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Transfiguration A Meditation on Transforming Ourselves and Our World Free download Ç 5 ß [BOOKS] ⚣ Transfiguration A Meditation on Transforming Ourselves and Our World By John Dear – Spiritual leader and peace activist John Dear guides readers on the path to findingEr Seen by many to be the spiritual heir to the Berrigan brothers Dear believes that the key to the spiritual life is not just finding inner peace but also bringing that peace to bear on the outside world In his latest work A Meditation on PDFEPUB #230 Dear uses the Gospel account of the Transfiguration inviting readers to shape their lives along the story of Jesus and to continue his mission of love and peace These practices have sustained him through his work with the homeless in W. OWL Reading Challenge TransfigurationAs someone who now only loosely describes herself as Christian I am probably not the best person for this book Or perhaps I'm the best person Certainly I have not been raised in the type of Christianity that John Dear promotes I grew up in the Evangelical church where guns God and America were just as important as Jesus Peace was bad Being tough and strong was good Pacifists were evil So were socialists And Catholics were only good if they were pro life but even then all we care about is euthanasia and abortionJohn Dear's book is the complete opposite He is not the first person to write about Jesus's mission being about systemic oppression and the fight against violence but he managed to tie it into the transfiguration Personally I thought the tie in was a little clumsy I didn't think the book was actually about the transfiguration as much as his theories on non violence Again I didn't really care as I found the book thought provoking but this isn't a devotional or commentary on the transfigurationThe cynic in me has trouble with complete pacifism Many of the leaders he talks about especially ones like Martin Luther King had nuanced views of peace than he portrays But if you grew up in a Church where God was draped in an American flag you might find that for the first time in a long time you can find a Christian book that doesn't make you want to run away John Dear practices what he preaches He has been arrested many times for his protests And for that I've got to give him a lot of credit Even if you aren't religious you have to respect him He does a lot good in the world than a lot of people

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Spiritual leader and peace activist John Dear guides Meditation on Epub #221 readers on the path to finding peace within and bringing harmony to a world torn by hatred and violence through following in the footsteps of JesusJohn Dear’s efforts on behalf of social justice and world peace have won him international admiration and spurred features in the New York Transfiguration A PDFEPUBTimes the Washington Post NPR’s All Things Considered USA TODAY and the National Catholic Report. I like John Dear and I know that he means wellbut I just can't adopt his nonviolence This guy walks the walk goes into war zones gets arrested goes to jail protests preaches speaks out gets arrested again goes to jail again etc He is veryvery serious and a man of tremendous passion for peace I admire him even as I know that I am not on the same page as he isThis is my third or fourth John Dear book and my last one I just don't agree with his pacifism He certainly does bring up a lot of good points but his interpretation of the Gospel istroubled I guess Or perhaps it's troubling Either way all done

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Transfiguration A Meditation on Transforming Ourselves and Our WorldAshington DC and New York City as a human rights advocate in Northern Ireland and Ira and A Meditation on Transforming Ourselves PDFEPUBon his many missions for peace in war torn places around the world Dividing the lifelong pursuit of peace into three distinct parts an inner journey a public journey and the journey of all humanity he delves into the challenges of learning to love ourselves as we are diffusing the hatred we feel toward others and embracing the choice to live in peace. I have a great deal of respect for Father John Dear and his extraordinary commitment to nonviolence He offers some valuable insight on the Transfiguration in this book but I became frustrated with how much he conflates his own actions for peace with Jesus Dear asserts that Jesus' message leads to the way he has acted for nonviolence which is possible but Dear is so strident about it that it is offputting to this reader who supports the work of nonviolent resistance