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Come Alive Rock Hard #3At's acceptable Dani's heart is never than a step away from being broken As one crisis after another hits the hard rocking band Dani must make peace with her traumatic past and overcome her trust issues if she's to Come Alive PDF or have any chance of holding onto Xane or turning their uneasy love tri. Probably closer to 4 12 stars It wrapped up the XaneDaniLuthor thing uite well and realistically Dani didn't just all of a sudden decide it was fine for Xane to be with Luthor and based on her background I wouldn't expect that It would have been disingenuous I felt bad for all three of them because they were all stuck in a pretty weird situation Dani knows Xane is bisexual though she has no capacity really to deal with it in the way Xane would like for her to which is to accept that he also wants Luthor But besides Dani's background she's just afraid that she's not enough for Xane and he'll decide someday to cast her aside for someone else or a few someone elses Luthor wants so badly to be with both of them but Dani can't accept that Luthor could possibly want her so for the longest time she ignores the signals he's sending And Luthor really wants Xane but Dani has set the rules that nothing can happen if she's not around Which really doesn't work very well for Xane and Luthor's sex drives They try really hard to follow her wishes though Until Elspeth's bomb drops and Xane slips into past self destructive behavior and indulges in his addiction with Luthor And Dani finds them It's a big mess But they're finally able to work past all of the issues I don't think it'll be completely smooth sailing Dani has a lot of internal programming to get rid of but they had made really great strides by the end of the storyIt also resolved all the conflict within the band The thing with Elspeth was going to come to a head and boy did it I'm not sure how she thought that particular thing would end but she had to know it wouldn't be good For her to just swoop in and think everything would be fine I'm not sure where her head was But that seemed to be on the right track by the end as well Good overall series

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It's not what she wanted but it Rock Hard Epub #222 could be what she needs Dani's relationship with sexually fluid Black Halo frontman Xane Geist is put to the test when she agrees to allow him to explore his desire for sizzling new drummer Luthor Albrecht Even with strict rules in place to define wh. I always get excited when a new Madelynne Ellis book is out and I was especially excited for Come Alive the third book in her Rock Hard series The members of Black Halo are all heading to Spook's private island so they can rest and figure out where to go next after the issues they faced in the last book Of course with this band you know things won't go as easy as that soundsIn addition to everything going on with the band at the heart of Come Alive we get Xane and Dani's story which gets complicated once Dani allows Xane to explore his desire for the band's new drama Luthor Xane was ridiculously hot in this book and I felt bad for Dani as she struggled to deal with her jealousy and insecurity about Xane Like I come to expect Madelynne has given us another well written sexy book with interesting and engaging characters It was a thrill to be along for their rideA copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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review Come Alive Rock Hard #3 ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☄ Come Alive Rock Hard #3 Author Madelynne Ellis – It's not what she wanted but it could be what she needs Dani's relationship with sexually fluid Black Halo frontman Xane Geist is put to the test when she agreesAngle into something stable and positiveThis is the third book in the Rock Hard series and the seventh title about rockers Black HaloSeries Reading orderCome Undone Xane DaniAll Night Long Ash GinnyRemastered Spook AlleCome Together Xane DaniAll Fired Up Ash GinnyResistor Spook AlleCome Alive Xane Dan. I have waited eagerly for this story on tender hooks hoping to see where things have lead for Dani and Xane To see whether their relationship would work with a third person The very handsome brand new drummer of Black halo Luthor I consumed this novel and couldn't put it down I managed to read it in a day and a half Who needs sleep right Essentially the band is on a small island together to rest and recuperate after the dramas and near death experience from the previous band drummer Iain Willow Not only has Dani and Luthor relationship dynamic change but so has my view of luthor At times I wanted to hit Dani and then Luthor But as the story progresses the communication between the trio opens up and Dani begins letting Luthor see her vulnerabilities and fears You also get glimpses of the other band members as they recoup after the near end of their band Whilst Elspeth has not changed but seems determined to see Xane downfall Whilst all Xane wants is a happy girlfriend to enjoy the handsome new drummer and a small birthday bash You can't help but love the sexy rock godsex addict Who tries so hard to satisfy his girlfriend and kind of boyfriend To say the chemistry between the trio is hot is an understatement it is sizzling and leaves you breathless I loved book 3 Madelynne Ellis has left me than satisfied like impressed and craving This story I can not recommend enough it needs to be read I received a Arc for a honest review