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READ ´ Gold Fame Citrus × ❰KINDLE❯ ✿ Gold Fame Citrus Author Claire Vaye Watkins – In a parched southern California of the near future Luz once the poster child for the country’s conservation movement and Ray an army deserter turned surfer are suatting in a starlet’s abandoned m In a parched southern CalifornIn a parched southern California of the near future Luz once the poster child for the country’s conservation movement and Ray an army deserter turned surfer are suatting in a starlet’s abandoned mansion Most “Mojavs” prevented by armed vigilantes from freely crossing borders to lusher regions have allowed the. Whew This is gonna make some people angry Audiences don't always take well to certain nuances of characters' character creations neither despicable nor admirable especially in scenarios begging for a hero Sometimes the nuance of the character is that he or she is in certain regards simple or selfish or superficial or mentally weak or all of the above This can be pot stirring particularly in the case of a female character All the female characters in this case and many of the males as well Everybody has been thrust into a catastrophic situation with only their naturally limited resources of character in order to survive constantly being forced to come to terms with conflicting demands such as their own survival both physical and emotional and the survival of those they care about Of course that is a common conundrum addressed by the speculativedystopian genre but there often seems to be a too clear line drawn between the goodies and the baddies the willing to starve first and the too willing cannibals the pure of heart who gravitate toward one another and the lacking in heart who do the same This is not a book about that divide This is about the baddies and the accidental baddies the people who make the wrong choices because they are not made up of enough of the right materials to make the right choice all the time and so they fall victim to the magnetic pull of the baddies SometimesI didn't want to have to mention this again and to be truthful it really didn't even dawn on me anew until I was about 75% through this book but Watkins' biography should be taken into consideration in a critical reading of this novel In particular the fact that Watkins' father was a penitent former member of the Manson Family A girl scouter if you'll pardon the accidental pun a finder of wayward souls and heavy handed doser of drugs A seducer for Manson selling the lie of a coming apocalypse and a new world in which the cult would be both the refuge and the path forward a polyamorous utopia of carnal spiritual sensation helmed by a charismatic prophet I'm actually amazed that it took me so long to remember that fact considering that the vast majority of this novel takes place after the apocalypse in a new world in which there's this cult selling itself as both the refuge and the path forward a polyamorous utopia of carnal spiritual sensation helmed by a charistmatic prophet a finder of wayward souls and heavy handed doser of drugs DurpOur hero is one of those wayward souls Maybe that gives you an idea of why I say this book is going to piss some people off Throughout my reading I increasingly thought about this story in Maureen McHugh's excellent collection titled aptly After the Apocalypse The titular story in fact in which a mother's fragile loyalty is tested in the face of her family's desparate need It rang those bells so much that I started thinking maybe I was confused and it was actually a story in Battleborn Watkins' collection of short stories until I pulled the McHugh out of the stacks to fact check my memory Though the stories are from different voices they touch on similar themes Of course Watkins had what McHugh did not hundreds of pages in which to expand on her characterization to strip away simple surface level selfishness and reveal all those layers underneath remorse self hatred self aggrandizement rationalizations emotional pulls biological pulls the bane of bad memories the tendency to also do the right effing thing sometimes All this compounded by drug addiction and calculated manipulation It's a nuanced portrait if not a pretty oneThough the actual scientific validity of this doomsday scenario is not for little old me to say I will say that it's convincingly if at times a wittle bit excrutiatingly sold and topical to boot Basically the California drought has stretched its way across the continental United States leaving behind a dried up wasteland of dust a dune sea powered by the decreasingly blocked winds which shove it ever inland passing over and destroying cities leaving behind a desert It never rains there is no life there are only a few stragglers surviving on rations etc and a cult who follow the dune sea around like it's athe god raiding the remaining ghost towns as the tide recedes Their leader is either a dowser in a waterless world or a snakeoil salesman with moves But that's also not for me to sayAs before Watkins' prose is electric yet controlled confident consistent This does not read like a first novel but rather a beloved project from a seasoned writer I'll slap some uotes on here once the book drops next month but until then I'll refrain out of respect for the fact that it's still potentially on the cutting table If you like somewhat depressing intricately constructed dystopian novels with strong lyrical writing and shifty realistic characters facing typical human issues in an inhumane world without heroes then voilà your book has arrived Oh and there was some nonsense here before about winning the goodreads giveaway by fighting terrorists or something oh uh disclosure but I took it out due to my fear that the review would look so long that no one would read it and my goal of selling it to as much of the right audience as possible would never be realizedjust to clear up any potentially confusing or seemingly out of nowhere comments in the comment thread

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Mselves to be evacuated to encampments in the east Holdouts like Ray and Luz subsist on rationed cola and water and whatever they can loot scavenge and improviseFor the moment the couple’s fragile love which somehow blooms in this arid place seems enough But when they cross paths Gold Fame PDFEPUBwith a mysterious. Okay so I have to admit that I really didn't like this book I wanted to like it and I liked tiny bits of it its phantasmagorical menagerie of desert beasts in the middle its Nabokovian catalog of fake reality shows its chapter about the mole man who stirs creamer into his coffee with his claws I also liked its deep recognition that parenting represents staking a claim in the future struggling with the necessities of the present diapers binkies milk and dreading the revelation of all the things in the world that you can't protect that child from death environmental degradation That was powerful for me but often I felt like this novel represented the literary ambitions of an MFA student thrown into a blender SIDENOTE I realize that Watkins is a Guggenheim fellow and not an apprentice but I feel like this pastiche y ironic sensibility and trying on of a dozen modes and forms is characteristic of a marketplace pressure for serious literature without having a kind of formal or thematic coherence that could rise and swell like say the wandering dune at the center of this novel Maybe Watkins would say that that narrative disappointment is crucial for the novel's critiue of grand narratives whether they be governmental denial or religious cult fabrication And maybe that's true but it felt like someone working really really hard to write a serious novel The best bits were really striking aesthetic fragments I worried that some of the stilted bits felt like you could pluck them out of this novel and plunk them into the New Yorker Also I'm frustrated at the central characterization of a Latina woman which reminded me of The Flamethrowers in a woman writer depicting a character hopelessly entangled in a toxic cult worship of male sexual partners but here feels like a recapitulation of passive femininity familiar from other serious apocalyptic novels see The Road This is particularly problematic when a white man becomes the admirable heroic character Even though Watkins winks at this status when he jokes that white men have typically done well on the frontier I worry that this is less a critiue of gender and racial structures and the psychological damage they do and a narrative endorsement of active men and passive womenI wouldn't say don't read it because there are some bits that are really powerful and you might like the postmodern narrative style than I do But I will say that I didn't for the most part enjoy it

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Gold Fame CitrusChild the thirst for a better future begins Immensely moving profoundly disuieting and mind blowingly original Watkins’s novel explores the myths we believe about others and tell about ourselves the double edged power of our most cherished relationships and the shape of hope in a precarious future that may be our o. I just can't at the moment Every line needs to be interpreted and I've just now struggled through 16 pages that read like they're out of some overly pretentious blind person's Encyclopaedia And people have said that this is where it SLOWS DOWN It gets SLOWER than thisI can't evenI may come back to it but now it's a DNF