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review Truth Without the Trimmings 108 ↠ ➚ [KINDLE] ❄ Truth Without the Trimmings By Diane Muldrow ➤ – The holidays are here and Molly Amanda Shawn Peichi and Natasha have never been busier With school volunteering parties and orders for Dish than they’ve ever had before the girls are swamped And thi The Than they’ve ever had before the girls are swamped And things get even complicated when holiday secrets turn into holiday lies No one know. Truth Without the TrimmingBy Diane MuldrowNumber of pages 154The book Truth Without the Trimming is book five from a series called Dish In this book it’s about a group of friends that have a little business called Dish in which they make food and sell it to their customers The book is mostly about friendship because they all go through a tough time and help each other get through it They also have this big catering party that brought them big problems and mostly to their friendshipThe dish girls were offered to do a catering for an acting teacher Amanda agreed to do the catering party without even thinking about other things she might need to do or her friends After Amanda told the other girls about the cater party they were kind of upset because they all had a big project to do and the they all wanted to go to a boy named Connor party which was the same night of the cater party Of course Amanda was only thinking of herself and she betrayed her friends and went to Connor’s party Amanda tried to work extra hard at the party and then pretended to be sick then went to the party The rest of the dish girls finished early and went to Connor’s party and saw Amanda which made them lose their truth on Amanda In my opinion I liked this book because it is involved with cooking and I like to cook I liked to read the part when Amanda betrayed her friends to go the party and how her friends found her at the party because she realized that it was a mistake to go to the party in the first place I liked the part where everyone was mad at Amanda but they all went to their cook class and build gingerbread houses and they were having fun with Amanda even though they were mad at her I would recommend you to read this book if you like cooking and because it is interesting to find out what happens between the dish girls and Amanda

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S why Amanda and Natasha are acting so strangely but the truth must come out including the big secret that Natasha has been hiding for years. It was a really good book As in REALLY GOOD This book is about friendship trusting each other and keeping your friends close when you go through hard times It is realistic fiction There's this one girl named Natasha and she has this really big secret but I was dying to find out what it was and I really really loved it It was one of the best books that I've ever read Anybody mostly girls would love to read this book At the end it keeps you guessing and I really wish that there could be books It is way good This book is for all ages

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Truth Without the TrimmingsThe holidays are here and Molly Amanda Shawn Peichi and Natasha have never been busier With school volunteering parties and orders for Dish. i LOVE dish especially with all the wonderful recipes but it's kind of a fast read and the book is thin