003 develops twenty first century industries such as biotechnology alternative energy and nanotechnology And he shows how our financial markets can adapt to make it happen This is an essential book for everyone who is struggling to understand our current predicamen. Describes the separation between the financial economy and the producer economy or rather how the financial economy came to dominate the total economy Outlines in great detail how the financial economy ultimately failed during the 2005 2010 period and what must be done to fix the problem The problems with the transition are also describes in parituclar the constrictions from not paying attention to peak oiltransportation earlier on