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Malayan Spymaster review ¸ 104 ´ ❴Read❵ ➪ Malayan Spymaster Author Boris Hembry – This is a true story of 1930s Malaysia of jungle operations submarines and spies in WWII and of the postwar Malayan Emergency as experienced by an extraordinary man Boris Hembry went out to Malaya as This is a true story of This is a true story of s Malaysia of jungle operations submarines and spies in WWII and of the postwar Malayan Emergency as experienced by an extraordinary man Boris Hembry went out to Malaya as a rubber planter in to work on estates in Malaya and Sumatra Following the Japanese invasion in December he volunteered for Freddy Spencer Chapman's covert Stay Behind Party and spent a month in the jungle behind enemy lines before escaping by sampan across the Malacca Strait to Sumatra Hembry. A raw account of the lives of early planters in Malaya who left home in the Great Britain amidst talks of war with Germany only to find themselves facing the imperial Japanese army as they swept through then colonial Malaya forcing the British rulers and planters alike to flee Or did theyAnd that is what this book is about It's the true story of ordinary young British men like Boris Hembry and their families who were left to take charge of their own safety in the face of a weak egotistical and ineffective British administration Despite being a Malaysian this untold story is what we never knew or learned much about Hembry's personal diary of the events just before the Pacific war and after till he left Malaya for good and his fascinating account of his role in defending Malaya against the Japanese and then the communist terrorists as he puts it is a worthy read and well deserving of my five star rating Bear in mind that Boris Hembry had never meant for his recollections of his life in Malaya and the war to be published In other words this entire book was a diary of sorts left by the writer for his family Yet I found it hard to put down this book It was gripping and educational at the same time It is a story of the sacrifices of ordinary men and women that modern day Malaysia and the world should never forget

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Returned to Singapore shortly before its surrender then escaped to Java and subseuently to India where he joined V Force a clandestine intelligence unit operating in Burma In Hembry was recruited into the Secret Intelligence Service given the bland cover name Inter Services Liaison Department ISLD and returned to Sumatra and Malaya several times by submarine on intelligence gathering missions He became Head of Malayan Country Section ISLD in liaised with Force and was responsible for. I picked up Malayan Spymaster some time ago for future research and have just got around to reading it The book was not originally intended for general publication but the author's family decided after his death to make it available to the general public I'm glad they did It contains some fascinating 'insider' insights into life in Malaya before and after WWII While it will not be everyone's cup of tea containing as it does a lot of detail for Malayan history buffs it is a worthwhile read

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Malayan SpymasterThe most successful intelligence coup of the Malayan war After WWII Hembry returned to planting at Sungei Siput Perak where the murder of three colleagues on June signalled the start of the Malayan Emergency Assuming the leadership of the local planting community he formed the first Home Guard unit in Malaya was an early proponent of suatter control later incorporated into the Briggs Plan served on district state and federal security committees and survived several attempts on his life. If you have to read one book with the history of Malaya as background make it this one This is the memoir of Boris Hembry a British rubber planter turned spy turned bandits fighter This is his story in and around the region spanning 25 years or so In a way it is also a story of Malaya its people and its colonial masters Malaysians who are familiar with the setting will find many things to relate to People who are not will find themselves learning about a beautiful country in a beautiful era Throughout the book the writer's extraordinary character comes through so much that you would wish you had known him personally Though since the book was only intended for his grandchildren and great grandchildren you do feel like you're listening to an old friend reminiscing about the good old days by the fire place It's beautiful Thank you John Hembry for deciding to publish the book because yes it does deserve a wider audience