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review Ë Himmelsdalen ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ã ➹ [Reading] ➻ Himmelsdalen By Marie Hermanson ➮ – Daniel tunnollinen kieltenopettaja ei ole nähnyt seikkailuhenkistä ja hämäräpuuhiin mieltynyttä kaksosveljeään Maxia vuosiin Kun hän saa Maxilta kirjeen jossa tämäEenDaniel kyllästyy tilanteeseen haluaa lopettaa leikin ja poistua laaksosta Kukaan ei tietenkään usko häntä eikä laaksosta todellakaan ole mitään mahdollisuutta lähteä Tilanteesta sukeutuu henkeäsalpaava nerokas trilleri jonka käänteet muuttuvat koko ajan kafkamaisemmiksi ja klaustrofobisemmiksi Kun Daniel alkaa selvittää mysteeriä ja taistella vapaudestaan hän joutuu ylilääkärin tulilinjalle ja alkaa pelätä henkensä puolesta syyst?. Identical twins Max and Daniel were raised separately when Max was too reliant on his brother as a baby and wasn’t developing as a normal toddler should Their parents ultimately divorced and one twin went with each parent The brothers only saw each other once a year on their birthday and the visits never went well since they twins were virtually strangers but were still drawn to each other While Daniel lived a life being doted upon by his loving mother and soaking up books and history with his grandfather Max didn’t have such a nice upbringing with a virtually absentee father who left the parenting to his nannyresearcher step motherFast forward to adulthood and Daniel is a successful interpreter while Max was a successful businessman but now Max is spending time in an expensive rehab clinic in Sweden When Daniel receives a letter from his brother asking him to come for a visit Daniel reluctantly agrees–but only because Max is footing the bill The clinic is situated in an isolated valley in the mountains and while the area is beautiful the facility and nearby village seem a bit strange But Max has an ulterior motive for wanting Daniel to visit and soon he’s asked Daniel to stay in Himmelstal in his place while Max sorts out some shady financial things so he can pay his bill Before Daniel can really agree Max slips away in the night with all of Daniel’s identification leaving the unwitting twin locked in a psychiatric facility that is not what it seemsThe Devil’s Sanctuary is much than a book about identical twins swapping places Daniel doesn’t have any idea what kind of place he’s been abandoned in and the tension mounts as the story unfolds and the secrets are revealed Not all of the people are what they seem and I had a hard time guessing which doctors and fellow patients were good or bad Daniel is a trustworthy brave and stand up individual and I was hoping that he’d come out on top through it allI give The Devil’s Sanctuary a four out of five The English translation from Swedish was great and flowed well The book was fast paced with interesting characters some sinister some just plain creepy but all were multi layered Most things came together in the end uite nicely wrapping the story up without too many loose ends This is a great read for lovers of mystery and psychological thrillersAlso on Bewitched Bookworms

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Daniel tunnollinen kieltenopettaja ei ole nähnyt seikkailuhenkistä ja hämäräpuuhiin mieltynyttä kaksosveljeään Maxia vuosiin Kun hän saa Maxilta kirjeen jossa tämä pyytää häntä vierailulle sveitsiläiseen täysihoitolaan hän uskoo aluksi sen tulleen Helvetistä merkissä kun lukee Helvetia Ja ehkei se olekaan kovin kaukana totuudestaLaakso Sveitsin vuorien kainalossa on kuin maanpäällinen paratiisi Tai ainakin parantola mieleltään jär. This is a serious warning don’t begin this book if you have a meal a meeting or an urgent appointment any time soon You won’t make itThis wonderful Swedish thriller begins with Daniel Brandt receiving a letter from his twin brother Max The brothers were brought up mainly apart meeting only on their shared birthday and Max’s bizarre behaviour in the past means that Daniel regards any contact with wariness However Max is now in a Swiss clinic which is helping him manage his bi polar disorder and all he’s asking Daniel to do is visit When Daniel arrives at the heavily guarded Himmelstal Max persuades him to change places just for a few days so that Max can leave to sort out his finances except that he doesn’t return and when Daniel tries to persuade the doctors that he isn’t Max nobody believes himThe set up’s a compelling one – twin swaps and identity loss are a sure fire draw Daniel’s likeable straight away as a decent guy with problems of his own Anyone who’s ever played sibling power games and that’s all sibs will sympathise with his ambivalence about Max’s intentions When he’s tricked into staying as Max then you’re willing him to prove his identity However as he’s drawn into the reality of ‘Heaven Valley’ identity becomes less important than escape from the twisted realityThe translated prose is simple and compelling the description of the alpine scenery atmospheric The characters are intriguingly bizarre and increasingly sinister until you’re as unsure as Daniel who he can trust This book is a straight roller coaster ride moving through action to discovery and discovery It’s not particularly gruesome There are no fashionable flashbacks and the third person narration is generally centred on Daniel with the occasional move to Dr Obermann’s head The author knows she’s thought up a terrific story and she gets on with holding her audience spell bound Enjoy

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HimmelsdalenKkyneille ihmisille jotka tarvitsevat lepoa rauhallisessa ympäristössä ohuen ilman hyvän ruoan ja ammattiavun kera Siltä paikka ainakin näyttää Max haluaa vaihtaa hetkeksi identiteettiä Danielin kanssa päästäkseen ulos Taivaanlaaksosta Hän on kertomansa mukaan velkaantunut isännille niin tuntuvasti ettei voi omana itsenään lähteä hoitamaan tärkeitä asioitaan Daniel jota Max on aina osannut manipuloida suostuu Mutta Max jää sille tiell. Good plot good setting good characters and well written worth a readMy 2 stars is given to the movement of the plot lethargic yet enthralling at the beginning then the climaxand that's it the endIt felt like too much of a rush to the ending miniscule detail lack of scenes