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review The Normal One Life with a Difficult or Damaged Sibling × eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❴BOOKS❵ ✬ The Normal One Life with a Difficult or Damaged Sibling Author Jeanne Safer – What is it like to grow up with a sibling who is difficult or damaged Few bOm and empathy Normal One Life PDFEPUB #196 she delineates the Caliban Syndrome a set of personality traits characteristic of higher functioning siblings premature maturity compulsion to achieve survivor guilt and fear of contagionEssential reading for normal ones and those who love them this landmark work offers readers insight compassion and tools to help resolve childhood pain It is a profound and eye opening examination of a subject that has too long been shrouded in darkness. Very interesting not depressing which is what I thought it might be I recommend this to everyone no matter WHAT your siblings are like Somehow it was reassuring to understand the similarities of growing up with ANY sibling as well as with a sibling that created challenging circumstances It's especially reassuring to know that you're not alone There are similarities than differences for all of us and most of us never talk about the ripple effect of how a difficult sibling changes a family

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Sidered the normal onesDrawing on than sixty interviews with normal or intact siblings Safer explores the daunting challenges they face and probes the complex feelings that can strain families and damage lives A normal sibling herself Safer chronicles her own life shaping experiences with her troubled brother She examines the double edged reality of normal ones how they both compensate for their siblings' abnormality and feel guilty for their own health and success With both wisd. Upsetting in a good validating sort of way Alternated between not being able to put it down and not being able to look at it but read it cover to cover in 2 days I hope that plenty will be written on the topic

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The Normal One Life with a Difficult or Damaged SiblingWhat is it like to grow One Life eBook #180 up with a sibling who is difficult or damaged Few bonds in our lives are as psychologically and emotionally significant as the ones we share with our sisters and brothers although little has been written about this formative relationship In this first of its kind book psychotherapist Jeanne Safer takes us into the hidden world of problem siblings and explores the far reaching effects on the lives of those who are The Normal Kindle con. The author's thesis is that siblings are an overlooked but integral part of our identity She argues that having a sibling who is difficult or damaged generally makes parents go in one of two directions both of which damage the normal child Option A is to sink all of your energy into the problem child with the result that the normal child becomes invisible generally having to mature uickly to help with the damaged child and becoming an overachiever in life as a way of drawing parental attention Option B is to write off the problem child and turn the normal child into your golden boy or girl which in turn makes the normal child see that parental love is conditional and can easily be lost if he or she develops any flawsWhile I find that analysis interesting the book itself really turned me off I think part of the problem is simply that I have a knee jerk negative reaction to the author who admits that she was complicit in relegating her troubled older brother to second rate status during their childhood I found it annoying that she spent over 5% of the book on a literary analysis of the Tempest even though she uses Caliban as the symbol for the damaged sibling throughout the book the analysis seemed excessiveBut the real problem I think is that the author can't seem to take a step back from her own problematic childhood to look at the issue in context Yes it's tough to be the normal sibling but short of ditching anyone who's slightly abnormal I don't see any other option than to take on extra responsibilities if someone in your family is troubled I don't subscribe to the American belief that our own personal fulfillment should be the absolute top priority in our lives if we're hurting other people to make that happen but I suspect the author of this book does