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Rough Road review ç eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ ❰Ebook❯ ➠ Rough Road Author Vanessa North – Eddie Russell is many things A wealthy pillar of the community An outrageous flirt A doting best friend A masochist with a kink for brawling with his bedmates But he is definitely not a man who invitOpposite sides of a local issue Eddie finds his growing feelings for Wish at odds with his business interests and his devotion to his best friend local wakeboarding legend Ben Warren Torn between old loyalties and his new love Eddie is reluctant to make a choice But he knows he can’t make Wish wait too long to make up his min. review removed

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Ish Carver comes to his aid and leaves his number in Eddie’s phone Wish a road crew worker half Eddie’s age and sexy as sin seems fascinated by Eddie’s different sides Mutual attraction and compatible kinks ignite the sheets but it’s their connection outside the bedroom that Eddie begins to craveWhen the two come down on. 45 Stars He makes me smile a completely wild unself conscious smile And he has no idea what a gift he gives me every time I'm a guy who calculates each emotion I let cross my face But tonight with him I don't care if he sees my feelings as they happen I'm not afraid or trying to jockey for position I'm here with him and free Kinky Eddie delivers in spades I wasn't sure how far Eddie's kink went and I must say that I was a bit surprised at the amount of pain that he loved but it completely fit him And the kinkHOLY HELL WAS IT GOOD But on that laterWish and Eddie's introduction was fantastic We get a sense of bubbling attraction right from the start And as is Vanessa North's way which she makes look so easy the insta attraction works for me I buy it whole heartedly with gustoand extra servingsAnother Vanessa North stampeven though this book is from Eddie's POV I don't feel disconnected from Wish I feel like I know him just as well And I liked his straight forward no nonsense attitude right out the gate Come on S Class Let's get you homeI'm not the car you knowAnd you're not the suit either I get it And I'm not my age or my hard hat Eddie tried to resist Wish's pull by playing the age card Wish is 24 and Eddie is 44 but it was impossible to resist the chemistry These two fit together right from the beginning and Wish wasn't going to allow Eddie to push him away over something as trivial as age What's on your mindYou're soYoung It's okay to notice it you know The difference It doesn't bother me though It's part of what I like about you That you've lived a completely different life than I have and we can still find common groundThat's the boner talking lovelySee that's what I mean You're funny and sexy and I don't have to have been born in the sixties to see that or to like itIt's going to piss you off at some point There's going to be a final straw where I'm too old and it's just too weird for youThat's your baggage Not mine I'm not carrying it for you either because that bag is toxic Waiting for the other shoe to drop Throw the damned thing and be done with it I haven't read many books with such a large age gap between MC's be it MM or MF and I wasn't sure how I would feel about it here but I had zero problems The age didn't bother me one bit Wish may have been young in age but he was mature smart assertive hard working sweet caring and absolutely controlling and dominant in the bedroom These two were downright explosive in the bedroom Eddie doesn't need the pain to get offhe just loves it He yearns for the feeling that a blow is comingbe it a hand flogger cane or paddleor a hard pull on any of his multiple piercing Yes that's rightMULTIPLE All strategically placed for just the right amount of pain And Eddie trembles with the adrenaline that courses through his system and the addicting endorphins that turn all that pain to pleasureWish is just the man to give him everything he wants To deliver every wicked fantasy To know just how far to push Eddie so he's on the edge of his boundaries and flying high Why do I want to play with you Because you turn me on I want to hit you Want to fuck you I don't want to own you or master you or any of that Dom shit I'm not looking for a waxed body to push around and call mine I want to watch a grown man take a goddamned beating and thrive on it But things aren't so simple outside of the bedroom Eddie is by no means a snob but he also doesn't know a life of worry when it comes to finances Wish is blue collared and middle class down to his roots He has no problem with Eddie's money but he never wants Eddie to feel like he needs to take care of him Add in Eddie's co dependent relationship with his best friend Ben and there's enough conflict friction and angst to be oh so delicious Though I have to admit I really didn't understand the extreme dynamic of Eddie and Ben's relationshipespecially from Eddie's side I thought I understood it from Double Up but Eddie was obsessed with making himself available and molding his life to Ben's needs Vanessa North has easily become a go to author for me Three books of hers I've read and three books I've loved She has an effortless way of writing that sucks you in right from the first page Her characters are flawed yet relatable Her writing is emotive and believable and her stories are engaging entertaining and addictiveWhat could a gal ask for You know there aren't a lot of people who are willing to put up with me on a regular basisWell that number grew by one okay I can't wait to see where Vanessa North takes this series I'd love a book in the future about Dave's brother Ridley He sure does spend a lot of time with his friend Cadennod nod wink wink ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Rough RoadEddie Russell is many things A wealthy pillar of the community An outrageous flirt A doting best friend A masochist with a kink for brawling with his bedmates But he is definitely not a man who invites intimacy His friends are close but few his lovers rarer stillWhen Eddie runs his Mercedes off the road on a hot July afternoon W. Review removed