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Eighteen year old Ava knows this to Remember PDFEPUB #194 summer is going to be one of the best ones yet but it isn't going how she originally A Summer PDFEPUB or plannedAva's life takes an unexpected turn on graduation day when Jason the love of her life suddenly dumps her Blindsided and feeling betrayed she is Summer to Remember eBook. The Low Down The four year long relationship between Ava and Jason is over Breaking up with her right before their high school graduation ceremonies Ava is shocked to discover that Cally the girl that caused the on againoff again portion of their relationship is back in town This was supposed to be the best summer of their lives and it has turned into something else completelyThen Ava meets Adrian at a frat party There is an undeniable connection between them but he’s leaving for a dream job in the fall Should she take a chance on love Could she change her plans to include Adrian Or is clinging to the familiar including a repentant Jason the way to goBest Thang ‘Bout It I liked the idea of this book than the execution It has an interesting story line but it did not live up to its potential or synopsisI’m Cranky Because There is a distinct immaturity in the writing Everything is laid out neatly in a surfacy way; the action is transparent and the ending is clear from page 1 One of my big peeves is present too this story is told not shown It is easy to say that there is an undeniable attraction between two people but I don’t believe it if I don’t see itThere are many inconsistencies as well For example Ava doesn’t seem to be that broken up about the break up We are told she is but her actionsbehavior don’t follow Other things fall in line with this from the fact that Ava is an amazing cook “no one has complained” yet in four years of dating she has never cooked for Jason And this is what she wants to major in at collegeShe says her mother is overprotective yet she stays over at Adrian’s house without letting her mom know where she is and her mother doesn’t ask There is a lot of list making and rehashing too And apparently it is super easy for a high schooler to be served a bottle of wine at an expensive restaurant This ain’t no Boones Farm girl eitherAs for her family it seems they are only there to make her look normal We are told that they are a close family but there’s nothing there to show this Adrian is supposedly not close to his family yet again I can't tellThen there’s the jealousy monster Adrian has given Ava no reason to suspect him of being potentially unfaithful yet she is crazy jealous of a girl that he isn’t even attracted to Was that the climaxThe Bottom Line Overall a lackluster book that calls out for depth it also needed to be punched up through another round or so of editingA Summer to Remember by Jessica Gunhammer was published today by the Author A free copy of this book was given to Ink and Page in return for an honest review Big thanks to the AuthorRating 2Genre New Adult Fiction Contemporary Romance SeriesYou Might Want to Know As this is classified as New Adult there could be profanity sexual situations drinking and drug use

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A Summer to Remember Seasons#9734 determined to win him back at the end of year frat party Something that wasn't in her plan however was being sidetracked by a complete and total stranger Caught off guard by this unexplainable attraction she can't figure out why she's having such a hard time forgetting about himAdrian had one thing on his mind that night It was t. Since this book is about summer reading this can be compared to a time when you first set your feet on a beach you've never been before You don't know the people the twists and turn of the place and how the waves on that part of the ocean would come to youWhenever I embark on a new reading that is always the exact feeling that I get but each experience is greatly different from the other A Summer To Remember is a read that is filled with never ending unexpected turn of events I know I already used that very same line to my other reviews and like those reads stating that line has its pros and cons and since I’m really in the mood to write a review I’ll start with the story’s prosPredictability may come handy at times when you’re reading but unpredictability is a thing that is greatly appreciated by me This story is filled with those out of this world unexpected turn of events – it may come as a positive or a negative thing but looking on the physicality of it I do like the romantic summer love at first sight thing that happened brings out the hopeful romantic in me I clearly know Another thing is that I like the character‘s straightforwardness to each other other people and to the situations that lies ahead of themAs for the cons of the story I honestly didn’t connect with any of the characters; I think Ava and Adrian lacks a bit of ’charisma’ and passion so I really didn’t get a chance to really connect with them BUT I think the greatest thing that bugs my mind is the ridiculous and impulsive plan that Ava did here – Why God would she move in with a man whom she just met for two weeks And her parents her parents agreed to this without any ualms just because she’s already 18 NO I think that situation is a definite no no |Now after reading and analyzing stuffs about Summer To Remember – I find myself thinking – What really did happen here Stripping all the lovey dovey stuffs and romantic scenes It feels empty SighI know my cons seems to weigh much than my pros and the story is far from perfect things might get so cliché and there are things that totally bugs my mind but still the story's fast pacing and unexpected plot carries it all I'll sure be waiting for the next book to arrive Thanks to the author for kindly providing advance the copy for review

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Free download A Summer to Remember Seasons 105 Í [Epub] ➟ A Summer to Remember Seasons ➠ Jessica Gunhammer – Eighteen year old Ava knows this summer is going to be one of the best ones yet but it isn't going how she originally plannedAva's life takes an unexpected turn on graduation day when Jason the love O get through the summer and not have to worry about anything but working with his dad and getting the hell out of this small townWhen he meets Ava his whole world is turned upside down He doesn't know why but he knows that this is the girl he's supposed to be with The only problem is going to be trying to convince her of the same thing. It's a nice and fresh reading a different story but it goes too fast doesn't have an end and there is no book 2 yet so it is a disappointment