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Free read The House at Midnight ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ñ [PDF] ✈ The House at Midnight ⚣ Lucie Whitehouse – On an icy winter weekend seven friends celebrate New Year's Eve at Stoneborough a grand manor in the English countryside They've been brought together by Lucas HeatAd family his charismatic uncle Patrick his lovely mother Claire and his golden boy father Justin Over one decadent dramatic year as the friends freuently gather at the shadowed residence secrets slide out and sexual tensions escalate shattering friendships and forever changing lives And all the while the house cradles a devastating secret By turns taut and sensual mesmerizing and disturbing The House at Midnight is a gripping psychological novel that pulls the reader into the thrall of its ominous atmosphere Newcomer Lucie Whitehouse has written a tense and captivating story that will linger long after the final shocking page. Chick lit is not my usual genre and this one I picked from the Readers Also enjoyed categoryThe story begins on New Years Eve where six friends from Oxford plus ring in boyfriend Greg who went to Cambridge gather at a stately pile Stoneborough in the Cotswolds recently inherited by Lucas from his uncle Patrick a London art dealer who we learn committed suicide The weekend seems to be an excuse to relive the excesses of their student days and there are shy glances between the narrator Jo partner of Lucas and Greg partner of Rachel with the Machiavellian figure of Danny hovering in the background Martha from New York and gay Michael making up the numbers When Danny is fired from his job in London he persuades Lucas to ditch his job with a law firm and that they should both live at Stoneborough where Lucas can write The discovery of a box of old film reels from Patrick's youth becomes an obsession with Lucas as he watches his parents and uncle enjoying the ambience of the house decades before and they invite one of Patrick's former girlfriends the modelactress Elizabeth over to lunch As months pass passions and jealousies ignite Lucas behaves badly and rebuffs Jo who falls into the arms and other bits of Greg and is then accused of damaging the group dynamic even by her parents as Lucas spirals out of control and emotional blackmail beginsOverall the book is very well written if pedestrian in pace and then I stopped reading and went back to the beginning to see if I had missed something; what was lacking was detail on the house When was it built Who owned it before it was acuired by Patrick and did the artwork come with it or added later by Patrick Jo is unsettled by the painting of Zeus in the hall staring down at their Bacchanalian activities but is it haunted or just the effects of grog and whacky bacciFinally I skipped forward to read at random to find of the same first world problems of a tiny elite and then to the end which I'd already guessed

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Avish mythological ceiling mural and sprawling grounds and awakened to a growing bond with Lucas Much to her surprise he reveals that he's loved her for years But as they begin to find their way from friendship to romance Joanna can't shake the feeling that the house is having its own effect on them Back in London Joanna is stunned when Lucas announces that he and their impetuous friend Danny are moving into Stoneborough full time Her concern seems justified as Lucas once ensconced becomes completely ensnared in the turbulent past that seems to haunt the house a past that is captured in old movie reels featuring Lucas's now de. In part my dislike for this book is exacerbated by the way it's sold as a Gothic mystery type thing I expected something supernatural to do with the house and all I got was a couple of references with the main character talking about the house's wild evil pulse or something The author was clearly working on influences like The Secret History The Turn of the Screw etc and while I don't necessarily demand originality I am almost shocked that she couldn't knock together something better I hated all the characters I was slightly puzzled by the way there's a supposed conflict between the main character's background and that of her friends I mean I guess there is a chasm between solidly middle class and huge country house owning but she was so solidly middle class it was strange to be asked to identify with her as the underdog The whole thing was really stewed in a late 2o's early 30's middle class aesthetic that made the characters seem a little whingy and half baked and unsympathetic than they need have doneThe sex scenes with Joanna's need to be claimed by Greg as a wild nakedly submissive woman or whatever were cringe inducingThere's the reuisite dramatic revelations and dire they all go mad ending but it was far too melodramatic for me to enjoy it Before that the book's one long she said he said she slept with drama among a completely unlikeable group of friends The whole thing felt amateurish

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The House at MidnightOn an icy winter weekend seven friends celebrate New Year's Eve at Stoneborough a grand manor in the English countryside They've been brought together by Lucas Heathfield a young man who recently inherited the property after the tragic death of his uncle Patrick Though still raw from the loss of his last family member Lucas welcomes this tight knit group of friends to the estate he hopes will become their home away from home an escape from London where they can all relax and rekindle the revelry of their college The House PDFEPUB or days Lucas's best friend Joanna finds herself oddly affected by the cavernous manse with its l. okay i understand this one's comparison to donna tartt and i accept it i really enjoyed this even though it is about shitty people being shitty to each other in the name of friendship sexual betrayal emotional blackmail financial expectations and passive aggressive behavior galore i thought the story was interesting and relatable to a point but the point where it gets novel y rather than true life y was at least interesting and fun not fun like meadows and hopscotch fun if you think medea or italian operas are fun fun where everyone is sad and complicated i would definitely recommend it and could stand to read by her in the future the first near five stars in a long timecome to my blog