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review The Spiral Library The Sucessor Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë [Download] ✤ The Spiral Library The Sucessor ➸ Evren Sener – An ancient mysterious library housing books with a secret mission overlooks and defends the surrounding city The Chief Librarian a wise master protects the SpEnes that bring out the best and worst in her Accompany Soe as she drives a chariot pulled by “fire horses” shifts her shape while escaping an enchanted forest drinks potions supplied by a year old young man and discovers a great truth through love and sacrifice The Spiral Library is a page turning thriller full of non stop action Within the story’s plot is a natural wisdom that mirrors uestions such as “Are we living in an illusion” and “Just who is the enemy” All of this lies hidden in the most unusual library one could ever imagine Note This book is written neither in novel nor in play format but something in between named as play nov. It would be very difficult to apply the exact mot juste in describing this book by an inspiring new author An intense energy permeates from every chapter The largest and most imposing building in the city is the library As logic demands the library is headed by a chief librarian The librarian is regarded as sapient in all matters and his powers are all encompassing When all the aspiring candidates mysteriously disappear the young girl Soe is chosen very much against her will as one of the replacements Spirited Soe didn't go gentle in the night but fought tooth and nail against her captivity and perceived unjust slavery Twelve days and nights she must endure the obstacles and trials to test her morals virtues and ualities The Spiral Library is an extremely sinuous narrative that sends the reader into a tourbillion of action and emotion If you enjoyed His Dark Material trilogy The Golden Compass The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman you are bound to love this

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Irl Soe Unexpectedly she is chosen as a last chance successor candidate Under the shadow of anger and mistrust she is forcibly taken to the library To be purified and prepared to serve Soe must undergo nights of trial that test her core values and strengths while under constant attack by Kal acting in partnership with her greatest enemy This intense training is overshadowed by her clandestine attempts to find the lost successors – her boyfriend and her twin brother Soe has plans but life has other plans Soe’s adventuresome spirit takes her on a wild ride magnetizing her curiosity dare devil spontaneity keen reasoning skills and pulling her into sc. Evren Sener’s book Spiral Library The Successor is the story of a young woman’s encounter with forces of mystery as she undergoes tests of courage and loyalty at the hands of her masterful guide and mentor the Chief Librarian The title “librarian” might fool you into thinking of a docile domesticated book shepherd until you discover his wizard like powers and spiritual wisdom as the head of a library that houses actual human life stories in its book collection Soe is a teen selected as candidate for successor to the Chief Librarian and as such must undergo twelve nights and days of fierce trials that test her core values and strengths There are set backs revelations about her true self encounters with strange creatures and temptations that magnetize her adventuresome nature pulling her into scenes that bring out the best and worst in her Follow Soe’s story as she enters the Spiral Library where she experiences incredible things such as driving a chariot pulled by “fire horses” using secret potions shape shifting and trying to help someone escape from his own fantasiesThe author’s own sense of wonder comes through the pages of this book as she takes you on a guided tour of the most unusual library one could ever imagineCharise Diamond

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The Spiral Library The SucessorAn ancient mysterious library housing books with a Library The MOBI #238 secret mission overlooks and defends the surrounding city The Chief The Spiral EpubLibrarian a wise master protects the Spiral Library from attacks by Kal a treacherous and eternal enemy determined to Spiral Library The Kindle #180 conuer it One morning the library’s long silent “Golden Gong” sounds It is announced that the last two Chief Librarian successors have disappeared without a trace and a new candidate must be selected Without a new Chief Librarian the line of librarians will be broken and all will be defenseless No one explains or uestions this crisis except one g. This contains the backbone to what could be a wonderful tale perhaps even a series which seems to be the author's intent The main character is being trained to be the successor for the Chief Librarian who is the master of all masters in this city It seems to be loosely based on some interpretations of akashic records where all the knowledge and experiences of the world are kept in an endless library In this book people become trapped in the illusions of the many volumes kept in the library and must be guided home to the city of the library by remembering that they are in an illusion powered by emotions like greed anger shame ectThe main character is relate able in a way She uestions things and has to fight her own daemons She struggles to follow the rules of the library and develops a strong connection with the Chief Librarian This is where I start to have problems She is supposed to follow rules including not being able to talk to anyone outside of the library family Her only concern should be in maintaining the good will of the Chief Librarian who knows everything This all sounds a bit like a cult Her mother was even thrown out of the library after becoming pregnant and disobeying the rules by doing so Nothing in the tale actually convinces me that these rules are important or necessary Readers are never really given a reason on why the main character actually wants to make the Chief Librarian proud It's a very weird and hallow relationship A bunch of brainwashing if you ask meFinally the greatest flaw of this tale is that the author does a lot of telling and not a whole lot of showing The dialogue is decent There just isn't much to support it You don't get a true sense of place The emotional depth of the characters is very limited I love fantasy because it has the ability to transport you fully into a new world This fails to do thatI think there is some good stuff to work off of here It just needs a few revisions that add details descriptions and either mystery around the rules or an explanation that is believable