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Pants on Fire characters Þ 108 ↠ [Read] ➵ Pants on Fire Author Meg Cabot – Nein eine Lügnerin ist Katie nicht Es ist nur manchmal so schwierig die Wahrheit zu sagen Schon klar dass es keine gute Idee ist mit dem heißen Typ aus der Theatergruppe rumzumachen wo sie doch mit Nein eine Lügnerin ist Katie nicht Es ist nNein eine Lügnerin ist Katie nicht Es ist nur manchmal so schwierig die Wahrheit zu sagen Schon klar dass es keine gute Idee ist mit dem heißen Typ aus der Theatergrup. Confession time I have this horrible Meg Cabot weakness The moment a book of hers comes out I rush to the store to buy it this happened just today and also last week and dude she writes so many books I do this even though there have been some books of hers in the past that I could not finish because I disliked them so much Apparently the ones I loved work some sort of amnesia on me so that when a new Meg Cabot book comes out I go Meg Cabot I love every book of hers I must run to the store immediately If I'm lucky I'll love it It's been uite a while since I really disliked somethingAnd then there are ones like this that just make me say Meh I didn't love it I'm not sure I really liked it But I definitely didn't hate it either It was pure fluff and predictable and kind of ridiculous which is totally what I expect from a Meg Cabot book and which is all right when I like the characters and find it funny But I didn't really like any of the characters I wanted to like the main character because she was kind of a whore but just couldn't help herself and I totally understand that but we just didn't get along And there seemed to be less of a plot than usual MehIt was entertaining enough for the short time it took to read but I don't know if I'll ever want to read it againI will however get myself to a bookstore the moment the next Meg Cabot book comes out I'm so weak

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Pe rumzumachen wo sie doch mit Seth zusammen ist Aber solange niemand davon Pants on PDFEPUBweiß ist alles gut oder Doch dann taucht auf einmal Tom Sullivan wieder auf. Kate Ellison is torn between two boys—her official boyfriend Seth who she likes making out with but finds kinda boring otherwise and Eric who isn't her boyfriend but who she also likes making out with She doesn't normally tell lies but obviously she's gotta keep anyone from finding out about this Most of Kate's lies are concentrated about one specific event—the infamous night that “Tommy Sullivan is a freak” was spraypainted on the wall of the school gymThen Tommy Sullivan shows up—years after being run out of town oh he goes by Tom now—and he's somehow become incredibly hot Now Kate is struggling with feelings for Tom while desperately hoping that he tells no one about the infamous night while still struggling to juggle the other two boys AND competing in the uahog Princess pageant while hoping no one finds out that she hates uahogs the clams AND thinks the town's obsession with uahogs the football players is stupidNow all her deceptions are falling apart and OMG Tommy Sullivan “I go by Tom now” is getting hotter what's a girl to do Kate's solutions are funny and unpredictable and make for a fun readThe book was overall a great choice in YA chick lit I have only one uibble which is that I was surprised that the whole “cheating on her boyfriend” part was glossed over and treated like no big deal There was a justification for it in the book but it just seemed sort of odd that even Tom Sullivan easily justified it that she just didn't like either of them enough and no one seemed that surprised or blamed her If it were her boyfriend who cheated on her I'm sure that would have been seen as badbut since it's our heroine it's ok Other than that I enjoyed the book—and I am a big big fan of Meg Cabot aka Megan Cabot

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Pants on FireAuf keinen Fall darf rauskommen was damals wirklich passiert ist Das wäre das Ende für Katie Dabei hat sich noch nie so gut gefühlt wie jetzt seit Tommy wieder da ist. I love Meg Cabot I learned you should not lie Even if it hurts Aww I love itAnd Tommy is NOT a freak ;