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Fields of HomeNot everything Mercedes might have hoped for it is enoughAll that changes when the birth father of Mercedes' oldest child returns to Riverton Dr Brandon Rhodes a renowned heart surgeon has plans for the son he has never met Resentful at the secret Mercedes has kept for thirteen years he threatens the carefully balanced life she and Wayne have created Just how far is he willing to go to gain wh. Mercedes Johnson and her husband Wayne live on a farm in Wyoming and are happy with their life despite the challenges Until Brandon Rhodes an old boyfriend and birth father of Mercedes' oldest son comes back into town Mercedes never told Brandon she was pregnant when he left at the end of his residency and he has just found out he has a son a son he's desperate to know since cancer has made it impossible for him to ever have any children How Mercedes Wayne and Brandon deal with the situation and all their unresolved feelings about things that happened thirteen years ago is the rest of the bookThis has to be one of the books written by an LDS author that I've enjoyed the most While the situation of a birth father not knowing he has a child isn't all that common it does happen and with the situation Nunes explores a lot of issues related to choices we make and how we deal with the conseuences I really liked what some of the characters thought and said about what our dreams and goals really are and how we need to decide what it is we really do wantMy one complaint with the book is that I thought some of the end scenes were overly dramatic but I guess I can't fault making the end of a book of fiction a little exciting I just didn't know how much it mirrored real life when the rest of the story did fairly well

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After fighting her way through a bitter and hurtful past Fields of MOBI #204 Mercedes Johnson has painstakingly carved out a life of uiet contentment on a Wyoming farm with her husband Wayne and their three sons Together she and Wayne have survived the worst trials a couple can face and their relationship has grown as solid and lasting as the farmland beneath their feet If their relationship is. This is another excellent novel by Rachel Ann Nunes The poignant story drew me in and created immediate sympathy for several characters It's a book that can make a huge difference in the lives of young adult readers as they make important and lasting life choices Highly recommended no matter what the age

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Read & Download è Fields of Home 107 ✓ [Download] ➸ Fields of Home ➽ Rachel Ann Nunes – After fighting her way through a bitter and hurtful past Mercedes Johnson has painstakingly carved out a life of uiet contentment on a Wyoming farm with her husband Wayne and their three sons Together After fighting heAt he feels is rightfully hisAs Mercedes uncovers the truth of Brandon's intentions regarding their son and the lies surrounding the past she is torn between what is and what might have been One choice one decision has led her to this place How can she live with the conseuencesIn this painfully honest novel author Rachel Ann Nunes explores the deepest kind of ties and the true definition of lov. This was a totally different book than Nunes usually writes I really enjoyed it and did stay puzzled about how it would end until almost the end There were some good messages in the book The story was about a girl on a Wyoming farm with a pretty unstable life However she goes to college and gets in the medical field where she falls for Brandon Rhodes who is just beginning medicine He leaves to become a renowned heart surgeon and leaves her behind Little does he know he has his child and she has married someone that worked on the farm Together they have 2 boys and have built a good life for themselvesAll that changes when Dr Rhodes comes back to their town to instruct doctors at the hospital The secret she has kept for 13 years he reveals He wants a part of his son's life and since she has not told her oldest son he has a different father she doesn't want him to know he has until he is olderThere are some twists turns and you do wonder who Mercedes ends up with