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Gideon's FireCommander George Gideon of the Scotland Yard is met at the office one morning with news of a sex mani. Another of the five books read from my 1962 list in August was this Scotland Yard mystery winner of the 1962 Edgar Award J J Marric was a pen name used by John Creasy who was so prolific that he wrote under 18 different pseudonyms and published over 600 mysteries Gideon's Fire is the eighth of 22 books in his Gideon SeriesGeorge Gideon is the Commander of the Criminal Investigation Department at Scotland Yard He has a wife and four children all of whom he loves dearly and who also feature in the book but it is his job that he devotes himself to and that defines him Conscientious honest a good leader but perhaps a bit overly hands on with the casesHe arrives at work an unusual 30 minutes late to learn that a terrible fire the previous night had killed an entire family leaving many other tenants burned and in shock after their whole tenement building was consumed Adding in the rapemurder of a 14 year old girl and two other time sensitive investigations the man has his hands fullAs the story progresses the fire turns out to be one of many probably set by a psychotic arsonist One of the murder cases begins to look like the work of a serial killer In fact the plot blows up like a raging fire By the third chapter the reader is living all the stress right along with GideonThough it is a rather standard police procedural Gideon's Fire has a couple unusual features The criminals in each case are included as characters with their own actions and thoughts covered by the same third person narrator Thus the reader gets the story from both sides adding even tensionIn the end the Yard's Criminal Investigation Department prevails but there are deaths and disasters along the way Gideon feels bad about those as any good law enforcement professional would In fact the author makes you feel bad too as he takes you into Gideon's mindAnother different feature though is that this man is not cynical he is not being beaten down by his job or any of his superiors or even by the prevalence of crime in the vast city of London He knows what the odds are he knows he is competent and he stays on top of the game Refreshing I thought

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Ning savagery a fourteen year old girl raped and murdered and a family of seven wiped out by an arsoni. A solid story by a very prolific and experienced author John Creasy in one of his many psudonyms I enjoyed the main character but it was a bit of a tough read because of the ten or so interwoven subplots and personalities There's a firebug in London torching slum buildings There's a serial killer who is stacking bodies of girls in the same grave in an old uarry There is a brutal criminal gang working the town Several other criminal events intertwineAnd since this is a procedural at a police station rather than a mystery novel they aren't actually connected they do not all get solved and there are coincidences which are unrelated The story is a bit messy from the perspective of a mystery novel but if you view it as a few episodes of a long form TV show its pretty solid stuffJust don't expect it all to wrap up at the end

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Gideon's Fire Read & download ä 8 ✓ ➻ [Reading] ➽ Gideon's Fire By J.J. Marric ➰ – Commander George Gideon of the Scotland Yard is met at the office one morning with news of a sex maniac on the loose and a fire in an old tenement building south of the Thames Two separate crimes of s Commander George Ac on the loose and a fire in an old tenement building south of the Thames Two separate crimes of stun. In 1959 while visiting London for the first time I discovered John Creasey’s mystery series featuring “The Toff” Recently I read a review of GIDEON’S FIRE ISBN 0755114043 trade paperback 1495 by Creasey and bought a copy through my local Indie bookstore John Creasey published than 600 books using 28 pseudonyms including JJ Marric who was originally listed as the author of GIDEON’S FIRE an Edgar Award winner Creasey died in 1973 so no new titles will be coming I think He wrote many Britain based mystery series as well as westerns and romancesGeorge Gideon works in New Scotland Yard as the Commander of the Criminal Investigation Department In this book there are several story lines to be followed – serial arson murder included stock fraud a serial murderer and a rapistmurderer Gideon does not solve the crimes himself but directs various members of his department in the investigations For the most part we know who the criminals are but watching how Gideon and his staff find them is intriguingGideon is human too having a wife and kids He deals with family issues while doing his job as well The characters are wonderful The good guys could be your friends The bad guys are really bad but not necessarily evil some are You get a great picture of London in the late 1950s and early 1960s Gideon is using the technology available at that time – no computers no cell phones two way car radios instead telephones including phone booths with working phones newspapers radio and televisionThe books may be hard to get but a your local independent bookstore will give it a good shot Go Buy Read