FREE READ ´ GYM-APPAREL.CO.UK ☆ Inbali Iserles Le happens Returning to her den Isla finds it set ablaze and surrounded by strange foxes and her family is nowhere in sight Forced to flee she escapes into the cold gray world of the furless Now Isla must navigate this bewild. 355 StarsThis review and many can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction AddictionMy daughter is a huge fan of the Warriors series but we never realized until recently that Erin Hunter is actually six people Of course we wanted to find out about these authors and we discovered that one of them Inbali Iserles was going to be releasing a new series about magical foxes My daughter was instantly sold and we picked up the book for review It took me awhile to get her to read it because she’s not a big fan of ebooks but once she picked it up I read it right along with her which was funThis was a cute story that sets up the series well – it did remind me a lot of Warriors with the way that the foxes think about the human world The book follows Isla who is trying to find her family after their den has been invaded by a strange and violent group of foxes On her journey she stars to realize that the foxes may not have randomly showed up at her den – they’re looking for her family for a reason – now she just has to discover that reason and learn about the magical secrets of foxcraft in time to save herselfWhat fed my addictionFoxes Like I said this story was really cute I liked seeing the world from the foxes’ perspective – they’re an animal I haven’t seen much about – I’ve seen stories about wolves and bears and of course dogs and cats but foxes were new for meThe magic I was really intrigued by the foxes’ magic and how it all worked At first the abilities just seemed like normal fox traits or hunting abilities but then you started to realize there was something supernatural about some of the things they could do And as the book went on Isla discovered and magical abilities that were increasingly impressiveDiscoveries The discoveries that Isla made about the foxes that were on the hunt for her family the interesting the book got I’m eager to find out where it all leadsWhat left me wanting Little slow in the middle There were some parts of the middle of the book that were a little slow and some that seemed slightly confusing but it all made sense by the end for the most part Very open ending You don’t really get many answers at the end of this book and I felt like it ended right in the middle of the story arc I would have liked a little bit closure while still leading us into the next book in the series This ending just felt sort of unsatisfying but I’m sure we’ll be reading the next book in the series so we’ll get of the storyI thought this was a cute middle grade book Both my daughter and I enjoyed it and we’ll read the next installment when it comes out I give this one 355 stars Disclosure This book was provided to me by Edelweiss and the publisher in exchange for an honest review No other compensation was given and all opinions are my own


FREE DOWNLOAD å The Taken â [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Taken By Inbali Iserles – Isla and her brother are two young foxes living just outside the lands of the furless humans The life of a fox is filled with dangers but Isla has begun to learn mysterious skills meant to help her su Isla and her brother are two young foxes living just Ering and deadly terrain all while being hunted by a ruthless enemy In order to survive she will need to master the ancient arts of her kind magical gifts of cunning known only to foxes She must unravel the secrets of foxcraf. Foxcraft The Taken is not only well written it is intriguing and grabs your attention from the very beginningWritten in the eyes of Isla the main fox cub character it allows you to be engrossed in to the world of foxes You grow right along side of her as she learns about her life as a fox and the ancient teachings of Foxcraft Iserles is able to make you feel like a fox think like a fox and take you on a complete journeyPerfectly written for the age group it is intended to target I would high recommend it anyone 10 to read As an older reader it was great to experience a fantasy side of such a beautiful animal Cannot wait for the 2nd novel in the series to see what happens next to Isla

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The TakenIsla and her brother are two young foxes living just outside the lands of the furless humans The life of a fox is filled with dangers but Isla has begun to learn mysterious skills meant to help her survive Then the unthinkab. fulfilling book riot's 2018 read harder challenge task #16 the first book in a new to you YA or middle grade seriesextry points given to me by me for choosing a book that i have owned for than a yeari am an adult who decided to read this book because the cover demanded my attention because i like foxes and because books about animals having adventures still own a piece of my heart everything i write after this introduction is my own personal opinion of a middle grade book i chose as a leisure read with no professional angle attached so if you find yourself tempted to come on here and tell me that “kids like it” or “i should review this in terms of how well it appeals to its target audience” or whatever other scoldings people have directed my way when i haven’t been wowed by a book that “their students” or “their children” love please fight that urge i'm thrilled that kids are finding books to love and there have certainly been times when my tastes and the tastes of a 7 12 year old reader have overlapped but sometimes they don’t and that’s okay this one wasn’t a fall in love book for me i wish it had been because that cover is magicand the endpapers are divinebut the story itself didn’t grab me it was actually kind of boring i understand it’s the first book in a trilogy and the table setting needs to be done but there’s not much to this one apart from laying out the geography the key players and the mythology there’s a plot and there are dangers and conflicts but many of the conflicts are just variations of the same theme and except for one “big” scene that’s pretty fun it’s a pretty low key book of walking and talking around most of the interesting stuff there’s also a very distancing uality to the prose which is the opposite of what i expected in a book for such young readers i never felt immersed or transported; i felt like i was watching a TED talk given by animals and oddly enough given that criticism the only page i bookmarked to uote in this review was probably the most didactic part of all ”Here’s what you should have been told and told again from the day you were born of all Canista’s cubs Fox has suffered the most from the cruelty of the furless Dog longs than anything to fit in He thrived in the Graylands digging a comfortable place for himself as a servant to the furless He was fed and cared for but there were terms to his acceptance He would live as a prisoner tethered at the end of a rope Soon he was so well fed on the spoils of then furless that he forgot all memory of his time in the wild and he lacked the desire to free himself He lived in a pack with the furless as his leader His own will withered like a plant without water“Wolf was an ancient and noble creature the largest and fiercest cub of Canista He would not be controlled by the furless He ran to the Snowlands the frozen realms beyond their reach where he howled to his ancestors to save him But in his eagerness to be free he found himself in a land so brutal that he needed the help of his enemies to stay alive for a lone wolf cannot feed his cubs In time fights emerged between the wolves battles for the best of the kill for the warmest place to sleep The strongest claimed that they were kings and that weaker wolves were their slaves A system of control emerged brutal and no less binding than the furless’s imprisonment of Dog In the end despite his size and power Wolf cowered before the spirits and bowed to the rule of the pack Confused and superstitious he forgot how to survive alone”Siffrin went on “Only Fox had the courage to live without rules without the hierarchies of others to hunt and survive in freedom and peace For while Wolf and Dog are so brutalized that they will gladly kill their own kind Fox avoids conflict at all cost She does not yearn to control others only to live by her own wits She does not scare or torture her prey like a cat she does not gain pleasure from the chase For that she is distrusted by her brutish cousins the other sons and daughters of Canista For her independence she is tormented by the furless The Graylands are haunted by snatchers who round up foxes and take them away Even in the Wildlands the furless hunt us using dogs and poison to kill us They shoot us with metal sticks and gas our dens They give us no peace”that passage was interesting to me than any of the magical aspects visions prophecies or action seuences except for the one i already admitted was “fun” i dunno i will probably eventually read the other two books in the trilogy since i already bought them because of coverlove but i don’t feel a lot of urgency about getting around to them this one ends in a weird place neither cliffhanger nor revelation a thing happens the journey continues but it doesn’t feel like there has been any closure nor any attempt to stoke the can't miss book two fever that most series try to provoke but perhaps your children or students love it which is greatin other pretty visual details the cover beneath the dust jacket has a little embossed foxand there are illustrations at the start of every chapter here are some of thema very pretty book but i need to hook mecome to my blog