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ältigen Erlebnissen auf dem Mississippi durch einen Zufall wiedertreffen Gemeinsam kehren sie nach St Petersburg zurück Huck aber treibt es bald schon weiter in Richtung Westen de. Why have I never read Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn before Was it Twain’s copious use of the N word I vaguely recall a primary school teacher abruptly halting a class read aloud session perhaps because of that Was it the air of earnest solemnity that surrounds so called classics Sheer lazinessNo matter I’ve read it now and I’ll never be the same again Hemingway was right when he said and I’m paraphrasing all American literature comes from Huck Finn While it’d be entertaining to read as a kid it’s even rewarding to approach as an adult Savour that wonderful opening paragraph and tell me you can't hear Holden Caulfield in the cadences You don’t know about me without you have read a book by the name of The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer; but that ain’t no matter That book was made by Mr Mark Twain and he told the truth mainly There was things which he stretched but mainly he told the truth That is nothing I never seen anybody but lied one time or another without it was Aunt Polly or the widow or maybe Mary Aunt Polly – Tom’s Aunt Polly she is – and Mary and the Widow Douglas is all told about in that book which is mostly a true book with some stretchers as I said before Everything to come is in those opening lines penned in that distinct nearly illiterate yet crudely poetic voice You get a sense of Huck’s humility compared to Tom Sawyer’s braggadocio; his intelligence; a cute postmodern nod to the author; the idea that storytelling contains “stretchers” but can also tell “the truth”; and the fact that everyone lies including Huck Especially Huck He gets into so many tight spots that part of the joy is wondering how he’ll get out of themThe outlines of the plot should be familiar Huck a scrappy barely literate boy flees his abusive alcoholic father by faking his death and travelling the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers with Jim an escaped slave on a raftHuck's gradual awakening to Jim's plight is subtle and touching never sentimental In a sense the book chronicles his growing conscience And the colourful characters he and Jim meet and the adventures they have add up to a fascinating at times disturbing look at a conflicted pre Civil War nationWe meet a Hatfields vs McCoys type situation; a group of rapscallions who put on a vaudeville style act and try to fleece rubes; a scene of desperation and danger on a collapsed boat We witness greed anger and most of the other deadly sins – all from a little raft on the Mississipi And before the midway point we see the toll that a cruel joke can have on someone’s feelingsTo a contemporary reader some of the humour can feel a little forced and the gags do get repetitive particularly when Huck’s savvier better read friend Tom enters the sceneAnd then comes a passage like this When I got there it was all still and Sunday like and hot and sun shiny; the hands was gone to the fields; and there was them kind of faint dronings of bugs and flies in the air that makes it seem so lonesome and like everybody's dead and gone; and if a breeze fans along and uivers the leaves it makes you feel mournful because you feel like it's spirits whispering – spirits that's been dead ever so many years – and you always think they're talking about YOU Wow You can see hear and feel what he's describing Hard to believe this was written than 150 years agoIn the book's closing pages Huck tells us this If I’d a knowed what a trouble it was to make a book I wouldn’t a tackled it and ain’t a going to no Well gosh Huck it war worth all yer trouble We’re darn glad you dunnit Yessir

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The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnFiguren und of Huckleberry PDFEPUB #196 Handlung sind bekannt Huckleberry Finn der die Enge des puritanischen Lebens in St Petersburg nicht mehr aushält und davonläuft Jim der auf. This is a rant I found Huckleberry Finn on my bookshelf had been changed to Huckleberry Finn Robotic Edition Some very pc authors and editors took it upon themselves to change the N word to 'robot' They then rewrote the book to take away any mention of humans and to 'roboticise' words such as 'eye' which becomes something like 'optical device' The illustrations have also been changed I have no problem with this but I do have two major issues with this editionThe first problem is with the librarians who think think this is close enough to the original that it should be combined and therefore share the ratings of Mark Twain's original book There was a long discussion in the librarian thread where some librarians thought it was essentially the same book perhaps most So it was combined and the edition of the book I read was changed to that one I DID NOT read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Robotic Edition This robot edition was a Kindle book Think about it and the danger of these 'authors' If this is acceptable and it is to a lot of the librarians why not politically correct Shakespeare Oscar Wilde Agatha Christie oh she's been done already It was 10 Little N words then 10 Little Indians now it's Then there were 10 lol Sooner or later print books will be in used bookshops research libraries and old people's houses They will become not books to be read but collector's items For reading it will be the ebook where changes can be easily and instantaneously madeAnd if politically correcting everything becomes policy then the whole publishing world will follow and your children will never know the original story that Mark Twain wrote They will never understand how N word people were treated and that is my second issue with this pc bookThey will never know that Jim a grown man would not normally be expected to hang out with 13 year old boys kowtowed to Tom and Huckleberry not just because they all liked each other but because he was not free he was a slave property and was subject to the usual treatment of property He could be ordered to do anything no matter how stupid or harmful he could be sold or mistreated not even for punishment but just because he had no human rights whatsoever Changing N people to robots negates all this Yes it is politically acceptable to Whites but how would a Black person feel having their history taken away from them This is not pc as much as sanitising history and is wrong on every level And it was done by the authors to make it easier for White teachers to teach this important book is it important if it is about robots though without engendering awkward discussions about race slavery why some people have rights and others are property which has also meant the book is on many 'banned' school lists Do you find this acceptable A lot of GR librarians don't see a damn thing wrong with it But I do See Fahrenheit 451 edited 27 Jan 2018

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Download Ð 102 ✓ [Epub] ❥ The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Author Mark Twain – Figuren und Handlung sind bekannt Huckleberry Finn der die Enge des puritanischen Lebens in St Petersburg nicht mehr aushält und davonläuft Jim der auf der Flucht ist um der SklavereDer Flucht ist um der Sklaverei zu entkommen und mit dem Huck seine Abenteuer auf dem selbst gebastelten Floß bestreitet und natürlich Tom Sawyer den die beiden Jungen nach vielf. Review updated on 16022017Ask any person anywhere in the world to give an example of a classic book of US literature and it is a safe bet this one will come out among the top three The only reason I am going to mention the plot for such famous book is the fact that I always do it; I am not breaking my own tradition in this case So an orphan boy and a runaway slave travel together in Southern US One of the most interesting parts of the book for me was gradual change in Huck's attitude towards Jim he stops regarding the latter as a slave and starts thinking about him as an eual human being There is an obvious anti racist message in the book It also happens to have very funny laugh out loud moments It also contains satirical depiction of some aspects of life in small US cities in the early nineteenth century It contains some very poetic descriptions at times It also has some sad moments It is a classic book which is also still fun to read unlike numerous classics I can think of This is a book which teaches important lessons while still remembering that reading can be fun The book is written in the first person vernacular This is really the only example I can think of where it works It took a genius of Mark Twain to pull it off successfully If an inspiring author who thinks about using first or third person vernacular stumbles upon my review my advice would be do not unless you think your writing talent is on the same level as that of Samuel Langhorne Clemens The author wrote the novel in such a way that it became controversial countless number of times resulting in its banning it from public libraries and censorship One would think people would get over these controversies by now but to nobody's surprise some people still find things in the book to be offended at just take a look at the latest example will try to explain to the easily offended hypocrites why they are wrong in the least brain taxing way possible using simple ASCII artPoint                   ^                |                |              1 mile                |                |                v                OYou  |                |                You missed the point by one mileThis gives me an excellent opportunity to talk about limited copyright terms it seems to me we are heading for unlimited extension of copyright Limited copyright term means that regardless of current political climate and resulting censorship we will always have access to a legal unaltered copy of the book as in this case public winsA lot of people do not appreciate the book because they were forced to read it in high school If this was your only reading by all means give it another try to get a fresh prospective In conclusion this novel belongs to a relatively rare category of classics consisting of books that do not feel like you do heavy manual labor while you read them My rating is 45 stars rounded up out of my deepest respect for it PS The original illustrations are excellentPPS Project Gutenberg has a copy with original illustrations