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More Than a Score Download æ 0 è ➞ [Epub] ❥ More Than a Score By Jesse Hagopian ➨ – For too long so called education reformers mostly billionaires politicians and others with little or no background in teaching have gotten away with using standardized testing to punish our nation’s For too long so calleEse detrimental exams In fact the “reformers” today find themselves facing the largest revolt in US history against high stakes standardized testingMore Than a Score is a collection of essays poems speeches and interviews accounts of personal courage and trenchant insights from frontline fighters who are defying the corporate education reformers often at grea. If you haven't already versed yourself in the ramifications of all the tests our current students are enduring this is a book you need to read Essays from teachers parents students and administrators will bring you up to speed noticeably absent Pres Obama Michele Rhee and Texas Gov Perry but wait their kids don't attend public school oh yeah These tests trace back to the beginning of eugenics help fuel the school to prison pipeline benefit no one but corporations and politicians If you are a parent of school aged children be brave stand up and say no to these tests Reinstate play curiosity and the kind of education all of our children deserve Instead have conversations with your child's teachers and if fear is not a factor let them share with you what they observe of your child as a learner

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For too long so called education reformers mostly billionaires politicians and others with little or no background in teaching have gotten away with using standardized testing More Than PDFEPUBto punish our nation’s youth and educatorsNow across the country students are walking out parents are opting their children out and teachers are refusing to administer th. I picked this book up off the new bookshelf and I think that I had a different set of expectations I've read several books about educational reform and the one thing that most of them have going for them is a clear directive We believe this because of that and here's how we'll get there Combine it with the all American soundtrack and some Pom pins and you have a euphoric feeling of we can do it Even if you disagree with the method you can get caught in the fanfareAll of that was lacking in this counter argument Several of the first few essays call out several reformers or reforms by name and say this is bad and leave it at that There's no explanation no persuasion no passion As the essays go in and become personal the frustration and hopelessness becomes evident but there's no real sense of unity or empowerment from the acts of civil disobedience Which is a sad state indeed Science is on the side of less testing authentic assessments let the teachers teach and keep the politicians out But money is on the other side Rather than finishing feeling hopeful I finished the book feeling like Sisyphus

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More Than a ScoreT personal and professional risk and fueling a national movement to reclaim and transform public educationAlong with the voices of students parents teachers administrators and grassroots education activists the book features renowned education researchers and advocates including Diane Ravitch Alfie Kohn Nancy Carlsson Paige Karen Lewis Carol Burris and Mark Naiso. As I write this comment here in New Mexico there are students and parents taking to the streets to protest PARCC testing One father of my acuaintance has even discovered that the letters in that acronym can be rearranged into a noun that bluntly represents what he thinks of the intrusive regime of freuent high stakes testing that disrupts and distorts public education and asserts the values of corporate profit and management style in an inappropriate sphere This book gathers interviews and written testimony by teachers students and parents who pioneered such resistance; it steers the reader to resources and community Most importantly it testifies to the resisters of the neoliberal assault on education that they are not alone