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Althea Oliver characters Ü 107 » ❰BOOKS❯ ✫ Althea Oliver Author Cristina Moracho – Seit ihrem sechsten Lebensjahr sind sie unzertrennlich Spielen zusammen Fallen die Kellertreppe runter Erst Oliver dann Althea Sie zelten im Garten schwimmen im Atlantik betrinken sich an Halloween K Seit ihrem sechsten LeSeit ihrem sechsten Lebensjahr sind sie unzertrennlich Spielen zusammen Fallen die Kellertreppe runter Erst Oliver dann Althea Sie zelten im Garten schwimmen im Atlantik. You’re probably under the impression that this is a cool edgy love story about two best friends falling in love I know because that’s the assumption I made before starting Althea and Oliver I was horribly disappointed I don’t write book reviews but this book made me so angry I had toThis book is an unbelievably sexist mess Moracho tries to make Althea seem like cool angry confused badass but only successfully creates a whiney rapist RAPISTBecause what’s described in the synopsis as “the worst bad decision ever” is actually a rape It’s a rape because rape is a word that has a definition sexual intercourse against a person without that person’s consent and that definition meets Althea’s actions Believe me I checked the dictionary and the criminal code It fits Serious spoilers start here But I strongly suggest you don't read this book so maybe keep reading anywayAlthea has sex with Oliver during one of his Klein Levin Syndrome episodes during which time he wakes up to experience a period of “childlike mental acuity” He has no self control no understanding of his own actions and later on has no memory of what’s happened Althea knows all of this and despite the fact that earlier in the book Oliver tells her that he is “not ready to have sex” has sex with him Althea is in a position of power over Oliver It is her responsibility to stop them from having sexSo regardless of how Oliver and Althea feel about the situation it is a rape According to the criminal code it’s a rape because Oliver did not give consent or permission for the act to take place This isn’t a grey area and it isn’t up for debate And if the roles had been reversed there wouldn’t have been a debate Because if Oliver was a girl and Althea was a boy anyone would say that it was rape That’s just the first instance of Moracho’s ridiculous sexism Later on in the novel there’s a discussion between Oliver and his friend Kentucky during which Kentucky convinces Oliver that he should feel happy that his beautiful best friend has sex with him even without his permission When Oliver first insinuates that it was he who had sex with Althea during one of his episodes Kentucky is horrified He can’t even say the word “rape” But when he finds out Althea had sex with Oliver well Oliver should feel so lucky Who cares if he didn’t consentThere’s also a part where when confessing to Oliver that they had sex months later Althea asks him if he thinks she “held him down and forced him” She asks if he thinks he didn’t enjoy it This a misapprehension Moracho perpetuates even while it seems as if she’s trying to fight back against slut shaming I’m completely against slut shaming but rapist shaming is a completely different matter Instead she shares a belief that rape only happens when someone is physically bound and unable to fight back But what about people who are roofied And what about people who are blackmailed Even if people who are coerced into sex aren’t rape victims they’ve at least been subject to some kind of sexual abuse Moracho also makes it seem like because Oliver can’t have been raped since he physically enjoyed it That’s ridiculous Sex is primal and biological; no matter how it’s related to our minds when a body is sexually stimulated it’s very much likely to become aroused Rape victims are often stimulated by their abusers but that doesn’t mean that they were “asking for it” Also Oliver’s disorder Klein Levin Syndrome is characterized by periods of hypersexuality Obviously he was going to enjoy it Althea is an annoying character for a lot of reasons She’s whiny and she doesn’t care about anyone other than herself But let’s face it us teenagers are selfish Even if Althea’s selfishness is excessive it helps her seem a little believable However Althea really does take her self absorption to an extreme level she abandons her father and doesn’t care about her mother She lives with a bunch of poor bohemian teenagers without paying rent And she only cares about what she did to Oliver because it makes him mad at her Really That’s the only reason she cares about having sex with him Moracho tries to make the reader sympathise with Althea We’re supposed to feel bad for poor impulsive misunderstood Althea whose best friend doesn’t love her back We’re supposed to relate to her Besides the rape there’s another pretty bad example of sexism in Althea’s friendship with Coby I’d already stopped paying much attention to what was happening in the book by the time I got to this part I was only reading because I was sure that at some point Moracho was going to actually deal with the rape that doesn’t happen but I still don’t see how Althea is justified in beating Coby up She’s just as guilty as he is in everything they do And when Coby and Althea have sex it’s consensual; she actually initiates it But for whatever reason Althea thinks that she has the right to beat Coby into a bloody pulp And Althea and Coby’s friends play it off by saying that he probably ‘deserved it’ Now imagine if Coby beat Althea horribly Do you think her friends would still say she ‘deserved it’The rape is critical to the storyline of the rest of the book It sets the rest of the events in Althea and Oliver in motion leading to the end of this book which is pretty romantic in a modern sense of the word In that way I could argue that Moracho romanticises or glorifies rape That’s up for discussion What’s not up for discussion is that she most certainly trivialises it Not only is the rape passed over as largely unimportant it’s also excused because Althea had been pining after Oliver So let me ask if a hot guy is pining after a cute girl does that make it okay for him to have sex with her without her permission Moracho excuses diminishes trivialises and largely ignores a rape She also tells jokes with rape as the punch line such as when Althea sees her “friend” Coby at a Halloween party and asks “What are you supposed to be A date rapist” The irony here is that this scene takes place after Althea rapes OliverI’m not against books that deal with rape or sexism But I have a HUGE issue with this book because although the rape is what causes Althea and Oliver’s actions leading to the end of the book it’s almost forgotten by the end It is at no point discussed or dealt with And while I know that in real life these things aren’t always dealt with I don’t believe that Moracho left anything unresolved in an attempt to make the book believable And she wasn’t trying to start any kind of discussion or make any kind of “artistic” statement I believe that she genuinely doesn’t understand the implications of what she’s written She doesn’t understand that what Althea does to Oliver is rape even though she’s a girl and he’s a boy That’s why this book is sexist That’s why I will strongly encourage anyone NOT to read this book I’m all for freedom of expression But Moracho clearly bit off than she could chew with this book No matter how nice the prose is this book isn’t okay I’ve seen girls as young as ten or eleven pick it up because the cover is so innocent and walk away reading it That terrifies me because reading other reviews of this book I see that a lot of people don’t even recognise that the rape is a rape or how strongly this book plays to a misandrist double standard I don’t think that this book should be promoted by bookstores or publishers or book bloggers or anyone else for that matter It’s not uite Mein Kampf so it should probably still be sold but I wouldn’t argue that there should be some kind of disclaimer in it If Moracho was a responsible author she’d at least release an author’s note or something I’m sixteen myself and I can tell you that her prime audience teenagers are impressionable And what’s she doing is propagating dangerous sexist misapprehensions Ask yourself whether you’re a boy or a girl How would you feel if someone had sex with you while you were sleeping And you couldn’t remember it later on Do yourself a favour Don’t read this book

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Läft fängt Althea an zu rauchen und färbt sich die Haare Während er schläft verändert sich alles zwischen ihnen Und als er aufwacht ist nichts mehr wie es einmal wa. Althea and Oliver have been best friends since age six their very different personalities somehow balancing and combining to form a whole Life without the other is unimaginable until Oliver develops a sleeping illness tears them apart for weeks and months at a time While Oliver loses chunks of his life to the disorder Althea is adrift Confused and angry she makes an irreversible mistake from which their relationship might never recover Althea and Oliver is one of those dirty raw and honest books that it almost hurts to read Readers will clearly see that the characters are making mistakes but are of course powerless to stop them At the same time it's almost cathartic to see Althea and Oliver fail fail then begin again Not everyone will love this novelwith it's messy characters and imperfect conclusion but those who do will unabashedly champion it I'm definitely the latter

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Althea OliverBetrinken sich an Halloween Küssen sich das erste Mal unter einem Ahornbaum Er sie sie ihn Im Juni Und als Oliver das nächste Mal aufwacht ist es August Während er sch. I've had time to mull over this book and decided to change my ratings from 2 to 1 starI really wished I could have loved this book It started out great Then halfway through Althea began to annoy me If it wasn't for her I think I would have loved this novel She was so easily susceptible to peer pressure and that got on my nerves During the novel people would tell her to do something and then she would think about it for 003 seconds before saying yes Her rash decisions such as lying to her father and going to New York to live with complete strangers meant no sense to me Like I understand she was trying to find herself but I don't think moving it with a bunch of no job drop out students you just met is a good idea It was like the moral of the story was that If you're friend zoned for life just run away from home and move in with the first strangers you meetI felt that Althea held herself to be self important when basically all she does in the novel is get drunk smoke and complain about basically everything What I did not find okay was when Oliver pushes her against the car during one of his episodes and she does nothing about Even though he has a condition she didn't even stick up for herself which I found confusing The rest of the novel I ended up enjoying Oliver's character way than AltheaAnother problem was their friendship At first it seemed nice and that they really knew each other but as the story progressed it just became toxic Sooner or later they began fighting all the time until the end when they reconcile but decide that they're better off friends Like did I need to waste my time reading a story to find that outWhat really bothered me was the essential scene in the book where Oliver is in one of his experiencing one of his KLS symptoms where he is very off personality and has no control over his body and where Althea who is there to keep watch over him has sex with him in his unaware state where she clearly knows that isn't really him and how beforehand he mentions he doesn't want to have sex with her Basically rape Some people may disagree on this point but it the roles were switched everyone would be up and arms which brings me to DOUBLE STANDARDS Althea is whiny selfish self center girl who only seems to care about herself and takes advantage of people What really bothered me about this novel is that I thought they would at least address it but no Instead you have Althea telling Oliver what happened months afterwards and how he Wanted to do it And how she couldn't stop him if she wanted to And how she didn't hold him down and force himIt just bothered me how the author portrayed the stigma of male rape And how uickly what Althea did was brushed offNO NO NOJust noShe was the one in the right mindset he wasn't even aware of his motorskills what this novel is basically saying is that she had sex with him because she believes that because she has a crush on him and he won't remember it anyway in his altered state that it's okay I also hated how Oliver's friend tried to justify Althea's actions with how she's hot And how Oliver is lucky to have fucked such a beautiful girlByeThe scene near the end where Oliver and Althea have sex bothered me unbelievably They have sex even though they know it isn't going to work out and she is going to stay there I was like what's the point Why does she continue to let herself and Oliver deluded her into thinking that maybe it could work He knows he couldn't love her the way she wanted to and they could just have a heartfelt conversation and leave it at thatWhat also annoyed me was with how Althea beat Colby up near the end The sex they had was 100% consensual and initiated by Althea but she then for some realizes that she doesn't like and beats him¿¿¿¿The fact that this was brushed off made me seethe soo much because aGAIN if the roles were switched the reaction would be much different and no one would say that Althea had probably deserved it Like they did to Colby What I enjoyed most was when Oliver was in the hospital and Althea wasn't there You get to see of him and learn about his illness which I really liked Seeing him interact with the people at the hospital was also a plus for meGarth was very disappointing as a parent to be so oblivious to what is happening to in your daughters life He doesn't even call her mom to make sure she got there okay he just takes her word for it when she has a tendency for getting into trouble At least he fits in the typical YA slot for clueless parentsThe ending also bothered me immensely I felt it was just cut off as if I was watching a program and it just went off air leaving me to imagine what happens at the end I did enjoy Oliver's character though I wish there was chapters about him then the long dragged out chapters from Althea's perspective A positive for me was how true the author manage to capture the New York feel through new eyes that I really enjoyed I also really enjoyed the writing style even though some parts were overly descriptive