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I Married YouY taken place The people involved are still living today The setting of these events is I Married eBook #243 Africa but the problems dealt with are relevant to all parts and to all culture. Tells a good story and weaves in thoughtful insights on marriage As is the case with much in life maybe marriage is best understood when our own norms are contrasted with those of an entirely different culture I think the indirect comparison of Western with African values contributes heavily to the book's power

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Ing to help both find themselves facing unexpected challenges to their own marriage Nothing in this book is fiction All the stories have really happened All of the conversations have reall. I won’t rate this book for reasons I will discuss later I first read it when I was engaged Recently I picked it up again and this time I saw clearly both the good and the bad it contains The author must have been a colorful man He was German and fought on the Russian front during World War II but eventually became a Lutheran missionary in Cameroon Later he and his wife took up the role of traveling throughout Africa to speak and teach about Christian family life From his writing it is clear he was a dedicated sincere opinionated pastor A bit of a loose canon perhaps The structure of the book is uite artistic Trobisch recounts a four day visit to a particular African town He weaves together the stories of several individuals he counseled the contents of his own lectures on marriage and tension between himself and his own wife It all works very effectually and movingly as a whole I also appreciated the way the “foreign” cultural context foreign all around I am a modern American reading about an old school German talking to traditionally minded Africans allows readers to see marriage afresh Certainly Trobisch makes several powerful points His discussion of marriage as reuiring the three part structure of “leaving” one’s parents “cleaving” legally recognized marriage and “loving” becoming one flesh both physically and emotionally allows him to address a wide variety of marital problems He offers an unusual rejoinder to the claim that traditional marriage restricts love “God Himself is love but He gave up His freedom and power He humbled Himself and accepted restraint and limitations God become incarnate Love was made flesh” Perhaps the best paragraph in the book is this one “ Love needs marriage as much as marriage needs love In the sad hours when love is in danger of growing cold husband and wife cling to the fact that they are married and remind each other of their mutual promise ‘After all I married you’ they say Thus marriage becomes the protector the guardian of love”On the other hand the book also approaches issues like abuse and addiction in a way that is uite disturbing For instance a woman who seeks out Trobisch’s counsel is involved in a live in relationship so controlling that her boyfriend locks her into the house whenever he goes out It is implied that he beats her He also insisted she abort their child At one point she comes very close to committing suicide Yet when she initially approaches the author the problem she perceives is simply that her boyfriend won’t marry her legally Trobisch never tells her the things an American wants her to hear never says she is being abused that she must flee that no one has the right to lock her up and control her movements etc The abuser is not treated as dangerous even when the woman does decide to leave him Even the potential suicide attempt is treated as a once and done thing that has been solved by the removal of her despair through a religious conversion Judging from the structure of the book Trobisch intends this story to illustrate the dysfunctional nature of what happens when a woman is trying to use sex to gain commitment and the man is using the lure of commitment to get sex typically the advantages are all with the man Yet for many readers Trobisch’s attitude toward abuse and depression will seem so upsetting and potentially dangerous as to bury his intended message Other passages in the book including a reference to the story of Tamar that sounds like victim blaming intensify the problem Now it is uite possible that the way the author addressed the woman’s felt needs rather than telling her what to do actually worked better than the sort of speech a modern American would have given He was there He was able to judge the situation better than any of the many arm chair psychologists social media spawns I do not doubt Trobisch’s sincerity and desire to help Where he is or may be in error I am willing to exercise patience for an approach that was common in his time and place Yet these issues prevent his book from being useful to a truly broad audience It's a pity because he has solid stuff to say and he says it so very well

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I Married You review Ë 103 Ñ ❮BOOKS❯ ✺ I Married You ✰ Author Walter Trobisch – Gym-apparel.co.uk Set in a big city in Africa covering only a few days of Walter and Ingridâ€s life the story develops in a surprising and suspenseful way Through the struggles of the people they are trying to help Set in a big city in AfSet in a big city in Africa covering only a few days of Walter and Ingridâ€s life the story develops in a surprising and suspenseful way Through the struggles of the people they are try. Great book the ending nearly brought tears to my eyesLeave Cleave Become One flesh is the eternal truth that sustains a marriageThe link between the central theme and Christ's love for the church is really an eye opener it's a really new concept to meI personally recommend it to everyone especially for young people engaged or not