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DOWNLOAD ¹ Where Angels Prey ´ ➽ Where Angels Prey Free ➳ Author Ramesh S. Arunachalam – Behind Every Huge Fortune There is a SUCCESSFUL Crime Where Angels Prey is a rip roaring piece of crime fiction that travels from New York to India via many countries At the very core it is a story of Behind Every Huge Fortune Ents that lead to this massive global crime And what is interesting is that this UNIUE and gripping plot is presented with all the twists and turns you would find in a commercial film screenplay almost While the rest of the world reels under a severe financial crisis Wall Street pours huge money into India to help its poor a somewhat strange happening indeed Intrigued Robert Bradlee senior correspondent with The New York Post sets off to investigate along with his journalist friend Chandresh Little.

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Behind Every Huge Fortune There is a SUCCESSFUL Crime Where Angels Prey is a rip roaring piece of crime fiction that travels from New York to India via many countries At the very core it is a story of extreme greed on the part of a few to amass a huge fortune Just as Don Corleone says in Mario Puzo's 'The Godfather' Behind every successful fortune there is a crime” the Where Angels PDF or plot in Where Angels Prey has a whole gamut of characters each of whom is an important link in the chain of ev. 'Where Angels Prey' is a fantastic name for this book by Ramesh S Arunachalam A lot of books have fitting titles but I was just struck with awe by how perfect the title and cover was for this book when I realized that what was seen as a blessing like an angel was sent from heaven to save the poor in India and other countries which turned out to be predators just looking for their next prey Although I normally enjoy action packed thrillersuspense novels this book had me captivated from beginning to end I also want to be clear about it the cover has angle wings on it and uses the word 'angel' in the title but it is not a religious story It is a fiction based on some facts about a microfinance companies murder suicide corruption greed and Robert Bob Bradlee who is the main character and a senior economics correspondent with The New York Post The author did a wonderful description for the book that you can read yourself so I won't recap the story but to say there is so much than even he tells you As I read it I could see where it was going on many occasions but there are definitely some surprises For one thing it is very detailed but not overpowering where I was lost in all the details I also loved hearing the 'victims' side in the first person narration which really pulled at my heartstrings so much than just knowing that their were many victims and what happened to them What was most surprising is how hard it was to remember it is fiction and how it emotionally involved me by my feeling everything from pure sadness to being angry at how unfair it was and no one was or should be above the law no matter how rich or how much money they contributed There are many characters in the story as it involves companies and people from around the globe but all their information is told very clearly in the story of who they are and how they fit in Many times that is all that is told so their is no connection with them however the main and secondary characters are developed I liked the main character Bob and was rooting for him but I was surprised I emotionally connected to the victimsI thought the book was totally believable and so were the characters I did notice a couple of errors in spacing between words which really didn't take away from the story There was no explicit sex deaths or foul language I thought it was an excellent book and recommend it to anyone who enjoys corruptioncrime stories

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Where Angels PreyDoes he know that his search for a scoop would lead him through a complex multi pronged web of deceit fraud manipulation and financial crime remote controlled from distant lands by an entire chain of financial sector stakeholders Gripping racy and meticulously researched this financial crime thriller weaves in and out of the affluent world of high powered boardrooms and the gruelling poverty of the remotest villages of India to reveal the devastating truths that often lurk behind “good intentions?. Bob a Western journalist arrives in India to write an article about Prasad Kamineni a micro finance executive He teams up with Chandresh an eager local journalist aware of the darker side of micro finance in India Veena Mehra district magistrate of Ranga Reddy in Andhra Pradesh is also conducting an investigation into Prasad’s businessMany of the micro finance debt collectors including those employed by antagonist Prasad’s SAMMAAN bank are conducting loan shark style tactics They humiliate and threaten borrowers to the point where the debtors such as a sympathetic widow named Mylaram commit suicide Another case unfolds during the action of the book where Rammaiyya who was going to serve as an informant against SAMAAN is mysteriously killed These cases are a continuation of the ruthless tactics used by money lenders that Maoist insurgents fought against in earlier decadesMicro finance is a much celebrated concept in the West and the leaders of the micro finance movement such as Muhammad Yunus are lionized as heroes ushering in a new era of euity and opportunity in the developing world This informative book sheds much needed light on a concept that is not so rosy in realityAs narrative fiction Where Angels Prey could have been improved The syntax takes some getting used to for an American reader While the author is a skilled writer there are grammatical oddities and formatting issues that could have been reduced with a professional editing job The present tense verb choice throughout the narrative is awkward A constant parade of characters gets confusing especially since many of them are not substantially developed Just as soon as you learn about a new character and start to get a feeling for him or her they disappear It is of an “ensemble cast” than a book with a single main character Either Bob or Chandresh is the hero of this financial thriller but the story probably would have been strengthened by picking one of them to develop further Veena’s investigation was duplicative of the journalistic one Also there is a lot of “telling not showing” abusive tactics are described in general rather than experiencing them all through eye witness accounts in real timeOn the plus side the novel was suspenseful One wants to learn how it all turns out for Prasad who is a compelling villain who is also sympathetic in several waysPeople who are interested in predatory lending poverty international development and socioeconomics should check this novel out