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Mickle once a common street urchin now rules Westmark as the wise ueen Augusta Yet the kingdom is strangely restless Ghosts of the past lurk everywhere whispering The Beggar PDF of future war Just. The final book in the Westmark Trilogy The Beggar ueen had the duty of bringing everything together in a final conclusion Having brought Theo Mickle Florian Justin and Connie this far through war and assassination plots resolution needed to be had And despite my love for Lloyd Alexander and everything he has ever written I have to admit that I believe that it failed to do that I was shockingly disappointed with The Beggar ueen and I'm still in a bit of shock that it fell so flat As always it was amazingly written and the story and characters were flawless; however so much was left unanswered and open ended that the reader cannot have the cathartic effect needed after a story like the Westmark Trilogy Part of this review is going to be a rant about how things were left unanswered so there will be spoilers The Beggar ueen continues the story of Theo and Mickle as they try to govern Westmark Theo wants nothing than to run away and get married to Mickle and so begrudgingly and sadly goes about his work Meanwhile Connie's life is threatened by his traitorous uncle planning his assination and plotting with Cabbarus to start an insurrection in Westmark to get himself back in a position of power leaving it up to Theo Mickle and Florian to try and start a revolution against Cabbarus While Mickle tries to bring freedom to Westmark Theo tries not to become Kestrel again and Florian hides in Regia recovering from a bullet woundEverything about The Beggar ueen was good up until the end view spoilerAfter Cabbarus is killed by Skeit and Theo and Mickle escape the revolution or less comes to an end Mickle declares her marriage to Theo at the same time that she announces her abdication giving her people the opportunity to form their own republic and vote for their own rulers From there Florian tells her that she must go into exile because she wouldn't be safe in Westmark She and Theo agree and get on a ship and the story ends While Mickle and Theo might finally be happy and they deserve to be so much is not answered that needed to be Throughout the story Theo tells Mickle and Lloyd Alexander tells us that Theo struggles with this fear of being Kestrel and a fear of not being enough especially for Justin When Justin dies Theo states that Justin dying still didn't free him from that fear of never feeling good enough And with that it is never mentioned again and Theo seems to be fine For a character trait that played an enormous role throughout The KestreL and the whole story it didn't feel right for it to not have any conclusion Next Keller died in this book I loved Keller; he was great However he was the caretaker of Sparrow and Weasel who were endlessly devoted to him After he dies what becomes of them Well I wish I could tell you but I don't know because that isn't said either I can guess that they just live with Madame Bertha but nothing is explicitly said A few pages before the end of the book they leave the scene and are never heard from again Keller's death was a key point in the whole revolution and Sparrow and Weasel's roles in the revolution became so important because of Keller so to dismiss them entirely was just terrible What happens to the water rats Lloyd Alexander if you weren't dead I'd be writing you so many angry letters Near the beginning of the book Connie survives his uncle's assassination attempt and comes back angry He tells his uncle he'll have him killed by firing suad and his uncle humbly understands treating his nephew as a king for the first time in his life After that Connie is never heard from again the entire book Having been introduce in The Kestrel and being a character that could have had a lot of growth and been a real powerhouse king he was kind of scrapped after like chapter 8 What became of him Were Theo and Mickle going to Regia and he was going to give them a place Who knowsMickle randomly in passing points out that Florian is actually of royal blood but then that is just kind of a point to be made and then dismissed because it didn't really change anything hide spoiler

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The Beggar ueenMembers it all the bloody battles and the fight for his own soul The past has retumed to haunt the present and Theo once again must join in the struggle Who will at last command the fate of Westma. Lloyd Alexander concludes the Westmark trilogy with this exciting and smartly written story The Beggar ueen managed to hold my attention throughout with its engaging action and interesting characters King Constantine in particular despite not having many scenes here has come into his own since his last appearance The multiple subplots are handled very well and with the deaths of several characters and the looming threat of Cabbarus the stakes are clearly higher The ending was pretty satisfying view spoilerbut I do really wish that the final victory over the invading army had actually been shown after the death of Cabbarus rather than just having it told secondhand by another character That should have been a pretty important part of the action and well deserving of being actually shown to the reader hide spoiler

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summary The Beggar ueen ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ¹ [Download] ➽ The Beggar ueen Author Lloyd Alexander – Mickle once a common street urchin now rules Westmark as the wise ueen Augusta Yet the kingdom is strangely restless Ghosts of the past lurk everywhere whispering of future war Justin and hiIn and his revolutionaries denounce the monarchy even the benevolent Mickle Cabbarus banished from Westmark plots to seize the throne and install a Reign of TerrorTheo the famed Colonel Kestrel re. So although this series has some issues stock characters somewhat predictable plots it manages to have enough charm to carry you past the flaws Theo's character development from naive idealist to a scarred killer was compelling and the underlying commitment between Theo and Mickle gave the story its heart