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Free download Vishwamitra 105 ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Vishwamitra By Vineet Aggarwal – When Satyavati wife of Rishi Ruchik exchanges with her mother the magic potion for bearing a child they change not just their children’s destiny but also the history of mankind Born of this mix up i When Satyavati wife of Rishi Ruchik exchanges withWhen Satyavati wife of Rishi Ruchik exchanges with her mother the magic potion for bearing a child they change not just their children’s destiny but also the history of mankind Born. Excellent readThe choice of writing about the character of Vishwamitra did not fascinate me initially However I knew the book would be worth a read for I was familiar with the author's blog decode Hindu mythology wwwdecodehindumythologycom Fortunately the book was way better than I had ever expected It was nearly flawless Storyline is intriguing Major characters are sketched well Pacing is appropriate except for the ending And of course the writing style gets you hooked Extremely well researched keeps the reader wondering about the sources of such in depth information most of which are from the puranas rig veda etc The research about a non cliché character such as Vishwamitra would have been cumbersome but the author's successful effort is clearly shown in the book It does a great job in conveying the story in a fascinating manner An occasional rare grammatical error mostly missing articles but it does not affect the flow of the story The ending could have been paced in a better way though but you can't deny that it's a great climax Overall if you're a mythology lover or simply a book lover get Vishwamitra it won't disappoint you and you'll find yourself glued to the book in no time An easy 5

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Of this mix up is Vishwamitra the son of a Kshatriya who strives to become a Brahmarishi the ultimate and most powerful of all Gurus Vishwamitra is the powerful story of a brave but st. Sheer Brilliance A Remarkable Journey Never have I read a mythological book so intensely detailed It clearly reveals the amount of research been done by the author before it arrived into the reader's hands I thoroughly enjoyed the author's imagination that has been amazingly presented I could have finished the book in one go But I thought of extending this fabulous adventure with some brief pauses to relive the events in my imagination The use of scientific terms in this great mythological saga to explore the logical possibilities is absolutely mind blowingAlso it would be great to see a graphic version of this fantastic adventure A television series would also be superb if presented exactly as described in the bookI would highly recommend this book to all Its awesome

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VishwamitraUbborn haughty yet compassionate visionary king of Aryavarta who not only acuires material wealth through military conuests but also becomes one of the most well known sages of all tim. A disappointing read Did not expect much as I surely judged the book from its cover it felt like a children's book Sadly it is written for adults The book attempts to tell the story of a Saint who in Hindu Mythology is one of the intriguing figures The book fails in all respects the story the characters the climax and whatnot One of the many novels written in the wake of The Shiva Trilogy this book fails even to match them I would recommend you read it for fun though