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DOWNLOAD ä The Trouble with Half a Moon ã ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Trouble with Half a Moon By Danette Vigilante ❤ – Ever since her brother's death Dellie's life has been uiet and sad Her mother cries all the time and Dellie lives with the horrible guilt that the accident that killed her brother may havEver since her brother's death with Half PDFEPUB #235 Dellie's life has been uiet and sad Her The Trouble PDF mother cries all the time and Dellie lives with the horrible guilt that the Trouble with Half Epub #224 accident that killed her brother. I went into this book expecting a cutesy simple story as it is meant for ages 10 and up But what I got was so much than that This story was beautiful and heartbreaking all at once The fact that it dealt with a very real issue made it even stunning and made me fall completely in love with it The characters were so well developed and that made becoming attached to them inevitable This is truly a stunningly beautiful story and the fact that it ends it such a sad yet realistic way makes it all the beautiful Even though it broke my heart I absolutely adored this book

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May have been all her faultBut Dellie's world begins to change when new neighbors move into her housing project building Suddenly men are fighting on the stoop and gunfire is sounding off in the night In the middle of all that trouble is Corey a. I volunteered with the organization Behind the Book and the students were working on a project based on this book so I decided to read it too It was so incredibly sad though beautifully told in a way that kids could process the feeling that came with difficult topics This is definitely a book I would have enjoyed reading when I was younger

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The Trouble with Half a MoonN abused five year old boy who's often left home alone and hungry Dellie strikes up a dangerous friendship with this little boy who reminds her so much of her brother She wonders if she can do for Corey what she couldn't do for her brother save h. On paper this book sounds heartbreaking the actual delivery was not so heartbreaking Yes Corey is adorable and his story is upsetting but there were so many little things that bugged me about this story I couldn't really get into it emotionally My main problem was with Miss Shirley Let's put it this way Miss Shirley is magical and she makes everything all better I wasn't expecting the magical elements and I didn't like them either I understand putting in a wise elder figure but making her have special powers was just too much It took away from Dellie learning about herself on her own which is part of the appeal of novels about young people gah that expression makes me sound ridiculously old haha I didn't like the fact that Dellie's guilt for her brother Louis is never discussed with her parents I would have thought that was a crucial part of her healing processTo top it all off Dellie's best friend Kayla is uick to throw away their friendship I don't want to put spoilers in this review but it was very surprising and not in a good way Kayla seemed like a good friend and that's all I'll say about itLike I said above Corey is darling Whose heart would not be torn when reading about a five year old being abused I also liked that Dellie was a well developed main character She hates math I can deeply relate to that and she's in like with a guy named Michael Michael isn't some tough guy with something to prove he's gentle and good at math and it's a nice example of young 8th grade love I know I just got through saying that Kayla isn't the best of best friends but she has her own crush to deal with and that is portrayed nicely I liked that there were two examples of relationships both of them were subtle but it's clear which relationship is healthy and which is not Through each member of Dellie's family readers are introduced to the different ways we grieve Dellie and her father internalize Dellie's father throws himself into taking care of her mother Dellie's mother cries and becomes overprotective Dellie blames herself These are all different ways we grieve and it's good to see how each character copes and comes to realize that the way they are handling the situation may not be the best wayThe Trouble With Half a Moon has a high emotional impact potential but the unsatisfactory to me way it was executed kept me from really getting into the story The 'mysterious sage' Miss Shirley the lack of emotional closure that I felt Dellie received and the sudden ending and other abrupt changes in character behavior kept the story from really reaching its potential The friendship between Dellie and Kayla started off strong but it had such a random low point that I had a hard time fathoming the change I did like the crush details and the way grief was handled The best part is in reading about Corey and Dellie's blossoming friendship I also liked that Dellie wasn't this hardened character Yes she kept everything to herself about how she felt but she wasn't completely closed off just yet Corey needs her but Dellie needs Corey as wellI wouldn't highly recommend this book but it's not a bad book