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REVIEW Ñ The Cake House ☆ ❮Download❯ ➹ The Cake House Author Latifah Salom – Part mystery part compelling coming of age tale The Cake House is a riveting debut novel that re imagines the classic story of Hamlet amidst the hills of suburban Los Angeles  Rosaura Douglas's fathe Part mystery part compelling comingPart mystery part compelling coming of age tale The Cake House is a riveting debut novel that re imagines the classic story of Hamlet amidst the hills of suburban Los Angeles  Rosaura Douglas's father shot himself when her mother left him or at least that's the story everyone is telling Now her mother has remarried and Rosie is trapped in a new home she calls The Cake The Cake PDFEPUB or House a garish pink edifice that's a far cry from the cramped apartment wher. Welcome to the Cake HouseThis was the answer or exit to Rosie’s mothers’ decision to seek a better life or out But this and other decisions made only opened up chaos leading to the death of Rosie’s father A continuing domino effect occurs affecting everyone – no matter well intended Include cover ups denial even greed and then you uestion those well intentions And in the midst of all this is the relationship that develops between Rosie and Alex It’s part coming of age part suspense thriller I am not too sure about the ghost aspect in the story – wished there had been a better means to convey those scenes albeit the ghost Now perhaps I missed it but I wanted symbolism surrounding the “cake house” I enjoyed this debut novel and look forward to reading of her work I would not mind a seuel Disclaimer I received this book as Goodreads First Reads win in exchange for a fair review All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review

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E she grew up It's also the house where her father died a fact that everyone else who lives there including her mother Dahlia and her mysteriously wealthy stepfather Claude want to forget  Soon however her father's ghost begins to appear first as a momentary reflection in a window then in the dark of night and finally in the lush garden behind the house where Rosie spends most of her days After he warns her that Claude is not to be trusted Rosie begins to notice. This book was down right bizarre at times though I do appreciate the new modern take on Hamlet As a sucker for retellings I had to read it I was totally expecting a murder and I got view spoilerpyramid schemes step sibling sex random drug addictions and late 80searly 90s pop culture references Madonna Violent Femmes Portland etc hide spoiler


The Cake HouseCracks in her new family's carefully constructed facade Dahlia is clearly uncomfortable in her marriage her stepbrother Alex is friendly one second distant the next and haunted by troubles of his own and Claude's business is drawing uestions from the police And as the ghost becomes increasingly violent and the secrets of The Cake House and her family’s past come to light Rosie must finally face the truth behind the losses  and lies that have torn her life apart. I received this from a Goodreads giveaway If I could give this 35 stars I would have To me it's not uite to what I consider 4 stars but it's better than most of what I give 3 stars toIt took me a bit to get in to the plot line but once I was in about 4 chapters it was hard to put down and became a uick read I think the challenge was getting to figure out the characters and their relationships which was also what the protagonist Rosie was also trying to do so that's probably what the author intended The plot was mysterious trying to figure out what was going on with the step father's line of work crime and what the stepbrother's involvement was kept the pace of the book going for me Overall I found the ending a bit of a let down I would have liked closure between Rosie and Alex and also between Alex and his father but I did like how the reader is left wondering if Rosie and her mother kept any of the money for themselves I think Rosie is a survivor and will come out ok in the end I also hope that her mother develops into a stronger woman