FREE DOWNLOAD ´ The Royals  ❰Download❯ ➵ The Royals Author Kitty Kelley – Kitty Kelley bestselling investigative biographer delivers a controversial portrait of the British royal family as told from behind the palace wallsperfect for fans of Netflix's The Crown They are the Kitty Kelley bestselling investigaRoyal family ueen Elizabeth Prince Charles Princess Dianahere are the scandals of the last decades the doomed marriages and the husbands wives lovers and children caught in their wake and damaged beyond repair No one is spare. I've given up on this book because I think it's simply revolting Katherine described it as all gossip and accounting which really tells you everything you need to know about the content As for the tone it's malicious and uite uite nasty I have enough of my own problems and I don't need to fill my precious reading time with pure poison

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The face of the globe Their every move attracts headlines Now Kitty Kelley has gone behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace Windsor Castle and Kensington Palace to raise the curtain on the men and women who make up the British. Okay I knew it would be a trashy exposé of the Windsors in Great Britain but I didn’t know just how trashy I like historic biography and the way this book was described it sounded like fun – a cheeky irreverent peek at the royal family – but it was of a nasty character assassination with too many unsubstantiated claims to hold my interest I mean if I’m going to bother reading it I’d at least like to be able to believe the majority of it That wasn’t the case here Too much speculation and not enough verifiable facts plus a preoccupation with everyone’s sex lives and the book was a royal bore

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The RoyalsKitty Kelley bestselling investigative biographer delivers a controversial portrait of the British royal family as told from behind the palace wallsperfect for fans of Netflix's The Crown They are the most chronicled family on. While many things are referred to as “guilty pleasures” until recently I have never felt guilty about any of them I can settle in with a big bag of candy and a trashy book I’ve read dozens of times and not feel guilty at all But I felt guilty every step of the way with this one looking it up in the library catalog finding it on the shelves checking it outEven after bringing it home I still debated whether I would actually read it But I did read it feeling guilty about it most of the way through The book is basically the world’s longest US Weekly article focusing on little besides every bit of gossip and scandal surrounding the British monarchy for the last century If not pulled from an old newspaper article every story was either “according to a former euerry of the prince” or “recalled a friend of the duchess” God help anyone who has their story assembled based on reporters and the recollections of past friends acuaintances and enemies At least I knew going into it that it was basically written by Rita Skeeter and therefore not to be entirely believed The guilt was knowing that no one deserves their private lives intruded upon in such detail It focused so much on the negative I read it all because I just can’t get enough of the British Royals I'm roughly the same age as Prince William so ever since I was a little girl I've known that there was a real life prince out there who would someday marry someone why not me Sure I’m an American and I’ve never even set foot in Great Britain but being an Anglican born in the early 80’s gave me just enough hope for a lifelong fantasy Even now with the fabulous Duchess Kate and baby Prince George the monarchy is great for fantasy As William and Kate left the hospital with their new baby I sighed and thought I know just what it feels like to leave the hospital with a sweet baby boy At precisely that moment my very own little boy ran by me in a superhero cape and shouted “YOU’RE THE BAD GUY” I can’t imagine that Prince George would ever yell that at his mother the future ueen We love having a monarchy around so we can vicariously live a fairy tale through them But also as Americans not be bossed around by anyoneMy favorite piece of the book was this“The Palace press office announced the formal style for Lady Diana Spencer “Following the wedding she will be known as Diana the Princess of Wales” said an aide “She’s not Princess Diana because she was not born a princess and she’s not the Princess Diana because only children of the sovereign are entitled to ‘the’ before their title” Americans who did not understand titles or their subtleties called her Princess Di”As my husband noted when I read him that section we fought and won a war so we wouldn’t have to understand those titles or subtleties But I love that as Americans we stay obsessedThe book was published in 1997 prior to Princess Diana’s death It slogged through the demise of the marriages of the ueen’s children and ended with an unsure future for Prince Charles as King and a crumbling House of Windsor So much has changed in the fifteen years since the book was written William and Harry were children at the time so barely mentioned so in a way it ends at what we know now is probably the worst spot to create an ending in a continuing story Of course no one knew that at the time It results in an interesting look at a point in history So two stars not because I didn’t enjoy I guess Oh the guilt reading the book but because it could have easily been less gossipy and substantial I wanted to hear about the people and the book was just too mean