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Is your magical kingdom falling apart UnFairy Tale MOBI #245 Twelve year old Jenny is on the case whether she likes it or not Saving the world might sound exciting but fo As I read this book all I could think was that a 4th or 5th grade me would LOVE this book Real Kingdoms with all the fairytale creatures Unicorns Fairy's Dragons Talking frogs Yes Please I think the clincher for me was the talking Gnome I have an odd place in my heart for Garden Gnomes I think this book had everything a mid grade novel should have A lovable main character who learns a lesson the grass isn't always greener on the otherside and spouts off good sayings treat others as you would like to be treated and learns to accept friends for who they are With a lesson on not telling lies thrown in there as well But all those good lessons are masked by a great story Anna Staniszewski did a wonderful job of creating a new world as well as the characters that inhabit the world where Jenny is employed as an Adventurer I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun mid grade book

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My Very UnFairy Tale LifeR Jenny it’s starting to get old even staying in the real world long enough to take a math test would be a dream come true And when you throw in bloodthirsty unicorns This review first appeared on my blog at Thoughts and PensAfter the fiasco concerning Journey to Rainbow Island I almost ditched this book But I was glad that I didn’t The smile that My Very Unfairy Tale Life brought on my lips really surprised me If truth be told I actually went into it expecting another Journey to Rainbow Island and bracing myself for the worst My Very Unfairy Tale Life is everything that I hoped for in a light fairy tale Middle Grade book It’s spunky straightforward and hilariousMy Very Unfairy Tale Life narrates the story of ordinary school girl Jennifer What makes her life extraordinary is the fact that the Committee assigned her as a fairy tale adventurer Instead of discovering new jungles Jennifer is sent to the world of fairy tales to help fairy tale citizens with their concerns Apparently fairy tale characters aren’t as perfect as they’re depicted in our usual fairy tale stories Even with magic they still need the help of an eleven year old non magic girlMy Very Unfairy Tale Life is a refreshing take on fairy tale stories wherein the heroine is far from your usual damsel in distress Instead of waiting for princes to slay dragons for her Jennifer rushes ahead and solve her problems the best way she can even if most of the time she has to use a lot of cheesy sayings I must say that the most unforgettable thing about this book is the MC Jennifer has the right amount of boldness and humour that surely had me impressed I also adored how Anna portrayed her as an eleven year old Her flaws her doubts her impulsiveness and time to time selfishness were very believable for her ageEven the secondary characters of My Very Unfairy Tale Life though slightly lacking in development still managed to make me laugh In a way they reminded of Roald Dahl’s characters nothing too serious but you still enjoy them because they’ve got that rare appealWhile the characters were really cool I can’t say the same thing for the plot Don’t get me wrong My Very Unfairy Tale Life’s storyline was solid and interesting but it was too simplistic for my taste Of course it was understandable given the shortness of the book but still Anna could have chosen to tell I would certainly appreciate reading about how Jenny was recruited as an adventurer and how did the fairy tale worlds existThe world building of My Very Unfairy Tale Life did nothing to ease my frustration Anna is already there but it’s like the stage is already set and all yet the actual ceremony was postponed Sure I managed to paint a picture of the Land of Speak in my head but it wasn’t enough as the half portion of my body is still on EarthNevertheless I am still giving My Very Unfairy Tale Life a four star rating for being one of the best Middle grade books I’ve read this year There were disappointments but the humor and the adorable MC certainly compensated for those xD

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Free doc ☆ reader My Very UnFairy Tale Life ☆ ¶ gymapparel ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☂ My Very UnFairy Tale Life Author Anna Staniszewski – Is your magical kingdom falling apart Twelve year old Jenny is on the case whether she likes it or not Saving the world might sound exciMy Very PDF psychotic clowns and the most useless gnome sidekick ever Jenny decides enough is enough She’s leaving the adventuring business and not looking back Oris s What a funny book  With unicorns fairies and mouthless sheep Jenny's unfairy tale life is sure to get a laugh out of even the most serious readers  Through endless twists turns and run ins with the evil clown Klarr My Very UnFairy Tale Life shows us all how to take what life throws at us and make the best out of it even when we really really don't want to  And Jenny really really doesn't want toBut she does  And that's what makes it entertaining  She takes it all trying to navigate not only the disappearance of her parents and the otherworldly realms but also the fact that she wants her best friends back and that she's become a sort of social pariah  But it seems impossible to balance both sides of her life  And yet she does it anyway  And it's incredible  This is definitely perfect for the tween that loves fantasy spunky characters and talking frogsReview cross listed here