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Read ↠ An Unlikely Alliance 100 ô [Download] ➹ An Unlikely Alliance By Rachel Van Dyken – Spoiled New York rogue Royce McArthur lives a charmed life He sees no reason to settle down until his mother issues her decree that he must grow up find a wife and produce some grandchildren preferabl Spoiled New York rogue RoyIgnoreWhen his mother and her widowed father begin to keep company together secretly it provides the perfect excuse for him to spend time with Miss DeJarlias But figures from Royce's past threaten to destroy the blossoming love between the couple Evelyn must decide if she is willing to trust the man or hold his past indiscretions against hi. Refreshing historical love story I literally chuckled throughout this delightful book with its clever banter and word sparring between the characters After reading so many stories about the typical rake Royce didn't disappoint I'd love to meet him and laugh my way through a conversation Contemporary realistic characters in a Regency setting a very comical situation smirk Can't wait to read

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Spoiled New York rogue Royce McArthur lives a charmed life He sees no reason to settle down until his mother issues her decree that he must grow up find a wife and produce some grandchildren preferably before she dies of old age But his choices are uite limited considering the only women of his acuaintance are ones of ill reputeMeeting the b. Rachel Van Dyken is uickly becoming one of my favorite romance authors She's the author of The Ugly Ducking Debutante and The Seduction of Sebastian St James both novels in her House of Renwick series When I heard about her short novella An Unlikely Alliance and its relation to the House of Renwick series I jumped at the chance to reviewRoyce Mc Arthur lives uite the life of luxury Spoiled rich he spends his days and nights gallivanting around New York without a care in the world However all that is about to change after his mother hands down a decree marry a respectable woman settle down and produce grandchildren Unfortunately for him all of the woman who Royce are acuainted with are not the kind of women you'd want to bring home to your mother All of this changes however when he meets Evelyn DeJarlias at a ball Slightly brash and outspoken Evelyn is the kind of woman that Royce pines for although she doesn't seem to return his attentions Will Royce be able to convince Evelyn to give him a chance to show her that he is not as rakish as she originally surmisesVan Dyken's novels always stand out to me for their uniue male leads Her heroes if we can call them that are all men in serious need of redemption and love from a good woman They need someone who makes them want to change and be better men Royce fits this pattern to a T going from a spoiled selfish man to a man hopelessly in love willing to do anything for the woman he loves While I believe in his transformation I think it would have worked better had it been fleshed out Yes I understand that with novellas you don't get as deeply detailed character transformations as you would in a whole novel but I truly believe that Van Dyken has the storyline and characters for a full blown novel on her handsThe brevity of the novella is really my only complaint Everything happens at such a fast pace that you feel rushed through it I guess you can't really call it a complaint it's a compliment to Van Dyken's writing style and creativity that I want So if you're in the mood for a uick and fun story that will hold you captive until the end An Unlikely Alliance will definitely fit the bill For those eagerly anticipating book three in the House of Renwick series The Redemption of Lord Rawlings out later this month this will be a good uick fix to get you through the waitKimberly Reflections of a Book Addict

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An Unlikely AllianceEautiful Evelyn DeJarlias at a ball gives him hope he may have found the one Her southern blue collar outspokenness and lack of refinement draws An Unlikely PDFEPUBhim like a moth to a flame Unfortunately she does not find him nearly as endearing consistently refusing his lavish gifts and his attentions she poses a challenge he simply cannot. Originally posted at 'Classic' is the first word that pops into mind after so happily reading An Unlikely Alliance by Rachel Van Dyken This meets every expectation one might have for a romanceEvelyn dreams of a glamorous life Like Belle she wants 'so much than this provincial life' Hers is a middle class life however not horriblebut far from her dreams Then almost magically her circumstances changealthough that might not be the gift it seems when it comes to dealing with tutorsRoyce McArthur is perhaps not 100% rake but close; he's vain and flippant and yet funny And attractive All right like all the other women around him this reader fell for him too He isn't fooling anybody least of all Evelyn Conversations between the two are simply hysterical The I read of this one the I wanted to continue reading Smart and sassy doesn't begin to convey their dialogue and there are other entertaining characters as we find out from overhearing the butler who overhears the kitchen staff who has it from but that would be tellingOne or two points in the story seemed less believable than should be such as a twenty one year old being hit by a tutor But these are small points and in all take nothing away from the focus of the storyIf overall the plot's a shade predictable it's no worse for that and perhaps all the sweetly satisfying And from moment to moment I never never exactly might happen dinners and dances just never go as they should Reading it is like anticipating the flavor of one's favorite pieand then finding that somehow expectations are exceeded Do read