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?iti otkriću šokantne tajne i ući u samo srce opasnosti Napet otmjen krimić smješten u ozračje Londona – od mirnih ulica Mayfaira do pabova u pokrajnjim uličicama East Enda i vreve Sohoa – Zov kukavice izvanredna je knjiga Predstavljajući lik Cormorana Strikea ovo je hvaljeni prvi krimić J K Rowling napisan pod pseudonimom Robert Galbrai. “He had never been able to understand the assumption of intimacy fans felt with those they had never met” I'll venture a guess that JKRowling is not a stranger to this feeling Propelled to household name fame for her lovely gift of imagination she gets to experience the uglier side of fans' adoration the side that comes with suffocating hard to meet expectations and stifling atmosphere of demanding hype Is it any wonder she'd look for a respite in releasing a book under a pseudonymAnd yet yours truly is selfishly celebrating the infamous leak of the unknown mystery writer's true identity since otherwise I would have been uite unlikely to pick up this tome given the ever growing size of my precariously balanced to read pile that is beginning to dangerously resemble the Leaning Tower of PisaLula Landry a supermodel falls to her death from her balcony; the police called it a suicide her brother feels it was foul play and hires Cormoran Strike a bear like ex soldier to investigate Propelled by his desperate need for money and aided by his lovely idealistic temporary secretary Robin Ellacott Strike plunges into the shallow world of celebrity culture and London's rich and wannabe rich slowly unraveling the threads of the mystery of Landry's fall The Cuckoo's Calling is an unusual mystery novel by today's industry standards It's lacking high stakes or important villains or breakneck fast pace or shocking twists that seem to have become almost a reuirement of the genre Its language is slow a bit formal and occasionally reminding me of the early years of the past century rather than modern times It's a slowly developing story uiet and observant focused not on the plot but on the wide tapestry of characters spending time with them through conversations and somewhat old fashioned 'detecting' in a way that to a certain point reminded me of the works of the ueen of the genre Miss Agatha Christie But only to a point as it's missing the annoying know it all smug detective and instead has a gruff but very human uite flawed war veteran tuned PI Cormoran Strike “Other people his age had houses and washing machines cars and television sets furniture and gardens and mountain bikes and lawnmowers he had four boxes of crap and a set of matchless memories” I can barely express the enjoyment I experienced from the interactions of Strike with the wide cast of potential suspects and witnesses most of them belonging to the world of British rich and famous; his ability to zero in on different aspects of their personalities to study their very essence to get them to slowly reveal their real freuently shallowly unattractive selves so often ugly and petty that satisfyingly replace any number of car chases or gunfights or mad dizzying dashes from place to place to place that I came to expect from the genre “How could the death of someone you had never met affect you so” But what I really appreciated in this slowly developing character centered even keeled narrative was the ever increasing spotlight on Lula Landry a young woman whose death started it all who ends up being than just a springboard for the story but its heart its centerpiece as we get to glimpse of her through Strike's eyes as we see her morph from just a pretty face into a full fleshed presence behind the story “He had hoped to spot the flickering shadow of a murderer as he turned the file's pages but instead it was the ghost of Lula herself who emerged gazing up at him as victims of violent crimes sometimes did through the detritus of their interrupted lives” Lula may initially appear to have little substance to her to be little but a blank slate on which gossip hungry public is eager to project their desires and hopes and even spite But as the novel progresses we see the glimpses of her personality and the uglier sides of the world of fame she inhabits the world of flashing camera lights blinding your each step and every word you say having potential to end up in a yellow press column Rowling's disdain of such flipside of fame is palpable indeed “How easy it was to capitalize on a person’s own bent for self destruction; how simple to nudge them into non being then to stand back and shrug and agree that it had been the inevitable result of a chaotic catastrophic life” I uite enjoyed this book I liked the smart mystery the unexpected light humor the apt descriptions even if at times they would get a tad too wordy the stinging satire and of course the freuent grave seriousness when Rowling turns her eye to the 'real world' problems “The country was lumbering towards election day Strike turned in early on Sunday and watched the day's gaffes counterclaims and promises being tabulated on his portable TV There was an air of joylessness in every news report he watched The national debt was so huge that it was diffcult to comprehend Cuts were coming whoever won; deep painful cuts; and sometimes with their weasel words the party leaders reminded Strike of the surgeons who had told him cautiously that he might experience a degree of discomfort; they who would never personally feel the pain that was about to be inflicted” I'll easily recommend this book for anyone who'd like a few enjoyable afternoons with a brainy delicious story 4 stars and an excited anticipation for offerings from Rowling Galbraith or whatever name she chooses to use for her future writing endeavours My old pre review the one responsible for the discussion in the comments is below in a spoiler tagview spoilerHere's what's puzzling me If you are Joanne Rowling and have traveled the path from rags to riches and have created such a strong brand name at this point thanks to your amazing imagination why in the world would you want to hide behind a pseudonym You have earned the recognition your name bringsI wonder if that's the result of a backlash The Casual Vacancy received from Harry Potter fans for not being well like 'Harry Potter'But in this case wouldn't writing books unlike Potter under your own name eventually lead to people associating you with literature that is not about young wizards hide spoiler

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The Cuckoo's CallingKad se manekenka problematična ponašanja baci sa svojega snijegom prekrivena The Cuckoo's ePUB #10003 balkona u londonskom Mayfairu svi će pretpostaviti da je riječ o samoubojstvu Međutim njezin brat ne dijeli opće mišljenje i unajmljuje privatnog istražitelja Cormorana Strikea da se pozabavi slučajem Strike je ratni veteran – ranjen kako. Feb 3rd 2014 Extra things you should know 1 This is a negative review If you are looking for reviews that confirm what you are already certain of that JKR can do no wrong here are some examples of positive reviews for you 1 2 3 2 I used some Mary Poppins gifs to make my point in this review It seemed funny at the time If you find MP gifs stupidannoyingbeneath you then please feel free to go to the reviews I linked before 3 I will no longer reply to comments saying I am stupid or didn't get it I will no longer reply to insults of any kind or condescending suggestions that I read the book again If you're tempted to write something like this save both of us some time and read the previous comments for my answers to people like you I have way too many unwatched episodes of Law Order to entertain trolls any longer4 I'm sorry to all the people who have been kind and respectful whether they agreed with me or not You can just ignore these pointsThings you should know 1 Ms Rowling filled my childhood and early teen years with magic I love Harry Potter and I confess to only adding this book after I found out she was the author 2 I did not go into this with the intention to compare it to Harry Potter I did not expect magic or wizards and I fully anticipated this being very different to the HP books 3 I have read and enjoyed many mysterycrime novels in the past My favourites being by Tana French and Gillian Flynn So there was no reason why I couldn't have enjoyed this book simply because it wasn't magical Potterland But I didn't and after putting a lot of thought into this I think I finally understand whyHere's the sad truth I can't stand Rowling's writing when she writes for adults I actually find it painful to read Let's be clear from the beginning I started and never finished The Casual Vacancy because the opening didn't grab me and there was something about it something which I couldn't put my finger on that made it an effort to get through A certain style to the writing which didn't agree with me I thought perhaps it was a one off because I'd read all her other works and never had a problem with her writing style That's why I jumped at the chance to try another adult book by Rowling and sort out what was evidently a bout of silliness on my part What this book did give me was an answer to why neither of Rowling's adult books worked for meRowling writes in an unusual manner It's not uniue to her work for adults Harry Potter has it too but the effect had on both is very different Rowling's style of writing including the dialogue between characters is formal to the point of being old fashioned Part of me wants to compare it to Austen but I'm cautious of doing so because of the amount of people usually including myself who might read that as a compliment Rowling's formal style doesn't work for me when using it in an adult mystery and pairing it with profanity and grisly murders It feels out of place and weighs down each page with tedious descriptions that use too many awkward similes metaphors and adjectives face the colour of corned beefthe snow fell with soft fingertip plunkslong snouted camerasHer descriptions all felt a bit off to me And I particularly didn't like the unsophisticated use of big words It's like when inexperienced indie authors go crazy with thesauruscom using clunky words like exacerbated and exorbitant in casual sentences that don't benefit from it The characters in this book never check the time or look at their watches they consult their watches Think I'm being picky Try reading whole pages where every sentence replaces the obvious words with complex ones and see how far you get without your brain starting to scream And it felt like every single noun had at least one adjective before it Not only that but Rowling repeats similar adjectives when referring to the objects again In one sentence we are told she climbed the steel stairs and in the next she's continuing up the metal stairs WHY And also WHYYYYYYAnother example of Rowling's old fashioned style is her freuent use of expressions like oh my and goodness expressions I'm sure some of you will recognise from Harry Potter characters What is this It's like Mary Poppins or Little Women or I don't know Little House on the Prairie And maybe it works fine in all of those same as it works fine in Harry Potter but none of those also had a side helping of profanity and very adult themes They do all however share the formal language styleAnd while I think people were silly to say things about The Casual Vacancy like ohmigod this had like noooooo magic and even fewer dark lords when Rowling clearly said it was an adult mystery book and I wanted to say to those silly peopleI still think it's entirely relevant to compare the two when looking at Rowling's writing style and the reason why sometimes it works and sometimes it really doesn't The formal tone with simplistic language like in Harry Potter is okay but dense descriptions and over complicated sentences made it hard work and tedious in this book It's like a very formal letter with the occasional random swear word thrown in And it doesn't work Not for me anyway The style simply doesn't fit the content; there's swearing and murders and people rescuing others by grabbing their breastsI'm not even going to talk about the story beyond saying I found it a standard mystery that could have been good if I'd not had these other reasons for not liking it The killer is not hard to guess for anyone familiar with crime mysteries but that isn't usually what I care about most in crime mysteries anyway Plus in this case I'm just too blinded by my dislike for the writing sigh I think it's fair to say that I'm finally done trying to enjoy Rowling's adult booksPS Yes I did get a little overexcited when I googled Mary Poppins gifsBlog | Leafmarks | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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Download The Cuckoo's Calling ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ð ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ The Cuckoo's Calling By Robert Galbraith ✼ – Kad se manekenka problematična ponašanja baci sa svojega snijegom prekrivena balkona u londonskom Mayfairu svi će pretpostaviti da je riječ o samoubojstvu MeđutiFizički tako i psihički – i život mu je u rasulu Raspada mu se ljubavna veza posao mu baš i ne ide i slučaj istrage smrti poznate manekenke učinit će mu se poput pojasa za spašavanje No dobar honorar neće biti lako zaraditi što dublje bude ulazio u neobičan svijet mlade manekenke stvari će postajati sve mračnije i Strike će se pribli?. This is a wonderfully entertaining new crime debut which although it contains nothing amazingly original works really well Firstly there is the main character Cormoran Strike a wounded war veteran with a troubled past damaged love life and financial woes which see him sleeping in his office when we first meet him Strike has left the army which provided him with the structure and home life his mother never could and set up as a Private Detective The only problem is a lack of paying clients He then receives a new temporary secretary Robin Ellacott with her slightly stuffy fiance and her secret desire to be a detective Both Strike and Robin are fully fleshed out characters that we care about deeply by the end of the bookThe crime Strike is asked to investigate involves a famous supermodel who falls or is pushed from her balcony on a snowy London night Lula Landry is the adopted daughter of a wealthy family and her adopted brother is insistent that she had no suicidal feelings when he met up with her that day As Strike sets out to investigate we are introduced to a cast of identifiable characters the effeminate dress designer drug taking Paparazzi avoiding boyfriend disgrunted 'wannabee' film star chauffeur elderly dying mother disapproving family members etc Although the plot is really uite a simple one it works very well The author has created a totally realistic scenario with London almost becoming an extra character as Strike walks the streets and a satisfactory plot with a good cast of suspectsI would say that Cormoran Strike is the best new addition to the P I genre that I have read for a long time He certainly deserves a series and I hope to see him appear in many books There were tantalising glimpses of his past which need much further exploration and perhaps the author can be kinder to him in the next book and at least get him a proper place to sleep I feel he will serve the author well and deserves a little looking after If you enjoy really intelligent well written crime novels P D James etc then this will be a book you will love Great start to what will hopefully become a long running series Have just found out this was written by J K Rowling I am glad I didn't know that when I read it and I hope it doesn't put her off continuing the series now she has been 'outed' as the author It is a good read on its own merits