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REVIEW À Vincent Made Men #2 Ì ❮Reading❯ ➿ Vincent Made Men #2 Author Sarah Brianne – Vincent knows the glamorous side of the Mafia being born a soldierLake lives on the opposite side of the tracks born the daughter of a soldier The light and dark side of him are at constant war but he Vincent knows the glamVincent knows the glamorous side of the Mafia being born a soldierLake lives on the opposite side Vincent Made ePUB #10003 of the tracks born the daughter of a soldier. 4 stars What is it with these completely insane boys that I just can’t get enough of I have no idea but sometimes the crazier they are the I love them Vincent is much crazier than his friend Nero They are both on their way to becoming made men Vincent is the player of the group They all like their women but Vincent with his blue eyes and blonde hair brings them in like no other And thats the way he likes it He doesn’t have girlfriends or relationships But his sister’s best friend Lake things are different with her She brings out Vincent’s crazy like no other girl has “You go on another date again I’ll chop his hand off You fuck someone and I’ll chop his dick off And if I catch you dancing and looking like that again sweetheart your days of being a virgin are over Understood” 
Lake has a lot going on in her life Much like the heroine in the first book she hasn’t had it easy She is tormented in a different way She keeps her head up and stays strong but Vincent sees it And he cares enough to try to make things better for her I loved the dynamic of Vincent and Lake’s relationship When Lake steps up and does something stupid yet heroic in a way Vincent has her back He claims her in his own way and makes sure she is safe and taken care of I love when a hero can change like that He still is who he is He’s still a badass and still a bit insane but he always makes sure Lake is okay That she’s safe He puts her first He is protective of her Vincent had made up his mind He would go the ends of the Earth for her Even though Lake’s choices weren't always the brightest I really did get her I got why she made those choices She is loyal to a fault strong and determined She really is a challenge for Vincent and I liked that she didn’t cower to him They were a great match They butt heads and challenge each other but it keeps things interesting This is a series you can’t take too seriously I mean just like Nero this book is pretty unrealistic and a little over the top but enjoyed it so much I am dying for the next book in this series They are like my own little guilty pleasure reads I can’t get enough And please please please gimme some LUCCA I love his psycho ass most of all and I can’t wait for his book And also Maria with that boy yep Need that too

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The light and dark side of him are at constant war but he is letting his darkness reignShe is trying to find peace and she will soon be far enough away to find itDiscov. When I read the first book in this series Nero I liked it despite some issues with how over the top the actions were of some of the characters and despite the violence of the hero and his friends It was also hard for me to believe the heroine could have been bullied and abused to the point of broken bones and her parents didn't notice Despite these issues I liked the main characters and enjoyed them getting togetherUnfortunately I had way issues with the way Vincent was written and didn't enjoy the main characters either The over the top writing style got even worse in this book until it was completely unbelievable I guess this author's heroines always have to be abused by someone so the heroine every weekend goes to her mom and her step father's house where she is I shit you not made to clean the house while they call her trailer trash and they don't let her eat and make her sleep in the attic Are you playing a sad little fiddle for her too Step daddy invents reasons for her mom to leave the house apparently the whole time she is there then yells at her and somehow makes her clean until she drops I just don't know where to start with how dumb this plot point was The heroine could have stopped this at any point by just not going to see her mom but she doesn't Her dad is in the freaking mob and supposedly never notices anything wrong She supposedly doesn't say anything to anyone because she is afraid they will kill her mom None of this makes senseThe whole story just kind of jumps around the heroine pulls some very dumb TSTL moments like going to see a mob boss twice the second time was so idiotic for me because she had been told he will kill her if she does it again and then she does it for a dumb reason The girl is just not smartI didn't feel the same connection between Vincent and Lake as I did between Nero and Elle at least with Nero when he got to know Elle she was it for him It was hard to see why Vincent wanted Lake so much when he didn't care about her for months after their first kissBasically I feel the author has some talent but needs to seriously tone down the over the top and unbelievable actions of her characters She also needs to work on her characterizations and add depth to the people she creates in her stories I will give her another chance despite this book I think she can do better


Vincent Made Men #2Ering that his boss owns her showed him how little he knew herKnowing all about him only makes her want to hate him I’m a fuing made man I’m just fuing trailer tras. No No Oh hell noDid you say childish Ever read two main characters who act like 5 year olds I have These two fit the bill perfectlyI liked the first book Nero so much better This one was too immature So yes I DNF I ain't even sorry