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Asura Author Anand NeelakantFeated to speak “For thousands of years I have been vilified and my death is celebrated year after year in every corner of India Why Was it because I challenged the Gods for the sake of my daughter Was it because I freed a race from the yoke of caste based Deva rule You have heard the victor’s tale the Ramayana Now hear the Ravanayana for I am Ravana the Asura and my story is the tale of the vanuished” “I am a non entity – invisible powerless and negligible No epics will ever be written about me I have suffered both Ravana and Rama – the hero and the villain or the villain and the hero When the stories of great men are told my voice maybe too feeble to be heard Yet spare me. Before I start my review please allow me to tell you about the Ramayana It will help you get the contextLet me also clarify that I only have a superficial knowledge about Ramayana Mostly gleaned from a children’s abridged edition they taught us in school what my elders told me and popular culture The Ramayana meaning Journey of Ram is an ancient India epic about Lord Ram He is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu one of the principal Hindu Gods and regarded as Maryada Purushottam – the perfect manbeing The epic states that Ravana the mighty king of Lanka would abduct Shri Ram’s wife Sita Ram would invade the island kill Ravana and rescue Sita Scholars will tell you that the characters in the epic are metaphors for various ualities Ram represents the soul Ravana stands for ego and so on The epic is than a narrative of war revenge but is about ancient Indian philosophy told as a storyIn mainstream for lack of a better word versions of the epic – Ram is the hero while Ravana is the villain Ram is worshipped as a God while Ravana is often vilified as a demon king In Ramayana Ravana though a villain was also portrayed as a courageous warrior a great king a learned scholar a great Shiva one of the principal Hindu Gods devotee However there are a few versions where Ram Ravana exchange their status Anand Neelakantan’s Asura Tale of the Vanuished portrays Ravana as a misunderstood hero Ram as a righteous man strait jacketed by the scheming Brahmins and all the virtuous characters in the mainstream Ramayana now have shades of greyRavana in popular culture is often depicted as having ten heads I was told that ten heads signified ten brains – high intellect knowledge In this book the author clarifies that Ravana is depicted as a ten faced character as along with intellect he also embraced the nine base emotions of anger pride jealousy happiness sadness fear selfishness passion ambition He did not want to be a God; Ravana wanted to be a complete manThe author also portrays the Asuras and Devas were two distinct races of people Asuras were the original natives of India while the Devas came from outside Ravana was an Asura while Ram was a DevaAnyways let us come to the book The narrative alternates between Ravana BhadraRavana is shown as the poor boy with the dreams of building a great Asura Empire I enjoyed the adventures of Ravana how he would ultimately become the mighty king of Lanka But the burden of kingship would start taking its toll and the character would change over time Just like an ordinary human Ravana would start misbehaving suspecting his senior advisors be cruel towards his subjects and even humiliate his mother siblings in public Ravana himself was aware of how he had changed and in the end he would realize how he had placed his trust in the wrong peopleThe most tragic character of the story is Bhadra a common man whose family had been brutalized by the Devas He would believe in Ravana’s dream of building a great Asura Empire where laws would be just and every individual would have the opportunity to rise above his station in life by hard work and a bit of luck Bhadra would faithfully serve Ravana as a soldier – risking his life multiple times In fact he would make it possible for Ravana to be a king do all the dirty work for him But Bhadra would be rewarded with suspicion and contempt Ravana’s folly and the ensuing war with Ram’s forces would ultimately lead to the destruction of everything he had fought for He represents the exploited humiliated masses who have been down trodden for millenniaThe biggest villain in the book is the Deva Brahmin The Brahmins are the ones who devised a rigid social order where a person’s birth decided hisher entire life the women were suppressed and treated as commodities and the Brahmins manipulated everyone including Ram to do their biddingI agree that the rigid caste system was a social evil indeed But the constant vilification of the Brahmins was a bit too much at timesI had started the book with very high expectations The premise was interesting and given the success of the book I was expecting something fantastic However what I got somewhat fell short of my expectations I am not saying that it was bad but somewhere I felt it lacked the wow factor

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Asura Author Anand Neelakantan Review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Å ➨ Asura Ebook ➮ Author Anand Neelakantan – The epic tale of victory and defeat The story of the Ramayana had been told innumerable times The enthralling story of Rama the incarnatA moment and hear my story for I am Bhadra the Asura and my life is the tale of the loser” The ancient Asura empire lay shattered into many warring petty kingdoms reeling under the heel of the Devas In desperation the Asuras look up to a young saviour – Ravana Believing that a better world awaits them under Ravana common men like Bhadra decide to follow the young leader With a will of iron and a fiery ambition to succeed Ravana leads his people from victory to victory and carves out a vast empire from the Devas But even when Ravana succeeds spectacularly the poor Asuras find that nothing much has changed from them It is then that Ravana by one action changes the history of the world. An amazing stories that shows Anand Neelakantan's genius Its not just about the book but the way he looked at History Religion Mythology and then uses his own mind to write an awesome piece of FictionThe thing I admire about the author is that in this country infested by religions he thinks rationally and pours out his heart which breaths life into his NovelThis novel by Anand makes sense to me than Ramayana

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The epic tale of victory and defeat The story of the Ramayana had been told innumerable times The enthralling story of Rama the incarnation of God who slew Ravana the evil demon of darkness is known to every Indian And in the pages of history as always it is the version told by the victors that lives on The voice of the vanuished remains lost in silence But what if Ravana and his people had a different story to tell The story of the Ravanayana has never been told Asura is the epic tale of the vanuished Asura people a story that has been cherished by the oppressed castes of India for years Until now no Asura has dared to tell the tale But perhaps the time has come for the dead and the de. I call such authors cowards who hide behind the glimmer of fiction and don't have the courage to own their text Anand Neelakantan otherwise might have been a wonderful author who could have impressed me with his vision and work However with this novel Asura Tale of the Vanuished the author has lost his fictional reputation for me I am being highly subjective here I will call out some flaws in the text and you can decide for yourself 1 The book is a work of fiction but it contains many subjective opinions that you will find highly offensive ridiculous and absurd So why don't the author have the courage to admit that he is trying an alternative version of Ramayan Why he disowns his own thoughts with a disclaimer but propagate everywhere else that it is a work inspired by or based on Ramayan Hypocrite of the first rank 2 The book has many illogical analogies euivalence and also many ambiguities because of the selective collection of facts by the author For example at once place the author criticises Devtas and especially Vishnu's Vamana Avtara for 'acting like missionaries and propagating his religion' but he hails Ravan as a hero for doing the same thing getting his guys together and attacking people for nothing So what's right for you will be wrong if I do so what a vision 3 The book is an outright slur on Brahmins Hindus and all the devotees of Lord Ram Had it been a work of pure fiction the author might not have brought such cowardice accusations that he has included in the storyline Why this veil Anand You can read a detailed review that has been published on Indian Book Critics to know Asura Tale of the Vanuished