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Read À The Machines of Bellatrix The Girls from Alcyone #2 ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ä [Read] ➬ The Machines of Bellatrix The Girls from Alcyone #2 By Cary Caffrey – Alcyone is gone The Independent stronghold on Scorpii is destroyed Sigrid and her sisters hS a mysterious coded message one that could serve as either warning or invitation one that will lead Sigrid to a factory world at the very edge of Federation space and to a deadly confrontation with her most dangerous enemy Machines of Bellatrix PDFEPUB #195 yet the machines of Bellatr. I eagerly anticipated the release of this book the seuel to The Girls From Alcyone Caffrey certainly knows how to capture his readers with a driving and fast paced plot action suspense and at the heart unforgettable characters who despite their ability to drop you dead with a look offer very endearing human ualities mistakes and all At the end of the day this is a love story the love for home family security a sense of belonging your soul mate and to be able to keep all those things safe The Machines of Bellatrix is just another step towards that goal and for Sigrid and Suko to find their happily ever after

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Trade and Finance Sigrid knows she and her sisters are not safe As long as there are those who would seek The Machines PDF to control them hunt them they will never be safe Unless Sigrid can stop them first But to stop them Sigrid must first find them But how And where Her only clue i. This story is both intense and less intriguing than the first one There is action and intrigue but it became a bit confusing with multiple people having multiple agendas Good guy do bad things for uestionable reasons Bad guys may be doing the right thing It all could turn out for the best but if got very messy in the processThat said the characters are interesting and the writing is solid These enhanced young women are a force to reckon with I enjoyed their adventures and how they interact with each otherThe story ends with To be continued but not abruptly i will read the next onePS There are a couple of scenes of FF sex so this might not be suitable for tweens

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The Machines of Bellatrix The Girls from Alcyone #2Alcyone is gone The Independent stronghold of Bellatrix Kindle #207 on Scorpii is destroyed Sigrid and her sisters have fled the Federation to make a new home on the remote world of Medea But with a price on her head the size of a planet and pursued across the galaxy by the Council for. Ugh What an endingLike the first book in the series this was highly cinematic and played out like an intense action movie Unlike the first book there's not a slow introduction to the world or build up to events The first page of the book hits the ground running and never stopsIf you have not read the first book in the series do NOT read this book first You'll just be confused and not understand the motivation or arcs of the charactersThe writing is strong new characters are introducedthere are even funny jokes here and there amidst all of the explosions and ass kicking The author has a well thought out complex plot and this time around we get many Suko and Sigrid scenes The plot basically has Sigrid assigned to take on everything while Suko's only mission is to keep Sigrid alive Whose job is challenging do you think LolThere's an 'Empire Strikes Back' feel in that some of our favorite characters get MESSED up and we're left with a dark cliffhanger ending Thank goodness the third book is already writtenThere's less character development in this second book but with all of the action happening in a short space of time that's the trade off I DO really like how there is not a simple good or evil in any of the characters whether main or secondary and there's still some mystery as to who the enemies vs good guys areThis is a well done seuel and again I'm impressed I'll be running off to read the third book stat