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Book of Epub #225 Private eye and former war reporter Maier is sent to Cambodia to track down the missing heir to a Hamburg coffee The Cambodian Kindle empireHis search leads him into the darkest corners of t. I thought of giving this book three stars on the idea that maybe it just wasn’t for me But my three stars are becoming meaningless to me lately they are filled with too many books that I liked but didn’t really love and things that I just felt bad about giving less than three stars because hey the author triedI’m not the audience for this book It has a catchy cover that appealed to me but I think the audience is for people who want to read about exotic locales and have a little bit of a story thrown in I have about as little ‘wanderlust’ as one can possibly have and just about zero interest in exotic locales I’m woefully not that interested in traveling and maybe it’s hearing Holidays in the Sun and Holiday in Cambodia too many times at an impressionable age that I think there is something a little weird about people who flock to third world countries for their vacations from their cushy jobs that has nothing to do with this book just my own uncomfortableness with the idea of travel and general annoyance of being talked down to by people who have had their mind expanded by a 16 hour flight and a week or two in the ‘real world’The book I think is supposed to be a mystery It has a detective as a main character The detective doesn’t do a whole lot of detecting he just sort of stumbles into things he’s a fairly passive character that does things but the events of the story just seem to happen to him The first half of the book is kind of like a guide to what the criminal and ex pat world of a run down Cambodian brothel down is like The second half is kind of a bizarre version mix of what might happen if Dante were a detective being escorted through a Heart of Darkness inferno of greed murder drugs Nazi war criminals and sadistic 12 year old little girl killers Sounds like it should be cool rightAnd the second half isn’t bad but there was too much of the ‘bizarre’ at times and there was also a large amount of disbelief needed to be suspended to get through the way the story was being propelledI believe that there was a good story in this book but I don’t think telling it in the detective genre was the way to go about it And it’s not just that the conventions of the detective novel weren’t present it’s that the whole detective thing could have been excised from the novel This sounds kind of weird to say but everything that was in the book could have been told except for maybe the incomprehensible final scene view spoilerI can’t figure out how a journalist turned detective would even consider that he should go back to Cambodia to try to recuse a woman from a sociopath who may or may not still have an army of sadistic little girls armed with torture needles and AK 47’s—especially since he has shown himself unable to evade getting captured and tortured by these people on multiple occasions already in the story hide spoiler

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The Cambodian Book of the DeadE terrifying tale of mass murder that Maier uncovers is far from over And soon Maier realises that if he is to prevent innocent lives from being destroyed he will have to write the last horrific chapter himself. This book is about a war correspondent who becomes a detective and is sent to Cambodia to chase down the heir of a coffee business who has opened a dive shop there I didn't enjoy this book much The first half was a bit slow and then the second half where he is asked to write memoirs for the old German seemed a bit of a stretch for me There was a lot of action towards the end but I was not entirely convinced by it

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Free read ë The Cambodian Book of the Dead ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Í [Download] ➽ The Cambodian Book of the Dead ➺ Tom Vater – Private eye and former war reporter Maier is sent to Cambodia to track down the missing heir to a Hamburg coffee empireHis He country’s history through the Killing Fields of the communist revolution to the Cambodian Book of ePUB #185 White Spider a Nazi war criminal who reigns over an ancient Khmer temple deep in the jungleBut th. DISCLAIMER I was given a free copy of this download for review purposes This did not change my review or rating at allSTORY – Haunting is the best word I can think of to describe The Cambodian Book of the Dead This is a modern day thriller interwoven with both the history and culture of Cambodia and war years of the Khmer Rouge Knowing little about this culture I looked forward to reading this bookBasically without giving anything away the story revolves around Maier a former war correspondent turned detective his memories and his present day interactions with the people of Cambodia Reliving the horrors of Maier’s past functioned to foreshadow the continued brutality that lies just beneath a beautiful surfaceWRITING STYLE – The writing was good; there were no extremely loud typos that I remember The story progressed well OVERALL – I am still fascinated by this culture This historical novel only added interest Overall I’d rate it 4WARNINGS Language Violence Peril Alcohol