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Summary ¹ The First American The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ [PDF / Epub] ✪ The First American The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin ☆ H.W. Brands – In the first comprehensive biography oN went so went America During the Revolutionary War Franklin was charged by Congress with wooing the King of France to the American cause and it was the diplomatic alliances he forged and funds he raised in France that allowed the Continental Army to continue to fight on the battlefield In his final years as president of the Constitutional Convention it was Franklin who held together the antagonistic factions and persuaded its members to sign the ConstitutionDrawing on previously unpublished letters to and from Franklin as well as the recollections and anecdotes of Franklin's contemporaries H W Brands has created a rich and compelling portrait of the eighteenth century genius who was in every respect America's first Renaissance man and arguably the pivotal figure in colonial and revolutionary America A fascinating and richly textured biography of the man who was perhaps the greatest of our Founding Fathers The First American is history on a grand scale as well as a major contribution to understanding Franklin and the world he helped to sha. Long and drawn out You would think one of the interesting people in the founding of this nation would have a interesting biography

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American The ePUB #9734 In the first comprehensive biography of Benjamin Franklin in over sixty years acclaimed historian H W Brands brings The First Epubvividly to life one of the most delightful bawdy brilliant original and important figures in American historyA groundbreaking scientist First American The PDF #180 leading businessman philosopher bestselling author inventor diplomat politician and wit Benjamin Franklin was perhaps the most beloved and celebrated First American The Life and PDFEPUB or American of his age or indeed of any age Now in a beautifully written and meticulously researched account of Franklin's life and times his clever repartee generous spirit and earthy wisdom are brought compellingly to the page His circle of friends and acuaintances extended around the globe from Cotton Mather to Voltaire from Edmund Burke to King George III from Sir Isaac Newton to Immanuel Kant Franklin was gifted with a restless curiosity and his scientific experiments with electric currents and the weather made him the leading pioneer in th. The best biography I've ever read Franklin is so human I could walk into the next room and not be surprised to see him setting thereThe biographer also makes a very compelling argument that Ben Franklin was the most indispensable figure in the American Revolutionary adventure Or at least tied with WashingtonMost historians agree that without George Washington there's nobody else who could've stepped forward to successfully keep an army together miraculously beat the most powerful country in the world and then step down when people were asking him to become emperorAfter this book though you'll believe the war was unwinnable without Franklin nobody else could've gotten the French to lend the US money and give naval support and others did tryPlus of course the man's life was fascinating

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The First American The Life and Times of Benjamin FranklinE new field of electricity on both sides of the Atlantic among his many inventions were the lightning rod the Franklin stove and the harmonica a musical instrument that became the rage of Europe From his humble beginnings in Boston as a printer's apprentice he became within two decades the leading printer and one of the most important businessmen in the Colonies A longtime Philadelphia civic leader he created Philadelphia's first fire department wrote the bestseller Poor Richard's Almanac served as Postmaster General for the Colonies and in the process completely modernized the mail service A bon vivant and ladies' man throughout his life he matched wits with Parliament and the Crown during the decade leading up to the Stamp Act and as the official agent to Parliament representing several of the Colonies he helped push the Colonies into open rebellionTracing Franklin's gradual transformation from reluctant revolutionary to charismatic leader in the fight for independence Brands convincingly argues that on the issue of revolution as Frankli. W Brands’ “The First American The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin” was published in 2000 and was a Pulitzer Prize finalist Brands is a professor of history and government at the University of Texas and a prolific author He has written nearly three dozen books including biographies of Andrew Jackson Ulysses Grant Teddy Roosevelt FDR and Ronald Reagan each of which I have read and reviewedGiven its encyclopedic breadth and scholarly bent “The First American” has largely supplanted Carl Van Doren’s 1938 Pulitzer Prize winning classic as the standard biography of Franklin With 716 pages of text and studious attention to every major facet of Franklin’s unusually varied and interesting life Brands’ biography is comprehensive detailed and incredibly thoughtfulIt is uickly obvious that this distinguished Founding Father is a somewhat elusive biographical subject – a man of many talents who remains enigmatic due to his apparent affinity for contradictions and failure to chronicle his own innermost thoughts during a life situated on the front row of so much early American historyNevertheless Brands is able to craft a rich narrative which explores the familiar features of Franklin’s life and captures many of the nuances which will have eluded readers who have never undertaken a serious study of the man Among the many excellent aspects of this biography are stories of young Franklin’s journey to Philadelphia from Boston his earliest weeks as an up and coming printer and his introduction to a notoriously unreliable governor of PennsylvaniaA later chapter devoted largely to chronicling his playful pursuit of a number of much younger French ladies and the ongoing exploration of Franklin’s relationship with his oldest son are incredibly revealing But the most thought provoking observations are those related to Franklin’s lifelong efforts to maintain allegiance to the American colonies while preserving his friendly status – and strong personal relationships – in BritainBut as interesting as this book can be it is neither an effortless nor a particularly carefree read The author’s writing style is penetrating and thoughtful but not consistently captivating or colorful And because it possesses a distinct scholarly uality some readers will find it a bit too erudite if not abstruseIn addition Brands helpfully supplies background and context which can be useful for anyone unfamiliar with 18th century history But occasional context uickly morphs into relentless tangents which distract from the narrative and cause the reader to lose sight of the bigger picture Finally despite the author’s efforts to paint a robust and vibrant portrait of his subject Benjamin Franklin remains stubbornly perplexing and mysterious after than seven hundred pagesOverall H W Brands’ “The First American” is a solid biography of one of America’s most fascinating Founding Fathers Benjamin Franklin’s eccentricities and contradictions seem to confound even the most determined of biographers Nevertheless readers with an interest in early American life – or with one of America’s most intriguing personalities – will find this biography compelling and enlighteningOverall rating 3¾ stars