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review Afterburn Commitment #5 Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ➸ [Read] ➳ Afterburn Commitment #5 By Nia Forrester ➽ – The seuel and conclusion to 'Afterwards'Chris Scaife is not the man Robyn Crandall thought he wasNow that she’s shown him the possibility of a new life she knows that CE wants But Robyn is seeing some possibilities of her own as a highly valued member of the legal team at Chris’ multimillion dollar corporation Just as he’s given her the confidence to soar will Chris try to clip her wingsOnce an unapologetic ba. Afterburn was EVERYthing I loved it Now this is how you do a seuel I hadn't read any of the excerpts that were posted so I had no idea what was in store for this book I admit I wanted there to be sunshine and light for Robyn and Chris but that ain't Ms Forrester's thing and I'm glad This was a journey for them and though they both annoyed me greatly it was a journey that they needed to take to solidify their union I was really surprised at Robyn's selfishness in this book I understood I think her wanting to go to Paris to complete the project but taking Caitlyn away from Chris for so long was crazy And the whole thing with Etienne especially the trip had me wanting to wring her neck That was beyond selfish and reckless No matter she had no business spending time with him in the first place especially after the big reveal And Chris who I adore was no sweetheart either I know he was lonely without Robyn but I felt he was willfully ignoring all of Karen's blatant maneuvering to get next to him and create family time skank I know that women baffle him but c'mon Chris you're much smarter than that I was also side eyeing him for punishing Robyn for her indiscretion which I would have kept to myself while not even thinking about admitting to what he'd done However when it would have been so easy to have his way and get his family back home he put Robyn's needs before his own and helped her get back to herself instead of letting her give in to fear and lose those ualities that made her uniuely Robyn I love the father Chris has become He's fully embracing fatherhood and loving it which only added to his sexiness for me And how cute are all of the kids I had to laugh at Caitlyn with her 'baby mean mug' I was also happy to see Riley Shawn Tracy and Brendan Oh and how great was it that Carolyn got her groove back Yay CarolynMs Forrester you are an AMAZING storyteller Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us Having said that you know I'm already waiting impatiently for whatever is next Get to writing woman

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The seuel and conclusion to 'Afterwards'Chris Scaife is not the man Robyn Crandall thought he wasNow that she’s shown him the possibility of a new life she knows that Chris wants it Afterburn Commitment PDFEPUB or And he’s used to getting what h. Chris Robin I simply love them as a couple Yes Chris is a gazillionaire but these two seem like your regular everyday couple money aside They feel like real people and not just characters in a book I felt like I was reading about the life of my best friend and her boyfriend The trials that Chris and Robin go through are just so relatable Nia Forrester has a special way of drawing you into her characters and creating a feeling of total understanding There were times when Chris really let his emotions go and I would just say to myself wow this is a real man I love how Nia would have him verbally say a line then we could read what he was thinking in his head and his thoughts had me laughing lots of times and saying mmmm hmmmm that's what you should have said It was nice catching up with Riley and Shawn and Brendan and Tracy as well I know this is deemed as the conclusion but I want these stories to go on because I love these characters so muchwell done Nia

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Afterburn Commitment #5Chelor and distant father Chris Scaife is now a different man Engaged to Robyn Crandall a woman whose love he never thought he could have or deserve Chris wants a wedding to happen and happen soon But Robyn’s plans are somewhat different from that. Reread June 2019 Loved it againReread October 2017 What a wonderful rich moving enjoyable rereadOriginal review March 2017 This a seuel to Afterwards which finished on a semi cliffhanger ie it was a complete story but you knew there was to tell So Afterburn takes up Robyn and Chris's story and continues it I thought it would be a fairly simple perhaps shortish book But no it's a full length full on novel And what a rideThere were times in this book when I felt like grinding my teeth in frustration at the dumb decisions both Chris and especially Robyn make at different times But they are realistic characters And real people sometimes make dumb decisions In their mind there is a reason for what they do and sometimes people are blind to the potential conseuences of their actions So there were plenty of nervous angsty moments for me whilst reading this But by the end of it I felt I really knew and understood and respected these two people They have been through the wringer but they have an unbreakable bond a beautiful love where they see each other as the people they really are deep down They have both matured especially Chris He is no longer the immature selfish foolish risk taker he was as a young man Chris changes so much and for the better By the end you're a little in love with ChrisSo the conclusion to a beautiful story about two very complex characters and the journey they have travelled on to finally find both themselves and each other I loved this book