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Download í Self Reference ENGINE ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ð [Download] ➽ Self Reference ENGINE ➺ Toh EnJoe – Toh EnJoe’s prize winning fiction is well known in Japan for crossing the streams—from hardcore science fiction to bizarre surrealism—and has found an audieSelf Reference PDFEPUBwhere vignette and story and philosophy combine to create a novel designed like a concept alb. The stories in this experimental sci fi book may include talking socks disappearing text on a catfish statue an inexplicable joystick and no less than 22 inert Freuds Sigmund how ever did Grandma collect so many of himIf that paragraph made you think oh this is full of non seuitors like Hitchhikers and I love Hitchhikers just stop This book is sometimes poignant existential thought provoking and above all rigorous My brain is exhaustedRead the full review on GeekyLibrary

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O bizarre surrealism and has found an audience across the genre divide Self Reference ENGINE is a puzzle of a book. Wow this is a book that demands a lot from the reader But there are some rewards for sticking with it It's not a traditional narrative at all It's like a series of short stories that have a narrative connection It's uite a mindbender and it's not like anything you've read beforeIf you want straight character and plot this is not the right book However if you want strange and new ideas this is a masterpiece The author clearly knows his science and infuses each chapter with interesting ideas and twists on our existing scientific knowledge So even though the story wasn't strong or was nearly non existent depending on how you look at it the ideas were mesmerizing I found myself excited for each new chapter wondering which new concept would be introduced and exploredTo be clear this book is a slog There is no way to skim and I had to reread entire pages three and four times to understand But it sure was fun to decipher the ideas behind it all

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Self Reference ENGINEToh EnJoe’s prize winning fiction is well known in Japan for crossing the streams from hardcore science fiction t. Division of fractions; escape by eraser; befuddlement of symbiotic intelligences; this book romps through the broken shards of timespace which have been fractured irrevocably by the 'Event' A warped imagination underpins this mathematical fairy tale and creates delightful rabbit holes to stumble down into An alternative narrative loosely based on many different characters works admirably because of the unusual setting a universe that has been shattered into countless other universes of variable timespace dimensions with the ultimate goal of most of the characters being to try and restore the universe's timespace coordination to its normal working order A very good book clever mindbending and irreverent