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reader Õ Cinder and Ella ☆ Hardcover â Melissa Lemon â [Epub] ➤ Cinder and Ella ➥ Melissa Lemon – After her father's disappearance Cinder leaves home for a servant job at the castle But it isn't long before her sister Ella is brought to the castle herself What Ella fiAnge her life and the entire kingdom Cinder and Ella is a Cinderella story like no other and one you'll never forg A huge thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read and review this and other books free of chargeMore reviews and book trailers at Rating Neutral opinion It is certainly a uniue Cinderella story and I have seen several 5 star reviews Give it to Middle school girls who like fairy tale adventures with a side of chaste romanceWhat I liked The story is uniue Cinder and Ella splits the character of Cinderella into two different girls the only two normal sisters in an incredibly dysfunctional family The sweet romance between Ella and Tanner kept me turning pages when Tanner is forced to retrieve Ella for the prince I love how Prince Monticello is anything but Charming another very cool twist on the Cinderella storyI love Ella's character The first to see her family for what it is Ella is smart courageous and easy to like Her sisters are mean to her and her mother completely forgets about her and Ella sees that reality Although she hates her situation Ella does not try to explain it away or excuse it; she accepts it for what it is and understands that only she can change her own future At the same time she still loves her mother and sisters as evidenced in several tender moments with them throughout the book She wants them to be safe and happy but she understands that she cannot force them to change their behaviorThe story is short and simply told which will appeal to reluctant middle grade readers The virtual absence of mature content will enable me to recommend Cinder and Ella to even the most immature middle school readerWhat I didn't like So many unanswered uestions Cinder and Ella has so much potential and I feel a bit let down that characters and their personal histories are not better explored As a former middle school English teacher one of the first rules of writing is Show don't tell Prince Monticello is evil; Lemon tells readers that several times But WHY is he so evil How did he get that way What is he after Is he evil simply for the sake of evil Where did Prince Monticello's relationships with his own parents go wrong How did the trees come to have a symbiotic relationship with humans How do people find their own trees or do they already know where they are Do they seek out their trees to make sure they are well cared for Are the trees necessarily nearby or can a person's tree be very far away Were the brambles strangling Ella's tree magically induced Why are they so difficult to cut away Why do they keep growing back almost right away Why is Ella's tree at the castle anyway What does the prince want with Ella Why does he fake a romance with Cinder Why why whyAside from Ella the characters tend to be one dimensional defined solely by their personal characteristic Cinder is the virtuous and hardworking sister Katrina is the vain one Beatrice is the bratty baby of the family The mother is inexplicably uninvolved Tanner is the chivalrous but clumsy knight Prince Monticello is evil incarnate for no apparent reason Granted traditional fairy tales often feature one dimensional characters; however traditional fairy tales are not 200 page novelsThe dialogue is stiff and confusing at times Characters speak to each other calmly without passion slang dialect or contractions In the galley copy some paragraphs include dialogue from than one speaker making it sometimes difficult to ascertain who said what I had to reread several paragraphs because speakers were unclear A few paragraphs included uoted statements from two different speakers side by side without the benefit of non dialogue Consider these two statements made by two different characters appearing side by side in the same paragraph You have not changed Ella Nor have you 190The Prince's fate and willing exit from the castle is way too easily resolved The king gives an order and the Prince obeys He does not try to fight come back trick anyone or talk his way out of it He leaves and that's it Cinder comes to Ella's wedding Why doesn't the rest of her family go Beatrice didn't even know Ella got married until Ella tells her so clearly Beatrice at least was not invitedWhat happened to Cassandra I loved that horse and she just disappears No comment made about her once they decide to get Ella a new horse I would have loved if the story ended with Cassandra running in a field and like Cinder and Ella happy to be free from the bonds of servitudeSome small tweaks in writing style will give Cinder and Ella which has so much potential the edge it needs Since I read a NetGalley copy months before publication I am hopeful that Lemon and her editors invest the time to beef up the details to add some color and fragrance and well character to the overly simple plotContentLanguage noneSexuality mild chaste kissing a drunk man makes mildly sexual jokesroundabout threatsViolence mild two stabbings one of which does not even draw blood; a swordfightDrugsAlcohol one minor adult character likes to get drunkStatus in my library It's not out yet so we do not have it I do not plan to order it since there are so many better fairy tale retellings availableReadalikes Anything by Shannon Hale or Gail Carson Levine Also the Once Upon a Time series is perfect for middle school fans of fairy tale spin offs

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After her father's disappearance Cinder leaves home for a servant job at Cinder and eBook #180 the castle But it i ARC copy provided by NetGalley Pub date November 2011I reuested this book because I love me a good Fairy tale retelling From the description the author had created a fun variation of the classic Cinderella story But this was so poorly written that I had to force myself to finish it Seriously did anyone edit this at all I know it's an ARC and I feel really bad giving it such a low rating but it was almost unreadable Poor dialog poor transitions and poorly developed characters I was actually annoyed by a few redundant and repeated phrases like kingdom castle and prison dungeon Also the very awkwardly developed love threads were just painful and unbelievable Finally a bit of a spoiler here if Cinder and Ella both loved their family so much why did they both leave as fast as they could Cinder visiting on your days off does not count as taking care of your family if the wicked stepsisters were as bad as described here they would not have even survived with a once a week visit And the mother just sitting at her spinning wheel throughout the entire book come onVery disappointed

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Cinder and EllaSn't long before her sister Ella is brought to the castle herself What Ella finds there starts a uest that will ch This review contains spoilersI have read a lot of Cinderella retellings in my day even ones about a boy named Cinder and a girl named Ella but never one where both Cinder and Ella were girls So that was creative and I liked it However I almost feel like this story doest ualify as a Cinderella story because it doesn't have talmost anything in common with the original story I use the term 'original' as loosely as possible I know all too well that we actually have no idea where Cinderella came from Perhaps the word 'Traditional' would be better There was no running away from a ball no shoes involved lost or otherwise and where did this whole tree thing come from I mean ok the tree idea was cool but it just had nothing to do with anything xD Another thing that took a star away from this book was the way it was written The writing uality was poor at best and the story was left almost unresolved in my opinion The prince's powers were never explained but it felt like the author didn't know what they were than that it was simply not needed in the story Considering the prince had Ella's father captured and had taken away his mind for some experiment that was also never explained I feel like the author should have filled us in The prince was banished in the end but he was still a threat and that was annoying to meDespite this I did think the story line was fun if a bit odd and unconventional