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The Far Side of the WorldT mission – to intercept an American frigate harrying British whalersThis was the book which was chosen as a basis for the successful film starring Russell Crowe With the many dramatic events as the Surprise searches for the USS Norfolk around the Cape and all the way to the naturalist’s paradise the Galapagos Islands it makes a Far Side of MOBI #238 good choice The tangled relationships aboard ship in the book are darker and tragic than the film portrays Against all Jack’s norm. Captain Aubrey of the British Royal Navy is sent to the South Seas to prevent the American frigate Norfolk from harassing English whalers It's an excellent book all around but there are moments of pure perfection in it The prim parson Martin shows Maturin the letter he wants to woo his lady love with it's horrifyingly bad Maturin tries to tell him so as gently as possible and Martin completely refuses to hear it Or at one point Maturin falls out of the cabin window while Aubrey is talking Aubrey immediately realizes what happens and without a moment's hesitation dives in after him for Maturin is so uncoordinated that he could drown in only an inch of water Later upon finding entering the cabin and finding both Aubrey and Maturin missing their shipmate immediately knows that Maturin fell out of the ship and Aubrey went after him And of course the ending is basically the best ending of all endings in the entire world view spoilerIn order to secure the shipwrecked Norfolk's people Captain Aubrey lands his gig on a small island surrounded by reefs and dangerous tides The tides mean he can't get back to the Surprise that night and in the morning he can't see the ship at all The Norfolk crew assures him that the Surprise has definitely wrecked and Aubrey is afraid they're right At least a week goes by without sighting any ship but then he sees an American whaler coming toward the island Aubrey knows that if the whaler picks them up he and his men will be imprisoned and so he works at brutal speed to get his little gig sea worthy But the Norfolk's men destroy his gig at the last moment I was so angry at this point I was practically weeping with rage and Aubrey is without hope The whaler is close enough to hail and THEN STUFF HAPPENS VERY EXCITING STUFF hide spoiler

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A French agent has betrayed several naval plans Side of PDFEPUB #228 and in a personal attack on Stephen Maturin has told his wife that Stephen has been ‘flaunting a red haired lady up and down the Mediterranean’ If Stephen’s marriage seems doomed to the breaker’s yard the Surprise has been literally ordered there – fated to be broken up and her hand picked crew dispersed Jack Aubrey is devastated but The Far PDFEPUBa reprieve is offered when the Surprise is ordered on a las. In case you've ever wanted to know what it feels like without actually doing it here is a book that moves with the slow satisfaction of a sailboat journey around the world The flow of language will at times rock you asleep and other times you will be buffeted about by a crash of words mightily massed and moving perpetually forwardBut mostly The Far Side of the World is a book for those who are already embroiled in the saga of Jack and Stephen two unlikely friends bound together in a noble cause the fight against tyranny That's not to say newcomers couldn't begin mid way through the series by picking up this 10th book literally the exact middle and not enjoy themselves One of the smart things Patrick O'Brian did was to make each book self contained Now granted there is a story thread passing through the series from start to finish and you'd be better served starting at the beginning However O'Brian gives enough backstory to bring anyone and everyone up to speed so that you can enjoy these books as one offsThat is also part of the problem with these books they tend to start slow because of all the backstory given Also O'Brian spends some time setting up the action to come There is necessary information to deliver to the readers and there is unnecessary but welcome foreshadowing All of that means the story doesn't usually get underway for a few chapters But I suggest just sitting back and enjoying the subtly with which the author delicately maneuvers his readers through dangerous plot shoals and takes them out to clear sailing deep blue waters The Far Side of the World contains almost no sea battles yet herein you'll find shocking violence of a different nature Human nature can be fickle funny and frightening Readers are treated to a little bit of everything in this one as love sours and blooms aboard ship and the conseuences are brutal I've read book #10 about three or four times now over the years with a gap in between each time just long enough that I forget the most unexpected turn the story takes Those caught up in the sea battle chases that this series so often delivers spectacularly might be disappointed but I found it to be a dangerous and delightful detour away from the norm Those familiar with the movie Master Commander The Far Side of the World will see that director Peter Weir took the basic structure of his movie from this book However it is not faithful from start to finish For instance our hero's uarry isn't the same though the goal is similar The movie takes bits from a few of the books and patches together a plot of its own while maintaining the overall feel of O'Brian's work in a way that made this fan happy And likewise I believe fans of the movie should find plenty of enjoyment in these booksMy review of book nine Treason's Harbor My review of book eleven The Reverse of the Medal

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Download The Far Side of the World ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ê ❴BOOKS❵ ✸ The Far Side of the World Author Patrick OBrian – A French agent has betrayed several naval plans and in a personal attack on Stephen Maturin has told his wife that Stephen has been ‘flaunAl custom there is a young and attractive woman aboard ship – and her relationship with an unlucky midshipman stigmatised as a Jonah by the rest of the crew will cause a black cloud of jealousy and despair to settle on the ship Most dangerous of all is the fateful moment when Stephen falls from the stern window – Jack immediately dives in to save his friend but when they surface the ship does not hear his cries and Stephen and Jack are left to float in the vast and lonely South Se. The Far Side of the World is the tenth of twenty novels in Patrick O'Brian's acclaimed Aubrey Maturin naval adventure series These novels focus on the friendship between Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy and his ship's surgeon Stephen Maturin Richard Snow writing for the New York Times characterized the novels as the best historical novels ever written”At the same time as the Napoleonic Wars the War of 1812 is still troubling the British Jack Aubrey captain of HMS Surprise is dispatched from Gibraltar to intercept the USS Norfolk which the British have learned is being sent to harass British whalers in the South Pacific Their journey takes them down the coast of Brazil through the stormy waters off Cape Horn to the Galapagos Islands and halfway across the Pacific to the vicinity of the Maruesas Meanwhile Dr Maturin is engaging in some secret intelligenceDuring their pursuit of the Norfolk Captain Aubrey and the crew experience a series of problems and disasters— groundings storms a typhoon murder criminal insanity men overboard encounters with natives men marooned and shipwrecks Conseuently each chapter seems to have something the crew must overcome In one interesting scene the characteristically clumsy Maturin falls into the water while fishing from the rear window of Aubrey’s cabin one evening Realizing what has happened Aubrey jumps in to rescue him Unfortunately nobody else on the ship is aware of what happened ”But Killick turns in early and as the weaker Stephen lapses into unconsciousness through the night while the two of them float alone in the terrifyingly enormous Pacific Ocean Jack’s mathematical calculations of time and distance and drift and endurance lead him to a bleak conclusion Aside from being engaging in itself this scene is a wonderful demonstration of their friendship Stephen’s awkwardness has in fact got them both killed but this never crosses Jack’s consideration never leads to any acrimony or recriminations even privately Instead knowing that being adrift in the ocean is far terrifying for his friend than for him Jack never treats him with anything less than gentleness”While the story telling and writing is uite good within each of the scenes the overall story left me unsatisfied The novel does not feature any extended naval battles The book doesn’t seem to advance the AubreyMaturin story; it amounts to a digression The author seems interested in characterization and historical detail than in exciting action seuences Ultimately The Far Side of the World is a story that will likely only satisfy those who already love the series The Far Side of the World