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summary The Lipstick Proviso ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF à ❰Download❯ ➵ The Lipstick Proviso Author Karen Lehrman Bloch – Many women today prepare for a big meeting by reading a stack of folders and applying lipstick They order their male colleagues around then wait for those sameOk to move beyond a critiue or orthodox feminism The Lipstick Proviso sets a radically new course for the future of the women's movement While there's still much political work to be done Lehrman argues that women should now focus on the personal sides of their lives Women can't rightly be called autonomous if they stay with abusive or even emotionally challenged lovers say yes to sex when they really mean no overeat or undereat to hide their sexuali. Very Katie Roiphe which is not a good thing

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In The Lipstick Proviso Karen Lehrman hailed by the New York Times as the sharpest of the new feminist thinkers shows that women today are failing neither feminism nor themselves Rather they've entered a new stage of feminism one in which the personal is not political differences between the sexes need to be respected and courtship chivalry and the nuclear family don't have to be jettisoned just because they existed before the sixties As the first bo. Mostly balanced and informative Five stars because it's a voice that needs to be heard in feminism

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The Lipstick ProvisoMany women today prepare for a big meeting by reading a stack of folders and applying lipstick They order their male colleagues around then wait for those same men to help them on with their coats They have The Lipstick MOBI #204 higher status jobs than some of the men they date yet they never call men socially or ask them out What's going on Why such seemingly contradictory behaviors Have women completely failed feminism or has feminism failed them. In the Lipstick Proviso readers will find a feminism that promotes women's interests without locking them into any particular role not the traditional role shunned by Second Wave feminists nor the role those feminists tried to replace it with Lehrman points out the irrationality of a lot of Second Wave and even some Third Wave feminism basing a lot of her points on research that feminists ignore the studies to which she refers are listed in extensive endnotes She also describes the gap between what the most outspoken feminists espouse and how women live their lives and aspire to live their lives Another theme Lehrman comes back to repeatedly is that women must do what is best and healthiest for THEM women should be active agents in their lives not simply following the herd no matter which herd that might beEven though the book is now over a decade old I found myself nodding along with a lot of Lehrman's points While a few discussions suffer under the weight of time mostly the discussion of date rape fails to consider the mind games offenders will play with their victims research subseuent to the book's publication often boosters its arguments For those who call themselves feminists yet feel put off by the feminism of the previous two generations this book is a winner