Vierundzwanzig Stunden aus dem Leben einer Frau Read & download Ý 109

Read & download Vierundzwanzig Stunden aus dem Leben einer Frau

Vierundzwanzig Stunden aus dem Leben einer Frau Read & download Ý 109 ✓ ➳ [Reading] ➶ Vierundzwanzig Stunden aus dem Leben einer Frau By Stefan Zweig ➩ – A rotina de um hotel na Riviera é abalada por uma notícia escandalosa Uma mulher abandona o marido e as duas fA rotina de um hotel na aus dem PDF #8608 Riviera é abalada por uma notícia escandalosa Uma mulher abandona o marido e as duas filhas em nome de uma paixão por um jovem ue havia acabado de conhecer Este episódio des. Insightful uick novella that doesn't reach the heights of Zweig's masterful CHESS STORY but reminded me uite a bit of DEATH IN VENICE The set up in the first 15 pages is really fun I love the way this generation of writers needs a first person justification for a third person narrative it's realism mingling with the author is present and the inner frame that the title references has some excellent moments There's a particularly good hand description that worth watching out forAnd I loved the cadence and repetition of this paragraph spoilers which is a great bit of morning after writing How long this dreadful condition lasted I cannot say such moments are outside the measured time of ordinary life But suddenly another fear came over me swift and terrible the stranger whose name I did not know might wake up and speak to me And I knew there was only one thing to do I must get dressed and make my escape before he woke I must not let him set eyes on me again I must not speak to him again I must save myself before it was too late go away away away back to some kind of life of my own to my hotel I must leave this pernicious place leave this country never meet him again never look him in the eye have no witnesses no accusers no one who knewSadly some steam comes out of the narrative after this wonderful seuence as the action trends expected but it's short enough that it doesn't overstay its welcome This edition Pushkin has something funky going on with the spacing between words in certain lines that drove me a bit nuts but the translation is good Makes for a fun rainy day this one

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Poleta uma acesa discussão entre os hóspedes do hotel e leva a Senhora C uma aristocrata inglesa de sessenta e sete anos a recordar um episódio secreto da sua vida ue a tortura há mais de duas décadas Vinte e uatro. Beware Stefan Zweig is a beguiling seducer who is always one move ahead of you the reader the vulnerable object of his desiresZweig sets his short novella Twenty Four Hours in the Life of a Woman in a Monte Carlo hotel and it only takes him six paragraphs to set the stage with an overture to the main plot a young wife inexplicably leaves her husband and children for a twenty year old she has known for a day or so The husband is mortally crushed and humiliated This is but the preludeThe wife's action becomes the obsessive conversation piece among a group of bourgeoise guests who take sides against the narrator offering possible explanations for the wife's inexplicable behavior Now that Zweig has deftly etched into glass his main characters he begins the main movement of his story which revolves around an elderly aristocratic guest who recognizes the narrator's compassionate objectivity and seeks him out to confess a regrettable story involving a younger man that took place in the course of a day and has haunted her for a lifetime There is an important twist the confessor was a wealthy young widow whose life at the time had become rather meaningless not an adulterous wife Her story also takes place in Monte Carlo years ago where she ended up trying to save a compulsive gambler from destroying himself bringing her into dangerous flirtation with the ruin of her respectable identity that has somehow survived what she considers to be her meaningless existenceOnce you finish Twenty Four Hours in the Life of a Woman and begin to shake away the cosmic dust Zweig has sprinkled across your mind with his effortless prose you realize this Viennese seducer has layered an unforgettable lesson in classic story telling into your psyche that you have seldom experienced before

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Vierundzwanzig Stunden aus dem Leben einer FrauHoras na vida de uma mulher é um Vierundzwanzig Stunden Kindle relato apaixonante e intimista sobre a vida de uma mulher ue se liberta das correntes do pudor e do preconceito social em nome de uma paixão avassalado. Too moralistic and porcelain for me it needs Maugham's ironic detachment Written in the mid 1920s a rich widow age 42 sees a handsome young gambler lose all his money at Monte She goes to bed with him and gives him a wad to be a Good Boy she's now auiver and spends the next 24 years a wreck mulling it all over The lad betrays her of course as charmers must The death of his love reflects her loneliness and missing the fuck Zweig's schmaltzy point life depends on the impulse control He ignored this himself An oopsy movie Affair in Monte Carlo starring Merle Oberon 1954 brought me here and I find the cine rhomance a bite of gugelhupf I didnt believe a word of the novella but then we're not expected to