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A story of love art and obsession in Victorian England from debut novelist Lori Baker The Glass Ocean is a story of becoming Flamehaired six foot two in stocking feet newly orphaned Carlotta Dell’oro recounts the lives of her parents solitary glassmaker Leopoldo Dell’oro and beautiful unreachable Clotilde Girard and discovers in their loves and losses their omissions and obsessions the circumstances of her abandonment and the weight of her inheritance With a master artisan’s patience and exuisite craft debut novelist Lori The Glass Kindle Baker has created a gemlike Victorian world a place where mistakes of the past reappear in the future art can destroy and family is not to be trusted Leopoldo and Clotilde meet in abo. When I began reading this story I was barely trudging through and then the appearance of gems which I plucked in the form of sentences that suddenly changed the tone of the entire book for me This strange novel pulled me in and it was a slow bleedFirst I have to address the feelings of frustration other reviewers mention over the slow muddled beginning You have to adjust to the writing much as one would a poem The language is beautiful but most of us don't prance about speaking like this Carlotta Dell'oro is my name;I am eighteen years old; mother I have none; father either It doesn't continue in this vein and at times the writing is repetitive but I still enjoyed it One must remember it is a different time period Once I got to the meat of the story everything changed and I started to care about Carlotta This is a strange book that reads with a dreamlike uality it isn't focused so much on how she is an orphan and thank God for that it is a disembowelment of her parents marriage The problem is they should not have met at all at sea or anywhere elseneither on a street nor in a roomin a field on a beach he and she Leo and Clotilde two opposing elements that should have repelled resisted; that did repel resist for a time; that still resist me at any rate The two of them unmeant; of emphatically disparate stuff Until brought together A collision I the result And then once again the molecules fly apart will not hold That beautifully explained her parents tragic fate togetherThe saddest part of the story is how two parents can be so lost damaged by fate or their choices that they fail to remember their child is a person not a 'thing' as Clotilde calls her This sentence alone packs a punch As for me I'm growing up in the gap between their two secret separate worlds at the juncture of their mutually averted eyesOf her selfish vain and yet deeply sad mother 'She inhabits insubstantiality makes ghosts of us all''This is the effect of my mother's presence which is really an absence'Well written are the moments of her mother's unwanted pregnancy where our narrator clings tenaciously to her cold mother's reluctant womb The only way to get rid of me will be to get rid of herself And my mother is much too conceited for that A world without Clotilde is an inconceivable worldAbout her father absorbed in his glass making blind to her mother's unhappiness Because I'm bearing down on his life too Not just hers Bearing down like a steam engine And I'm going to arrive whether he opens his eyes or not And yes dear reader Leo will irritate you with his withdrawalcowardice and voluntary blindness Poor Carlotta doomed already from the womb I found myself absolutely hating her mother Clotilde regardless of the handy excuse that she was so broken by the loss of her own father I didn't feel much sympathy for her And Carlotta's father Leo was much like a sea creature himself hiding in his shell when really he should have stood up for himself or at least showed his true feelings But as she tells us Leo is a man that hates looking at his own failures and secrets even as they haunt him And Thomas the poison that enters their already fractured lives he just made me think of some crypt keeper and really maybe Clotilde did deserve what she got out of him A man that seems dusty and rotten to the core though I can't pin down why I began to feel like I knew them the sort of characters you would cross the street to avoid Both parents lost to the sea in one way or another parents who were never really concrete for Carlotta I half wished for an ending where she just said 'Well to hell with you both' and gave them nary a thought I can see from my review I am still caught in the sticky substance of Baker's writing It is different and it takes a bit of time for the reader to adjust to the flow Well worth my time Baker did a beautiful job exposing each character to the bone of their ugliness too This strange novel is staying with me for a while It has Victorian feel and I think it would translate well into a film Read it

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The Glass OceanMself in the employ of a local glassblower There he begins to conceive his newest project transforming his sketches into glass blowing life and light into the darkest creatures But in finding his art he surrenders Clotilde and the distance between the two is only confirmed by the birth of baby Carlotta Years have passed and Carlotta is now grown A friend from the past comes to Whitby and with his arrival sets in motion the Dell’oros’ inevitable disintegration Soon Carlotta is left alone to determine the course of her future though perhaps it is written already In hypnotic inimitable prose Lori Baker’s The Glass Ocean transforms a story of family into something as otherworldly and mesmerizing as life beneath the sea itsel. This book employs lush poetic language I would go so far as to say that the rhythms of language are central to the characterizations and setting of the book The author's work with phrasing with the momentum of clauses within a sentence and how they conjure an atmosphere era and person was a great pleasure for me though I would acknowledge that for those readers who want a plot driven novel this style might be discomfiting It's clear that an enormous amount of research went into the writing Victorian science and craftwork travel narratives and details of attire and furnishing all seem precisely depicted but Baker manages this without creating a phony or strained diction and I say this as an avid reader of Victorian novels She has the ability to see and hear a distant world despite its hardships as beautiful spooky and funny as sticky door is disinclinedThe Glass Ocean is a novel that is best read slowly One should savor the texture of the novel's language as intrinsic to its meaning its tonal shifts and through that means the very human characters make their way into the reader's sensibility and linger in mind

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FREE DOWNLOAD The Glass Ocean î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB õ [Download] ➵ The Glass Ocean By Lori Baker – A story of love art and obsession in Victorian England from debut novelist Lori Baker The Glass Ocean is a story of becoming Flamehaired six foot two in stocking feet newly orphaned CarlottArd the Narcissus on an expedition led by Clotilde’s magnanimous adventuring father It’s Leopoldo’s task to document the animals of the high sea and by his skilled hand the drawings become the only record of these secretive creatures’ existence But what possesses his mind is golden Clotilde and soon his papers fill with images of her beginning a devotion that will prove inescapable Clotilde meanwhile sees only her dear papa but when he goes missing she is pushed to Leopoldo returning with him to the craggy English shores of Whitby the place to which Leopoldo vowed he would never return There they form an uneasy coexistence lost  to each other Clotilde asks only for her papa and Leopoldo turns to town where he finds hi. This is an exuisite and harrowing work of literary fiction So many images and passages will stay with me I grew to care deeply for each of the three main characters – the heartbreaking narrator and her two exceptional parents – even when I did not always like what they did I found myself marveling at the beautiful uality and control of language – on par with the best lyrical fiction — and the remarkably rich sensory world I have to say that Lori Baker's ability to bring art and science to life made this book a particular favorite This is one of those rare books where I was emotionally spent when I finished – it was a truly beautiful and cathartic experience