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Read ✓ Tiger in a Trance A Novel Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Tiger in a Trance A Novel By Max Ludington ✐ – Max Ludington has created a stunningly self assured American road novel that captures the drug induced euphoria and paranoia of a Grateful Dead Max Ludington has created a stunningly a Trance eBook #180 self assured American road novel that captures the drug induced euphoria and paranoia of a Grateful Dead concert while simultaneously probing the self destructive tendencies of its head strong protagonistTraveling Tiger in PDFEPUBaround the country in his old Volvo following the Dead for over a year eighteen year old. An excellent rendering of a particular scene and era that puts the reader inside the head of an 18 year old Deadhead While some liberty is taken with the protagonists' vocabulary he's a high school dropout albeit an educated one with the vocabulary of a Milton scholar I found the stylized first person perspective enjoyable If anything my personal tastes would have run to a expansive plot around the Dead and the scene rather than the negative trajectory of drug addiction but of course anyone with any familiarity with that scene at all knows the two are tightly linked

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Jason Burke discovers how much lucrative selling acid is than selling T shirts Liberally dabbling in his product his judgment in a Trance ePUB #8608 gets cloudier and he starts snorting heroin and sleeping with his supplier’s girlfriend a green eyed beauty named Jane Jason also meets Melanie a rebellious one armed high school girl who’s youthful abandonment leads her de. A look at deadhead culture filled with interesting anecdotes that don't go anywhere kinda like talking to a deadhead

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Tiger in a Trance A NovelEper into the nomadic world of the Dead And as his addiction takes hold Jason reacuaints himself with an old friend of his late father’s who’s near the end of his days While he struggles with the ghosts of his own past and his exceedingly tenuous future Jason has to decide where his heart lies and which road will ultimately take him there From the Trade Paperback edition. Tiger in a Trance by Max Ludington Doubleday 2003 Fiction 3453This is a novel written about the Grateful Dead scene as it existed in the mid 1980's The tale focuses on the touring Deadheads As a longtime and hardcore Deadhead myself much of this narrative brought back fond memoriesThe author follows a privileged eighteen year old named Jason as he comes to love the band several of his female tour mates and heroinAs the Grateful Dead became ever popular the pre show parking lot at each night's venue morphed from a safe haven where out ot town hippies could hang with the tribe until showtime into an overcrowded zoo of drug tourists and wannabees Both the band and longtime Deadheads came to regret this influx of strangers and latecomers which served to further increase competition and thus prices for tickets and other limited resources across the entire touring sceneEven concerning was the fact that what became a massive influx of strangers greatly increased the scrutiny of the Dead scene by local police and authorities The parking lot at the Dead concert venues had for years been almost exclusively self policed by peer pressure from longtime Deadheads who were familiar with their tribe's customs and traditions as gently overseen by the band members As the band's popularity exploded during the late nineteen eighties much of the trust and the brotherhood which had always been hallmarks of the Dead scene began to slip away as a casually criminal element insinuated itself into the crowd The result was an influx of hard drugs and an increase in bad drug reactions which resulted in a greater presence of both uniformed police and undercover operatives And believe me there was no form of life on earth treated that was vilified or treated with contempt than an undercover narc snitch at a Dead showBy the time author Max Ludington's novel Tiger in a Trance takes place much of the love and trust which the old school Deadheads shared at the concert venues had been replaced by paranoia and suspicion And to the horror of the Deadheads this era was the point at which hard drugs those that can kill began to show up among the Grateful Dead communityThis book provides a glimpse into an amazing subculture The author has chosen to write about what he knows best in this first novel and he has creditably captured a moment in a time which was altogether uproarious funMy rating 710 finished 82220 3453