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free read Geronimo My Life ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ [BOOKS] ✫ Geronimo My Life Author Geronimo – In this one of Native American history's most extraordinary documents a legendary warrior and shaman recounts the beliefs and customs of his people Completely and utterly authentic its captivatOr many years Geronimo surrendered in Two decades later while under arrest he told his story through a native interpreter to S M Barrett an Oklahoma school superintendent Barrett explains in his introduction I wrote to President Roosevelt that here was an old Indian who had been held a prisoner of war for twenty years and had never been given a chance to tell his side of the story and asked that Geronimo b. There is so much going on in Geronimo's story including his telling it to his second cousin who then interpreted it to Barrett the photograph of the three of them with Geronimo in a headdress and Barrett intently writing everything down and Geronimo's dedication to Teddy RooseveltI was moved by Frederick W Turner's introduction to the 1970 edition Out of the eyes of that incorruptible Chiricahua leader glares a challenge to our cherished notions of ourselves of Western Civilization and of the relentless energy which for centuries has nerved it he writes Geronimo and his people were unwilling sacrifices to Progress but we are too The men and women strapped to business machines and those in assembly lines are eually victims with Geronimo Black Kettle and the Cherokee And those of us who think we have escaped such dehumanizing routines are no less victims in virtually every aspect of our daily lives in the food we eat the air we breathe the waters we drink and play in All of us red and white have been sacrificed to being steadily devoured by those huge metallic jaws that not so long ago ground up the Indian exceedingly small p 41 Turner does not neglect to acknowledge which race was ground up exceedingly small which race did the grinding and how they did it

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E granted permission to tell for publication in his own way the story of his lifeThis remarkable testament is the result It begins with Geronimo's retelling of an Apache creation myth and his descriptions of his youth and family He explains his military tactics as well as traditional practices including hunting and religious rituals and reflects upon his hope for the survival of his people and their cultur. I would not read this as an autobiography but as a statement and witness of events from a prisoner to his capturer Reading this feels like we get to sit next to this old man his wrinkled face still emanates great power and his presence inspires respect to those near him We can almost hear him speak right next to us with a gruff voice in a language we don't understand and the interpreter is sitting there right next to us almost just as spellbound as we are This is a historical document about cyclical violence and destruction so present in the Apache life The almost constant battles with the Mexicans and about the arrival and many betrayals of the white man and his soldiersWe hear little parts about the daily life of the Apache Indian; his trading wandering rituals into adulthood and a little about the way marriage works and sometimes doesn't workLike so many other autobiographies this made me hungry for I wonder what he would have liked to have said I wonder what was misinterpreted badly translated and what was censored by those in power of his life I'm definitely going to read about the Native American history in he near future

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Geronimo My LifeIn this one of Native American history's most extraordinary documents a legendary warrior and shaman recounts Geronimo My PDFEPUB or the beliefs and customs of his people Completely and utterly authentic its captivating narrator is the most famous member of the Apache tribe GeronimoThe spiritual and intellectual leader of the American Indians who defended their land from both Mexico and the United States f. Excellent insight into the life and times of Geronimo the Apache chieftan The introduction is written in 1906 seven years after Geronimo's death The book largely consists of Geronimo's own words as he narrated his life story to the author The author adds historical context as well as some editorial commentary Significant is the relation of injustices done to Native Americans at the hands of both the United States and Mexican governments Much of Geronimo's notoriety stems from his seeking redress for the wrongs done him and his people after being betrayed time and again by representatives of government