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FREE DOWNLOAD Ô The Vanishing Face of Gaia A Final Warning ¶ ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ The Vanishing Face of Gaia A Final Warning By James E. Lovelock ➦ – In The Vanishing Face of Gaia British scientist James Lovelock predicts global warming will lead to a Hot Epoch Lovelock is best known foDon't think nine billion is better than one billion Lovelock writes He compares humans to the “first photosynthesisers which when they first appeared on the planet caused enormous damage by releasing oxygen a nasty poisonous gas” Oxygen turned out to be beneficial to the life forms that Vanishing Face of Gaia A Epubevolved to utilize it including us but a global anaerobic ecosystem gave way in the face of this atmospheric change If simple microbial life forms could effect such a change why is it hard to believe that humans could do so too And we are unwittingly at first but many have recognized the danger for some time now and time is running out There are factions at work today trying to convin. Lovelock convinced me that a holistic approach towards earth science is preferable to the narrow reductive views held by many of the established scientists who rely on models that only account for factors within their areas of study I was also somewhat skeptical about the net benefits of such green energy sources like biofuels wind power and solar cells before reading this book but Lovelock pushed me firmly into the enemy camp Too many bandwagon enthusiasts fail to calculate the overall effects of these huge industrial initiatives When you add the manufacturing transportation land use and other negative factors involved they have an overall negative impact on the environment and global warming His contrarian viewpoints on nuclear power also might be worth further study And the I read about global warming and overpopulation the convinced I am that geoengineering is the only hope although a slim one for civilization to avoid a huge collapse within the next century or so However I think Lovelock could have written a concise and clear argument The last couple of chapters especially were so messy and full of meandering personal anecdotes that I'm still not sure exactly what he was advocating He may be promoting a scary totalitarian future in which governments in favorable climatic regions like the British Isles Canada and New Zealand reject democracy and impose mandatory nuclear energy high density living land use control birth control genetically engineered foods grown in vats and a meritfitness system for admitting a small fraction of the billions of draught and famine refugees that will clamoring to escape to their oases But it's hard to say because he doesn't clearly describe his solution Maybe he was afraid of the backlash if he was too direct


In Face of Gaia A PDF The Vanishing Face of Gaia British Face of Epub #225 scientist James Lovelock predicts global warming will lead to a Hot Epoch Lovelock is best known for formulating the controversial Gaia theory in the s with Ruth Margulis of the University of Massachusetts which states that organisms interact with and The Vanishing PDFEPUBregulate Earth's surface and atmosphere We ignore this interaction at our peril An “unwilling Cassandra” he is nevertheless an an optimistic pessimist and thinks we will survive the coming Hot Epoch but predicts climate change will Vanishing Face of Gaia A Epubreduce our population from billion to around one billion or less Vanishing Face of PDF #9734 I. James Lovelock writes very scary books Since the 1960’s he has been warning that we are abusing the planet and that we do so at our peril Now at the age of 90 this British scientist has written what is likely to be his last book with ominous sub title of “A Final Warning”Lovelock believes that our current population of nearly seven billion is completely unsustainable and that we are about to see a catastrophic plunge in our numbers likely to something under one billion In fact he says that he thinks the long term stable population level may be on the order of just 100 million This is about as profoundly pessimistic a vision as I have heard of from any environmental writer It’s Malthus on steroids But it is the viewpoint of a scientist who has been studying the uestion for many decades Lovelock’s name and reputation will be forever linked to the Gaia hypothesis In brief he thinks of the planet as alive This was considered a radical notion in the 1960’s and depending on how it is stated might still be considered radical today In reality I think he is really stating that the Earth is a living system where both geo chemical and biological processes interact to create the environment that regulates itself to make life possible Since life has existed on the planet for three billion years the Gaia theory seems very likely true If it weren’t we wouldn’t likely be here And as for the interaction of biological and geo chemical processes the evidence of climate change shows many examples of how it works A dramatic example when Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991 and put hundreds of tons of sunlight blocking particulates in the air the climate cooled for years afterwards with significant effects on many species and ecosystemsFrom this model of how Earth works Lovelock proceeds to the observation that carbon levels in the atmosphere are rising rapidly and inexorably and that there is no evidence that the many peoples of this planet have the emotional desire or political will to do anything about it in time to prevent disaster Result the planet warms by several degrees centigrade the oceans acidify the waters rise the land dries out a large proportion of species vanish forever crop failures become widespread and humans die in droves He does not see this scenario as inevitable but highly likely Pretty bleak stuffNot only does he see dramatic global heating as likely he also thinks it will come upon us much suddenly than the IPCC models predict Climate he says is subject to tipping point events that cause dramatic swings in temperature in a short period of time We don’t know what those tipping points are but the evidence strongly points to their existence It could be a sudden change such as a die off in ocean plankton a major change in ocean currents the rapid melting of Arctic permafrost or any of a number of other hard to predict events Climate follows a fickle and decidedly non linear pattern A classic example is the effect of the melting of the Arctic icecap today the highly reflective high albedo surface of the ice serves to reflect most solar energy back into space; but as the planet warms and the ice changes to seawater its darker low albedo surface mostly absorbs that solar thermal energy acting therefore as a de stabilizing positive feedback loop that causes an even rapid rise in global temperature Already the 2007 climate forecasts of the IPCC are looking too rosy with rates of sea ice melting glacier retreat and seawater temperature rise all increasing faster than predicted It seems we may be moving uickly to a new steady state climate euilibrium but at a much hotter temperature than today How hot Lovelock says the range of outcomes is large but could be five to nine degrees centigrade warmer Either end of this range would be disastrousHow do we avoid this disaster There are a few possibilities but the two that he highlights are• Mass adoption of nuclear energy• Planetary scale geo

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The Vanishing Face of Gaia A Final WarningCe the public that global warming is a leftwing conspiracy a liberal hoax They claim that scientists perpetuate this “myth” to obtain government grants and point to “independent” scientists usually funded by the oil industry who refute climate change science Dr Lovelock may be the antidote to these claims as he is a truly independent scientist Lovelock a chemist and inventor by profession and a climate activist is not beholden to any government university or granting agency Let those determined to bury their heads in the sands of right wing silliness do so The rest of us young and old have work to do Lovelock's book sets out an important agenda to follow© James Lovelock P Post Hypnotic Pres. Maybe a little outdated 10 years on comments about renewable energy he has since rethought however the concept of Gaia etc interesting and enjoyed learning further about that